Maguire as a striker?! Desperate Man Utd make strange tactical switch in search of Europa League goal against Real Sociedad

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Maguire striker
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Manchester United deployed Harry Maguire at striker on Thursday in the final 10 minutes of their Europa League game vs Real Sociedad.
  • Maguire lost starting role earlier this year
  • Man Utd needed to win by at least two
  • Finished with insufficient 1-0 victory

WHAT HAPPENED? Erik ten Hag needed another goal to finish above Real Sociedad in Group E - and the manager turned to his benched centre-back for attacking support. But Maguire did not get good enough delivery to use his frame to cause problems in the box, with the team inexplicably playing a late corner on the ground rather than hoisting towards his head.


Just as it was always meant to be!

Yeah, we can't believe it either.

With Anthony Martial injured, there was little else Ten Hag could do.



ETH point

BIGGER PICTURE: It would have been an incredible moment had Maguire thumped home a late header, and with few tactical options remaining, Ten Hag made a calculated decision. While the Red Devils didn't win their group, they have still advanced to the knockout stage.