Why do Wrexham wear red? Welsh club's kit colours explained

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Wrexham 2022-23
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Why do Wrexham wear red and have they always had that colour for their home kit?

Wrexham were formed in 1864, wound up in 1883 to be reconstituted just one month later, and the National League side noticeably don a red home kit.

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For a club that have featured in the English Football League since 1958, the Red Dragons are eyeing a return to the League Two for the first time since 2008.

As the colour of the kit can tell a lot about the club's history and what they stand for, GOAL ponders on the significance of Wrexham's red home kit.

Why do Wrexham wear red?

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The colour red is known to be generally associated with luck or long-term team success in English football. To put that into perspective, since 1947 or post the World War II break, English teams wearing red have been champions a lot more often.

Although it cannot be proven that a mere choice of colour can amplify the level of success at red teams, statistics have a different story to tell.

While Liverpool adopted the red home kit in a view to pose more of a threat to opposition teams, Wrexham's choice of red is strongly associated with the Welsh football heritage. The Wales national team also sport a red home kit.

Have Wrexham always worn red home kits?

Wrexham 2021-22 home kit

It may come as a surprise that Wrexham wore alternations of blue and white home kits for a number of years from 1988, with varying extents of green around the early 1900s, before reverting to designs of blue and white around the 1920s and 30s. The club have stuck with a predominantly red home kit since the late 1930s.

What colour was Wrexham's first home?

Neil Ashton Wrexham 2014-15

The first recorded Wrexham home kit was the red and white Dennis the Menace-style shirt from 1878. In the 2014-15 season, the design was brought back to celebrate the club's 150th anniversary, when the Kevin Wilkin-led side finished runners-up in the FA Trophy final to North Ferriby United.