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Key Events

90' + 4'
Nuno Reis
Yellow Card
M. Tilio
Yellow Card
A. Nabbout
2 - 1
Lee Kyu-Hyuk
Jang Seong-Jai
1 - 1
C. Jenkinson
T. Gomulka
1 - 0

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 5
Total Passes 540 552
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 BG Pathum United PAT BG Pathum United 6 3 3 0 11 2 +9 12 D D W W W
2 Melbourne City MCY Melbourne City 6 3 3 0 10 3 +7 12 W D D W W
3 Jeonnam Dragons JDR Jeonnam Dragons 6 2 2 2 5 5 0 8 D W D L L
4 United City UTC United City 6 0 0 6 1 17 -16 0 L L L L L


8th Finals
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FULL TIME: MELBOURNE CITY 2 JEONNAM DRAGONS 1 - Melbourne City have made it two wins in a row in Group G! An often fiery contest comes to an end at Leo Stadium with the niggle continuing after the final whistle. Jeonnam had their opportunities to equalise in the second half but Melbourne proved to be too solid in defence and they take the valuable three points.
Nuno Reis
Yellow Card
90' + 4' YELLOW CARD - Pllana goes down following a late challenge from Reis and Jeonnam have won a free kick and one last chance to pinch a point.
90' + 3' Maclaren has won a corner for Melbourne City with just over a minute to play.
90' + 2' The ball into the penalty area eludes the Melbourne defence but Glover is able to watch the ball bounce safely over the goal line.
90' + 1' Metcalfe goes down and is appealing for a free kick but the referee waves play on.
90' There will be four minutes of additional time played in this second half.
90' Pllana hooks a cross in from the right but it swings straight onto the chest of Glover.
M. Tilio
Yellow Card
88' YELLOW CARD - Marco Tilio has been booked for not retreating the required distance at the free kick and will miss the next match.
88' The long free kick has too much weight on it and is comfortably taken by Glover.
86' Tempers are becoming frayed here as the tension builds with just under five minutes of regulation time remaining.
84' Nabbout hammers the ball forward but can't find a target and Jeonnam have a throw in forward of half way.
T. Glover
Yellow Card
83' YELLOW CARD - Glover is handed a yellow card for time wasting.
Son Ho-Jun
Lee Kyu-Hyuk
80' SUBSTITUTION JEONNAM - The Dragons make their final change with Kyu-Hyuk Lee coming off for Ho-Jun Son.
79' CHANCE! In-Hyeok Park gets a free header right in front of goal but he doesn't make good contact and the ball floats into the waiting arms of Glover.
78' CHANCE! A golden opportunity for the Dragons goes begging as Glover comes up with an important save.
77' The tempo has gone up a notch now in the match as Jeonnam, looking for an equaliser, start to lift the intensity.
75' Glover's pass from the back is too fierce - the ball crosses the side line for a Joennam throw in.
72' Bos is the target of a short pass down the left hand side however he has crept into an offside position.
71' Maclaren tries to get into a position to shoot but he is quickly surrounded by the Jeonnam defence.
70' Pllana almost finds Park Hee-seong from the free kick but he is unable to get a touch on the ball.
68' In-Hyeok Park goes down just outside the area resulting in an attacking free kick to the Dragons.
67' A heavy collision between Bos and T. Kim results in a free kick for the Dragons.
66' A powerful strike by Kyu-Hyuk is well saved by Glover.
S. Jamieson
S. Colakovski
63' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - City's third change has Stefan Colakovski leaving the pitch for Scott Jamieson.
T. Endoh
T. Gomulka
63' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - Tsubasa Endoh makes an appearance in place of Gomulka.
C. Metcalfe
R. Griffiths
63' SUBSTITUTION MELBOURNE CITY - Melbourne's first change sees Rostyn Griffiths replaced by Connor Metcalfe.
61' Nabbout looks to deliver from the right but he has over hit the cross which beats everyone in the penalty area.
61' Colakovski has conceded a free kick in the middle of the pitch.
Park Hee-Seong
N. Kacharava
59' SUBSTITUTION JEONNAM - Nikoloz Kacharava's shift is over and coming on in his place is Hee-Seong Park.
Lee Seok-Hyun
Jang Seong-Jai
59' SUBSTITUTION JEONNAM - More changes coming up for the Dragons - Seong-Jae Jang leaves the pitch for Seok-Hyun Lee.
59' The corner kick lacks elevation and is comfortably dealt with by the Dragons' defence.
58' Jenkinson is stripped of possession however Melbourne City have won a corner.
57' CHANCE! Maclaren almost gets there for the tap in but the ball eludes his sliding right boot.
56' Melbourne City are appealing for a penalty after a collision in the penalty area however referee Yamashita waves play on.
54' Jenkinson is looking for Colakovski however the pass has been cut off by the Dragons' defence.
54' Pllana pulls the trigger from long range but he has dragged his shot to the near side.
52' Gomulka looks to link up with Maclaren but the pass is just a little wide of the target.
50' Nabbout is dragged down in the middle of the pitch and Melbourne are awarded a free kick.
L. Pllana
Lee Jung-Min
46' SUBSTITUTION JEONNAM - The second of a double change sees Jung-Min Lee off and Leonard Arben Pllana on.
Park In-Hyeok
Lee Hoo-Gwon
46' SUBSTITUTION JEONNAM - Some early changes for the Dragons in the second half - Hoo-Gwon Lee comes on in place of In-Hyeok Park.
46' CHANCE! Kacharava almost gets around a diving Glover however the City keeper manages to drag the ball in.
45' SECOND HALF - It is the Dragons to kick off to get us back underway.
HALF TIME: MELBOURNE CITY 2 JEONNAM DRAGONS 1 - A high quality first half comes to an end at Leo Stadium! Jenkinson struck in the 12th minute to open the scoring before Kyu-Hyuk Lee equalised for the Dragons. An excellent individual effort from Nabbout in the 22nd minute is the difference between the two sides at half time.
45' There will be one minute of additional time played in this first half.
44' H. Choi goes down in a tackle from Colakovski and the free kick is awarded to Jeonnam.
42' Kacharava gets on the end of a neat move from the Dragons but he loses the ball at his feet and the opportunity is lost.
41' Kim Tae hyeon gets on the end of the cross and fires at goal but it is an easy save for Glover.
39' Colakovski looks to centre the ball but his cross is chopped off by the Dragons' defence.
38' Melbourne City press hard and are rewarded with possession on half way.
38' H. Choi goes to ground in a heavy collision resulting in a free kick to Jeonnam Dragons.
36' Jeonnam look to spread to the right but the lofted pass is cut off by Bos.
35' Another bullocking run from Nabbout but he loses the ball at the top of the penalty area.
33' Jeonname have enjoyed 55% of possession in this first half but they haven't been able to make the most of their opportunities.
31' An excellent strike from Kim Tae hyeon is kept out by an outstanding save from Glover - corner for Jeonnam.
29' Jeonnam send a long pass forward down the left but the ball bounces straight into the arms of Glover.
29' Nabbout is taken out by a sliding tackle and Melbourne have a free kick just short of half way.
24' Melbourne City take possession on half way and break forward but Tilio is chased down by the defence.
A. Nabbout
22' GOAL! Melbourne City (Andrew Nabbout) Melbourne City 2 Jeonnam Dragons 1 - Another high quality goal in this match as Melbourne City edge ahead - Nabbout somehow manages to wriggle free of the defence and get away a shot at goal which takes a delflection past keeper D. Kim.
21' Now it is Mebourne who have won back possession and are looking to go on the front foot.
19' A period of possession for Jeonnam who are controlling the ball near half way.
Jang Seong-Jai
16' It was Seong-Jae Jang who put Lee Kyu-hyuk on a path to goal for the equaliser.
Lee Kyu-Hyuk
16' GOAL! Jeonnam Dragons (Kyu-Hyuk Lee) Melbourne City 1 Jeonnam Dragons 1 - An outstanding response from the Dragons as Kyu-Hyuk Lee fires home a deadly shot on the angle to beat Glover at the near post.
15' A promising build up here for Jeonnam Dragons.
14' Bos can't keep the ball in play and Jeonnam have a throw in inside their own half.
T. Gomulka
12' It was Gomulka who set up Jenkinson for the all-important opening goal of the match.
C. Jenkinson
12' GOAL! Melbourne City (Carl Jenkinson) Melbourne City 1 Jeonnam Dragons 0 - A brilliant strike from Jenkinson beats the diving D. Kim and then takes the woodwork before deflecting into the goal.
11' Nabbout gets away a shot at goal from the angle but it is an easy save for D. Kim.
10' Nabbout controls the ball well but is then pinched of possession by Lee.
9' Tilio loses his footing and the ball dribbles over the sideline.
7' Jeonnam get away a shot on the turn but the effort is wide of the far post.
4' It's been an expansive opening to this match with both sides keen to flick the ball around.
4' Nabbout loses posession but Melbourne City have a throw in.
3' The players will need to adjust to the warm conditions on a humid evening in Thailand.
1' CHANCE! An early change for Jeonnam however the shot at goal is saved by Glover.
1' FIRST HALF - It is Melbourne City kicking off to get us underway!
Jeonnam Dragons: D. Kim, K. Lee, J. Choi, S. Jang, H. Choi, T. Kim, J. Lee, S. Jeon, S. J. Jang, Hu-Kwon Lee, Kacharava. Subs: Ko Tae-Kwon, Lee Seok-hyun, Leonard Pllana, Park Hee-Seong, In-Hyeok Park, Chan-Sik Oh, Yuhei Sato, Kim Yeong-uk, Han Ho-gang, Son Ho-jun.
Melbourne City: Glover (GK), Reis, Griffiths, Jenkinson, Good, Gomulka, Nabbout, Colakovski, Tilio, Bos, Maclaren. Subs: Jamieson, Endoh, Metcalfe, Pucciarelli, Sutton, Jordan Lewis Hall, Raphael Borges Rodrigues, Stokes, Ahmad Mohammed Taleb, Jordi Francis Valadon.
Welcome to Leo Stadium where Matchday 3 of the Asian Champions League continues with the Group G clash between Melbourne City and Jeonnam Dragons.