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Key Events

K. Yuruki
4 - 3
Ben Folami
N. D'Agostino
3 - 3
Y. Ōsako
H. Yamaguchi
3 - 2
Y. Ōsako
R. Kikuchi
2 - 2
N. D'Agostino
Ben Folami
1 - 2

Match Stats

69% 30%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 5
Total Passes 967 419
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FULL TIME - After 120 minutes Lincoln's extra time goal has given Vissel Kobe a 4-3 win to take them into the Champions League Group Stage. It was a game for the ages and Victory gave it everything they had, but they just fell short.
120' + 1' There will only be one minute of stoppage time.
120' Davidson finds space and sends the cross in looking for Miranda, but Likura claims it and he is in no hurry to restart play.
120' Geria goes long to Folami who is contained and will have to settle for the throw in.
119' Victory have one last chance after Hatsuse is offside.
118' Rojas passes to Kruse in the box but the offside flag is up.
R. Hatsuse
Yellow Card
116' YELLOW CARD - Ryo Hatsuse has been booked for time wasting.
T. Makino
Andrés Iniesta
115' SUBSTITUTION VISSEL KOBE - Andrés Iniesta walks off and he is replaced by Tomoaki Makino.
115' Nigro with a long ball looking for Folami but Kobayashi wins the challenge with the sliding tackle to send the ball out of play for a throw in.
114' Vissel Kobe have the free kick after Broxham's indiscretion but the delivery into the box is headed clear by Geria.
112' Victory are throwing everything at Vissel Kobe at the moment.
110' Again the free kick is sent to the far post and again it finds Broxham but this time his shot from deep inside the box is charged down.
110' Victory have another free kick from an indentical position.
109' Victory have the free kick in a dangerous position. Davidson sends it in towards the far post where Broxham heads over from point blank range. That should have been 4-4.
G. Sakai
Yellow Card
108' YELLOW CARD - Gotoku Sakai is booked for his foul on Kruse.
108' Davidson sends it into the box but his cross is cleared by Yuruki.
107' Vissel Kobe are happy to play keepings off at the moment.
M. Rojas
J. Brillante
105' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Joshua Brillante comes off for Marco Rojas.
105' The second half of extra time is underway.
The whistle goes to end the first period of extra time with Vissel Kobe leading 4-3.
B. Kirdar
103' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Raimon Marchán has been replaced by Birkan Kirdar.
S. Nigro
M. Špiranović
103' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Matthew Špiranović comes off for Stefan Nigro.
R. Kruse
N. D'Agostino
103' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Nicholas D'Agostino comes off to be replaced by Robbie Kruse.
101' Victory are looking to their bench for reinforcements and changes are imminent.
98' Victory have the task ahead of them as they seek to stay in the game and in the Champions League.
95' GOAL VISSEL KOBE - Iniesta with a beautiful touch to Yuruki who sends it to the far post for Lincoln who scores with the easiest of tap ins. Vissel Kobe lead 4-3.
94' The corner is out to the edge of the box where Yamaguchi's shot is blocked.
94' Brillante and Hamill get in each others' way and Vissel Kobe win another corner.
92' Vissel Kobe have the corner but this time it is headed clear by Spiranovic.
90' We are off and underway for the first period of extra time.
We are off to extra time with both sides locked in at 3-3. If we are still level after 30 additional minutes this match will go to a penalty shootout.
90' + 4' Davidson sends it in but the Vissel Kobe defence deals with it.
90' + 4' Victory have the free kick and it's all on this.
K. Yuruki
Y. Oda
90' + 3' SUBSTITUTION VISSEL KOBE - Yutaro Oda comes off for Koya Yuruki.
90' + 3' The corner is sent outside the box with Yamaguchi's shot deflected, but safely to Acton.
90' + 2' Vissel Kobe have another corner.
90' + 2' We are inside the second of four minutes of stoppage time.
Ben Folami
90' GOAL VICTORY - Likura with a brilliant save to deny D'Agostino but Folami is there to slam home the rebound and square it up at 3-3 once again! What a game of do or die football we have here!
89' Broxham sends the cross in looking for D'Agostino but it doesn't reach him and the Vissel Kobe defence see it out.
Y. Ōsako
87' GOAL VISSEL KOBE - Yamaguchi almost stumbles before sending the cross to the near post where Osako side foots it past Acton for his second goal in six minutes to give Vissel Kobe the 3-2 lead.
L. Broxham
J. Brimmer
83' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Jake Brimmer comes off for Leigh Broxham.
83' Iniesta shoots from just outside the six yard box but he sends it over.
Y. Ōsako
80' GOAL VISSEL KOBE - The corner is sent to the near post where Kikuchi's header is tapped home by Osako to square it all up at 2-2.
80' Chaos inside the box with Iniesta's cross headed by Kikuchi which forces Acton into making a fine save.
R. Hatsuse
T. Yamakawa
78' SUBSTITUTION VISSEL KOBE - Tetsushi Yamakawa has been replaced by Ryo Hatsuse.
Y. Nakasaka
78' SUBSTITUTION VISSEL KOBE - Yuya Nakasaka is off for Lincoln Corrêa.
76' Iniesta goes one way then the other before shooting from inside the box, but it is wide.
73' The corner is sent to the far post where it drifts out for a goal kick.
73' Vissel Kobe are looking dangerous here with Osako shooting from inside the box, but it's lifted over by Acton for a corner.
N. D'Agostino
71' GOAL VICTORY - Folami gets to the byline and serves it up on a platter to D'Agostino who scores a double and puts Melbourne Victory 2-1 in front. Victory have caught them out on the counter attack.
69' Vissel Kobe continue to control possession.
66' This match will go to extra time and penalties if we don't have a winner in the regulation 90.
63' Not much is forthcoming by way of chances in this second half.
Ben Folami
C. Ikonomidis
60' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Christopher Ikonomidis has been replaced by Gbenga Folami.
58' Ogihara comes in from the left but his cross is deflected and claimed by Acton.
57' Play is stopped to allow for Ikonomidis to be seen by the club's medical staff.
55' Iniesta sends it in towards the near post with Kikuchi sending the header just over.
55' Vissel Kobe have the corner.
53' Vissel Kobe look to plot their way forward but Osako was found to be offside.
52' No changes were made at half-time.
49' Ikonomidis looks to cut it back to D'Agostino but the pass goes behind him.
48' It has been an even start to the second half.
45' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - Vissel Kobe opened the scoring but Victory levelled just six minutes later to give us the half-time scoreline of 1-1. Vissel Kobe controlled play towards the latter stages of the first half but weren't able to get back in front.
45' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time.
Roderick Miranda
Yellow Card
44' YELLOW CARD - Miranda has been booked for his foul on Osako.
43' Vissel Kobe continue to dominate possession as the first half draws closer to its finish.
39' The home side have the corner and it's sent into the box but well cleared by Spiranovic.
38' Osako tries to chase the ball down in the box but Acton comes out and kicks it out of the danger zone.
37' Vissel Kobe are enjoying a good period of possession.
34' This match is evenly poised at the moment.
31' The corner goes to the back post where Ikonomidis has his shot blocked. The rebound goes to Ikonomidis who sends it high and wide.
31' Ikonomidis sends in a superb cross to D'Agostino who strikes it well but it's a fine save by Likura who sends it out for a corner.
28' Iniesta is controlling the middle of the park at the moment with Victory defenders under the pump every time he gets near the ball.
J. Davidson
Yellow Card
26' YELLOW CARD - Davidson is booked after rugby tackling Iniesta.
25' Ogihara tries one from a long way out and he also misses by a long way.
T. Ohgihara
Sergi Samper
22' SUBSTITUTION VISSEL KOBE - Sergi Samper cannot continue and he has been replaced by Takahiro Ohgihara.
19' Samper appears to be struggling and he will be replaced.
17' Iniesta sends the free kick towards the left post with Kikuchi playing it across for Kobayashi who rattles the back of the net, Kikuchi was found to be offside.
16' Marchan has not had a good start to the game. He has given the ball away again forcing Spiranovic to commit the foul.
15' It would be an upset of sorts if Victory are able to win this but right now they are certainly in the game.
N. D'Agostino
12' GOAL VICTORY - Davidson sends the corner towards the far post. Poor defending by the Vissel Kobe defence sees the ball get to D'Agostino who gets a touch and then slams it home from close range to equalise at 1-1.
11' Victory have the first corner of the match.
11' Vissel Kobe look dangerous again as Osako darts through the middle but he was found to be marginally offside.
9' Brimmer sends the free kick into the box but it's a good header away by Osako.
9' Victory have the free kick in a dangerous position.
8' Play is again stopped with Brillante requiring treatment to an injury.
Andrés Iniesta
6' GOAL VISSEL KOBE - Victory's defending looks very shaky with Marchan hesitantly stabbing at the ball but he sends it straight to Iniesta who shoots from inside the box and sneaks it inside the right post, beating Acton to put Vissel Kobe 1-0 in front.
5' Samper looks okay to continue.
3' Play is stopped early whilst Samper receives treatment to what looks like a knee injury.
1' We are off and underway.
Melbourne Victory: Acton (GK), Spiranovic, Hamill, Roderick, Geria, Brillante, Marchan, Davidson, Ikonomidis, Brimmer, D'Agostino. Subs: Bulic (GK), Broxham, Kruse, Folami, Kirdar, Nigro, Rojas, Velupillay, Brooks.
Vissel Kobe: Likura (GK), Sakai, Kikuchi, Kobayashi, Yamakawa, Samper, Yamaguchi, Nakasaka, Iniesta, Oda, Osako. Subs: Maekawa, Makino, Yuruki, Hatsuse, Inoue, Osaki, Sakurauchi, Lincoln, Ogihara, Ozaki.
Viseel Kobe finished third in the J1 League and got through the play off to qualify for the Asian Champions League. Melbourne Victory have qualified to this stage after winning the FFA Cup.
Good evening and welcome to Misaki Park Stadium for tonight's Asian Champions League match between Vissel Kobe and Melbourne Victory.