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'Ronaldo celebrated a goal he didn't score, Messi doing the extraordinary' - Fans after Argentina's World Cup show

3:05 PM MYT 14/12/2022
Messi Ronaldo
The 35-year-oli scored the opener as La Albiceleste roared to victory to reach the final of the global competition, leaving fans very impressed

Lionel Messi has been labelled a genius after he guided Argentina to defeat Croatia 3-0 and progress to the final of the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

The 35-year-old Messi put La Albiceleste ahead at Lusail Stadium before 22-year-old Julian Alvarez added the second and third.

Messi's progress to the final has rekindled a debate over who is the greatest between him and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This after the former Manchester United forward failed to inspire Portugal as they suffered a 1-0 defeat against Morocco in the quarter-finals.

The outcome of the game has sparked debate on social media with supporters of Messi and Ronaldo going at it.

  • Ronaldo Messi

    Messi more complete player than Ronaldo

    Everything he does in a game sets him a record, absolutely genius when others were celebrating a goal they did not score, Messi is doing the extraordinary. The doubting Thomas in the world will still not believe it 😜 - Stephensen Justice Ansah

    Now I can say Messi is a complete player than Ronaldo. - Philip Anderson

    I'm a Ronaldo fan but I can say Messi is the real GOAT🐐 - Edward Y. Boakye

  • 20221214_Messi

    Messi is the undisputed GOAT

    Messi is a beast, the god of football. - Jonathan Apukum

    Messi is the King of football🤗🤗🤗😂 now pass Ronaldo 🤣😋😋😋😋 - Ishaq Adam Muhammad

    Messi is the GOAT of football. He always does the extraordinary with his feet... It is a total disrespect to compare him to anyone🐐❤ - football secret

    Debate-settled, Messi is the real GOAT of football. - Sunny Adeoye Balogun

    What else do you want Messi to prove he is one of the best? - Tafadzwa Watchboss

    If people still have doubts about who is the goat they should just stop watching football. Messi is the GOD of football 🔥🔥🐐 - Wiseone quotes

    The undisputed and undeniable G.O.A.T👑 - Ishmail Kargbo

    Greatest of all time 👑🙌🙏❤️ - Emma Nuel

    I finally surrender; he is the TRUE DEFINITION OF A G.O.A.T 🐐❤️ - Qua Dri

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2022

    Ronaldo cried because of Messi

    I now know why Cristiano Ronaldo cried bitterly after eviction... It's because of Messi. - Jaspan Dedonsco

    If it was Ronaldo, he would just fall down to earn a penalty. - Sawan Dankyi

  • Lionel-Messi

    Messi is a blessing to the world

    If he is not assisting he is scoring, and remember he can do both!! He will surely be remembered as the greatest footballer playing for Argentina!!❤🔥🌊

    #LM10 - Collen Giyafa

    Just one game left and the glory will return to the King! The King has done everything and it would be a shame if he doesn’t get a throne. Messi is a blessing to the world of football. Protect this man and let’s respect what he has done. - Ajay Yadav

  • morocco - world cup 2022

    Messi should not win World Cup

    You are not ashamed of the teams you are mentioning… these are cheap teams that everyone knew Argentina 🇦🇷 could beat … but they will never win the trophy. - Nana Kwesi

    It's great to have this guy playing football, no argument, but he can't take all this applauds if he wins this cup... I tell you he will be a god... God forbid... It won't be good. His cabinet should lack a World Cup trophy to prove he is still humane. - Chibueze Ashiegbu

    This is Messi's tournament no doubt... But I just pray... France or Morocco give them the better shock of their lives at the final...😏 I go for France. - Solomon Ik

  • Olivier Giroud France World Cup 10122022

    Ronaldo fans now supporting France

    Ronaldo fans has now moved from supporting Croatia to supporting France. Traveling kids😁 - Olayinka A Aremu

    From supporting Saudi Arabia to Poland to Australia to Netherlands, Portugal, and now Croatia, life is really hard for some fan base these days 😁😁 - Sp An Ky Mills

    Another sleepless night for Ronaldo fans. I'm getting seriously worried for their health 😭 - Muhammad Abduljaleel Tyabo

  • Argentina Messi Alvarez 2022

    Alvarez deserved spotlight

    Alvarez scored a brace and won the penalty that scored, but it is Messi that is receiving all the recognition. - Evangelist Kelechukwu Obi

    Why is no one talking about Julian Alvarez? The kid played better than Messi, created a penalty, and scored a brace🤔 - Emmanuel Nicholas Ahene-Akwa

    Is very good they benched Martinez this Alvarez is very good. - Jr Boss

    Alvarez deserves this spotlight. Though Messi did great work. - Engr Louis Awuloha

    Julian Alvarez deserves today's man of the match award. - Rowland Alozie

    Why not praise Alvarez instead of Messi? His picture should've been on the headline. - Steaven J Sunny

    Yes, it's true Alvarez deserves it, they want to use this world cup to draw a conclusion on this GOAT issue. - Joe Minutes

  • Lionel Messi Argentina World Cup 2022

    Messi scored a fake penalty

    That is a cheat, that is not a penalty that destroyed the team. - Esther Baidoo

    I must agree that Messi was impressive in this semi-final but he scored a fake penalty. - Serge Christian

    This penalty decision was too harsh because the ball had been lifted over the goalkeeper by Alvarez while he was trying to block it.

    Messi has decided to lose it in the final that's too painful. - Godwin A. Apullah

    He has scored his last penalty in this tournament. He will not score any goal again. - Filler Ellembelle

    France 🇫🇷 💪

  • Lionel Messi Argentina Croacia Qatar 2022

    Messi did nothing exceptional

    Messi did nothing exceptional, we saw these from so many good retired players. - David Salami

    Messi, Messi did nothing extraordinary!! You just hyping a simple thing. - Mustapha Hajj

    Alvarez will be not given a credit... he created a penalty and he just completed his brace but still, you say Messi this Messi that. - Sphephelo Mbhali

    Scoring penalty goals? After all, how many goals has he scored? - Filler Ellembelle

  • Messi World Cup 2022

    Messi & Argentina to lift the trophy

    💯% optimistic Leo Messi and the Argentina national team will lift the World Cup trophy... no making noise, this is the real GOAT... lifting the trophy means Messi has won all titles in the round leather game & no rival... - Joseph Aikoriogie

    This time around Messi must take the trophy home. - Kelvin Ugwu