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World Cup 2022: 'Nico Williams should not come to Ghana' – Fans after Spain call-up

3:28 AM MYT 12/11/2022
Nico Williams Spain 2022.
While the 20-year-old will be representing the European nation, his brother will wear a Black Stars jersey in Qatar

After Ghana prospect Nico Williams was selected for Spain’s World Cup squad, a number of fans have expressed their strong disappointment with the development.

Some feel the Spain call-up will benefit him, and some debated why appearing for Ghana was not going to be a good move.

However, others feel the Athletic Bilbao starlet – who made his Spain debut in September - would not have managed to get into the Black Stars squad after all.

While he is heading to Qatar with La Roja, his brother and club teammate Inaki will take part in the finals, representing Ghana.

  • Nico Williams España Spain

    Should not come

    He shouldn’t come to Ghana. If he wants his career, he should stay away from Ghana. - @yawoctave

  • Nico Williams of Athletic Bilbao of Ghana.

    Cannot get into Ghana squad

    I am not sure he would get into the Ghana team. [Joseph] Paintsil has more goals and assists and can't get in the Ghana team!

    [Jeffrey] Schlupp has been playing in the Premier League for almost a decade and can't get into the Ghana team! - @EG47651821

  • Nico Williams Athletic Bilbao.

    Ghana will waste him

    I thank God for him making a smart move. Playing for Black Starts will only waste his talent. - @MugeezCyber

  • Nico Williams Athletic Bilbao 2022/23.

    Respect decision

    I do not think it’s a good thing for this young man to play for Ghana. Let us respect his decision for playing and accepting his country of birth call-up. Ghanaians sit this one out. - @thefreshlife100

  • Nico Williams.

    Ends confusion

    This is good for us, as it stops confusion and forces team building from scratch. Good luck to Nico, a very good player! - @FozGharby



    The transparency in European player call-ups is so on point which is 99% based on stats. We all watch him every weekend on TV, so it isn’t a surprise to see him in the squad.

    I wish him all the best. - @Deondiddy9

  • Nico Williams Athletic Bilbao 2022.

    Career destruction

    Going to the World Cup without playing is better than getting called up by Ghana and your career destroyed. - @Osae_mufc

  • Nico Williams Osasuna

    Lock him up

    Williams featuring last September ended up as an unforeseen outcome. The whole intention of the call-up was to basically lock him up as a Spanish international to potentially benefit from him in the long run.

    Now, he’ll go to the World Cup after overdelivering in the Nations League. - @SpainSystem

  • Nico Williams

    World Cup success

    Good. There is a possibility of Spain winning the World Cup. For Ghana, they are just going to waste our money and come back with nothing. - @MawulM

  • Nico Williams Athletic Club Real Madrid 03022022

    Not a loss

    I don't really get this. Top lad and I wish him the best but he was never really ours to lose?

    I know you can switch, and I've got no problem with it, but I don't get pinning hopes on players playing in other countries’ youth teams?

    If it happens, cool, but it's not a loss, is it? - @FozGharby