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Key Events

M. Tilio
J. Maclaren
0 - 3
J. Maclaren
Penalty Miss
A. Robertson
Yellow 2nd/RC
J. Maclaren
A. Nabbout
0 - 2
R. Rodrigues
S. Colakovski
0 - 1

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 10
Total Passes 439 472
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 BG Pathum United PAT BG Pathum United 6 3 3 0 11 2 +9 12 D D W W W
2 Melbourne City MCY Melbourne City 6 3 3 0 10 3 +7 12 W D D W W
3 Jeonnam Dragons JDR Jeonnam Dragons 6 2 2 2 5 5 0 8 D W D L L
4 United City UTC United City 6 0 0 6 1 17 -16 0 L L L L L


8th Finals
Possible 8th Finals


FULL TIME: UNITED CITY 0 MELBOURNE CITY 3 - The result was never in doubt in the second half with goals to Maclaren and Tilio confirming Melbourne City's dominance over United City who fought bravely. Melbourne City finish in second position and will wait for other results to see if they advance to the next stage whilst United City finish in fourth place in Group G.
90' There will be two minutes of additional time played in this second half.
J. Maclaren
90' It was Jamie Maclaren who laid the ball back to set up Tilio for Melbourne City's third goal.
M. Tilio
90' GOAL! Melbourne City (Marco Tilio) United City 0 Melbourne City 3 - Melbourne City assert their dominance in this match with Marco Tilio coolly firing home from close range.
89' Melbourne City are looking to put some icing on the cake here.
88' Maclaren almost gets on the end of the through ball but Pinthus is up to collect.
88' Salenga is through on goal with just the keeper ahead but the linesman's flag is up for offside.
85' Salenga goes to ground and United City have a free kick just short of half way.
85' Nabbout is played in down the right but the flag is up for offside.
84' There is no free kick for Endoh but he cleverly keeps the ball moving for Melbourne City.
W. Grierson
S. Lyngbø
81' SUBSTITUTION UNITED CITY - More fresh legs for United City with Grierson joining the action in place of Lyngbö.
A. Esswein
D. Ebarle
81' SUBSTITUTION UNITED CITY - Ebarle's shift is over and he will be replaced by Andreas Esswein.
81' Jenkinson cleans up at the back for Melbourne City.
78' The cross from the left from Bos is too close to Pinthus who makes the save.
J. Maclaren
Penalty Miss
74' MISS! Maclaren opts for power but he has blasted his penalty kick straight into the crossbar.
73' RED CARD - A second yellow card and so Alan Robertson is given his marching orders.
73' PENALTY! Jenkinson brings down Maclaren inside the box and the referee does not hesitate in pointing to the spot.
P. Salenga
C. Dizon
69' SUBSTITUTION UNITED CITY - United City's first change sees Dizon replaced by Salenga.
C. Jenkinson
S. Galloway
68' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY- More fresh legs for Melbourne City with Galloway off and Carl Jenkinson on.
J. Bos
T. Gomulka
68' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - A double change coming up for Melbourne City - Gomulka makes way for Jordan Bos.
A. Nabbout
68' It was a well-placed through ball from Andrew Nabbout that put Maclaren on a path to goal.
J. Maclaren
68' GOAL! Melbourne City (Jamie Maclaren) United City 0 Melbourne City 2 - Maclaren gets on the end of the through ball with just the keeper ahead - he picks his spot and buries the shot.
68' The field opens up for Melbourne City who look to go on the attack.
65' Daniels is claiming a handball but the referee is quick to wave play on.
65' Metcalfe fires off his left boot but Pinthus is in good position to make the save.
63' Nabbout's cross is blocked over the goal line and Melbourne City have a corner.
J. Maclaren
R. Rodrigues
59' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - Doule change for Melbourne City - Rodrigues has been replaced by Jamie Maclaren.
A. Nabbout
S. Colakovski
59' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - The first change of the match sees Colakovski replaced by Andrew Nabbout.
59' United City have created some useful opportunities in this second half.
58' The ball is cut back to Minegishi who has the whole goal to aim at but somehow he has fired high.
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
56' YELLOW CARD - Robertson becomes the second player to pick up a booking.
54' Juraboev shoots but his effort takes a deflection and clears the crossbar.
53' A break in play with Endoh coming to the sideline for medical treatment.
51' Rodrigues goes down but there is no free kick forthcoming from the referee.
50' Rodrigues cannot quite hang onto the ball and United City come away with possession.
47' Minegishi is worked off the ball by Galloway.
45' SECOND HALF - We are underway in the second half!
HALF TIME: UNITED CITY 0 MELBOURNE CITY 1 - An entertaining first half comes to an end! Melbourne City created the best of the opportunities and they lead at the break thanks to a 22nd minute strike from Raphael Rodrigues.
45' There will be one minute of additional time played in this first half.
45' The long ball comes in but there is too much weight on it and Glover watches it flash over the goal line.
44' A chance here late in the half for United City who have a corner.
43' Ott fires off the left but Glover has the shot well covered.
42' Colakovski is unable to connect with Rodrigues on this occasion and United City come away with possession.
39' Robertson has conceded a free kick as a result of a late challenge.
38' Metcalfe hooks his shot towards goal but Pinthus is in good position to make the save.
37' The ball rolls out to Galloway who pulls the trigger but he is unable to keep his shot down.
35' Endoh gets under the free kick and he has lifted it over the crossbar.
33' Colakovski is taken down by Ebarle and Melbourne City have a free kick at the top of the penalty area.
32' No options for Lyngbo and he is forced to retreat back to Robertson.
31' Ebarle advances down the left but City get numbers across and he is forced to check his run.
28' Lyngbo's attempted cross is blocked and bounces over the sideline.
27' Daniels with the dummy in the penalty area but there is no one ready to capitalise.
26' Clever play initially from Galloway however he can't find a teammate with his pass.
24' Juraboev has conceded a free kick.
S. Colakovski
22' It was an excellent cross from Stefan Colakovski which set up the opening goal.
R. Rodrigues
22' GOAL! Melbourne City (Raphael Rodrigues) United City 0 Melbourne City 1 - Melbourne CIty have stormed into the lead - Rodrigues gets on the end of the cross and blasts his shot past Pinthus.
20' Melbourne City look to set up with an attacking drive down the right.
C. Dizon
Yellow Card
19' YELLOW CARD - Dizon is the first player of the match to pick up a booking.
18' CHANCE! Endoh goes close however Pinthus comes up with an excellent save.
16' The corner is directed to the far post and it's nodded away to safety.
15' Jamieson blocks the cross and it deflects over the goal line - corner for United City.
14' Ott cannot control the ball which rolls over the sideline for a Melbourne City throw in.
12' The connection is not quite there for Melbourne City and the ball spills over the sideline.
11' The block from Galloway deflects over the sideline for a United City throw in.
11' Sendra makes a move inside the penalty area but his cross is blocked by Reis.
9' United City give up possession and Melbourne City will look to go on the front foot.
8' Rodrigues is at the near post but Colakovski is unable to find him.
7' Tilio drags a cross in from the left but Robertson at the near post is able to knock it over the goal line - Melbourne City have a corner.
4' Dizon is the target of the pass to the right but he can't quite get his boot to the ball.
4' Rodrigues gets to the by line and drags back a useful cross but there is no one there for the tap in.
2' Galloway loses control of the ball near half way and possession switches hands.
1' FIRST HALF - Melbourne City kick off to get us underway.
Melbourne City: Glover (GK), Reis, Hall, Galloway, Jamieson, Metcalfe, Gomulka, Tilio, Endoh, Colakovski, Borgues Rodrigues. Subs: Jenkinson, Maclaren, Nabbout, Puuciarelli, Good, Sutton, Stokes, Caputo, Bos, Valadon.
United City: Pinthus, Lyngbo, Pareja Forrosuelo, Robertson, Dungog Ebarle, Daniels, Juraboev, Hartmann, Dizon, Sendra, Ott. Subs: Salenga, Esswein, Bugas, Minegishi, Badelic Jr, Ivan Arcenal Ouano, Grierson.
Welcome to Leo Stadium where Group G wraps up with the clash between United City and Melbourne City.