'I am a good guy' - Luis Rubiales refuses to apologise to Jenni Hermoso for 'mutual' kiss after Women's World Cup final as ex-Spain FA chief insists 'truth will come out'

Jenni Hermoso RubialesGetty

The former Spanish football federation (RFEF) president resigned from his role on Sunday and explained his reasoning in an interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored after weeks of mounting criticism and calls for him to step down.

Rubiales admitted he could not continue his work following the kiss incident, which Spain forward Hermoso said was not consensual, after the country's 1-0 Women's World Cup final win over England on August 20.

However, in the full interview on TalkTV, the 46-year-old insisted the kiss was "mutual" and said he was not concerned about potentially facing criminal charges - with the ex-RFEF president being summoned to appear before a court in Spain after prosecutors opened a case against him for "the crimes of sexual assault and coercion".

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When asked if he would personally apologise to Hermoso, Rubiales said: “So what happened is bad for everyone. We had Jenni lifting me. We had the fleeting kiss, two tenths of a second, but what was created from that is crazy. So what’s left for me is to defend my dignity. So it’s not about that Piers, it’s about humility.”

When asked three more times if he would apologise to Hermoso, he continued: “So what we had is a spontaneous act, a mutual act, an act that both consented to, which was driven by the emotion of the moment, the happiness, so I maintain that that is the truth of what happened.”

Rubiales was seen kissing a number of Spain's World Cup winning side on the cheek when they collected their winners' medals and lifted some up in the air, too. He also put forward Athenea del Castillo onto his shoulders before carrying her holding the back of her thighs.

When asked if he would have acted the same way towards the men's team, Rubiales replied: “No doubt about it, 100 per cent… when I was a player, there were many moments where we avoided relegation or we got promotion, where we have given what we call pecks on the lips.”

Rubiales will have to testify as a defendant on Friday as part of the lawsuit against him, however, he struck a confident and relaxed tone when asked about the situation.

He said: "I am a lawyer, I am a Spanish citizen, I have been through many processes, criminal as well, and nothing has ever stuck. Again, I have full faith that the truth will come out and everything will be fine. Take a look at my face, I am a good guy. Look at my face, look at me in the eyes.”