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Bernard Antwi Boasiako: Ghana’s wannabe Chelsea owner questioned by fans

13:55 GMT+3 18/03/2022
Chelsea fans Stamford Bridge 2021
African supporters aren’t convinced by the billionaire’s motivations as he reportedly considers buying the Blues

by Joel Omotto

Football fans have queried whether Ghanaian businessman Bernard Antwi Boasiako is just looking for publicity following reports that he is interested in buying Chelsea.

According to the Daily Mail, the 45-year-old gold mine owner, whose net worth is unknown, is exploring tabling a bid for the European champions, who are up for sale for £3 billion ($3.9 billion)

However, supporters appear to be highly dubious.

“So, he’s benefited greatly from a natural resource whilst there is extreme poverty in Ghana, meanwhile we’ve provided billions in aid,” Jeekster commented on the Mail Online report.

“Hopefully, this falls through,” said Jonesdeblet, while Alfie added: “Due diligence first, please.”

Nogreyareas would like to see a British buyer after 19 years of Russian Roman Abramovich ownership.

“Out of the frying pan into the fire. Obviously, no one is learning from the terrible events going on at the moment. Far better a Brit buys Chelsea, along with us becoming a more independent country. Think to the future,” he said.

“So, in a country of 32 million people, one bloke has about 4 percent of the total wealth to blow on a football club in another country. Meanwhile, millions of people don’t eat properly. Not right, is it?” posed Dave from Bristol, UK.

PeinMash would not mind Boasiako’s ownership as long as he comes along with some of Chelsea’s legends.

“Bring Drogba and Essien with you,” he wrote.

“What is his back ground in respect to human rights and labour issues? It could be from frying pan to the fire,” said Caundle, questioning the businessman’s track record.

Some fans, however, think the Ghanaian is just looking for publicity, as observed by Supa_nova, who said: “Any serious bidder does not do this,” and Tiny Timmy, “Great way of looking for publicity, I think I will put in a bid too.”

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Stamford Bridge club was plunged into crisis when the UK government sanctioned Abramovich over his alleged close association with President Vladmir Putin.