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K. Mbappé
M. Diaby
8 - 0
A. Griezmann
Penalty Goal
7 - 0
A. Rabiot
A. Griezmann
6 - 0
K. Benzema
K. Mbappé
5 - 0
K. Benzema
T. Hernández
4 - 0

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 14 3
Total Passes 722 380
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 France FRA France 8 5 3 0 18 3 +15 18 W W W D D
2 Ukraine UKR Ukraine 8 2 6 0 11 8 +3 12 W D W D D
3 Finland FIN Finland 8 3 2 3 10 10 0 11 L W W L L
4 Bosnia-Herzegovina BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina 8 1 4 3 9 12 -3 7 L L D W D
5 Kazakhstan KAZ Kazakhstan 8 0 3 5 5 20 -15 3 L L L D L


Final Tournament


France can start thinking of Qatar, then, and can begin their preparations against Finland next week. The rest of the world had better watch out. That's all for now. Goodbye!
France's victory means they will top Group D no matter what happens in their match in Finland in three days' time. The world champions simply look untouchable. Kazakhstan's qualification campaign ends in ignominy with them having picked up just three points and a goal difference of -15. There's always next time.
France have confirmed their qualification for next year's World Cup in style! Didier Deschamps' men have put a hapless Kazakhstan side to the sword, securing a margin of victory which could.easily have been gone into double figures. The Kazakhs put up a fight in the first half but were blown away in the second by France's ruthless display of finishing.
90' + 3' Tchouameni fancies getting in on the act and has a pop at goal from outside the box. It bounces wide to the right and out for a Kazakh goal-kick. Play continues for a few more moments before the referee takes pity on the visitors, blowing the final whistle to roars from the French fans!
90' + 1' Pokatilov catches Ben Yedder's header from the centre of the box as the substitute got on the end of Griezmann's cross. He's the only reason that France haven't been able to rack up even more goals.
90' Kazakhstan have four more minutes of this nightmare to endure. The France fans are waving their tricolor flags with pride in the stands.
W. Ben Yedder
K. Mbappé
88' Mbappe will have to settle for just the four goals. He goes off to a rapturous reception from the Parc des Princes crowd. Ben Yedder replaces him for the last few minutes of this game.
M. Diaby
87' Diaby's played his part in the game since coming on and successfully found Mbappe there. Kazakhstan will really want to slink off the pitch as soon as possible after the final whistle.
K. Mbappé
87' GOAL! FRANCE 8-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Kazakhstan have been completely demolished. Mbappe gets his fourth goal of the match, slotting into the bottom left corner after latching onto Diaby's pass on the break. The Kazakhs were guilty of having a crazily high line again.
Penalty Goal
85' GOAL! FRANCE 7-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Griezmann makes no mistake, dispatching the penalty high into the top right corner of the net. Pokatilov had no chance of saving it at all.
B. Kairov
M. Bystrov
84' Kazakhstan make a late substitution. Bystrov replaces Kairov.
V. Vasiljev
Yellow Card
83' Vassiljev is shown the yellow card. Griezmann, the victim of the foul, will now have the chance to get on the scoresheet from the penalty spot.
82' PENALTY TO FRANCE! The referee watches Vassiljev's tackle on Griezmann back and immediately points to the spot. It's the right decision, as it was a clumsy challenge by the substitute. Sadly Kazakhstan are just not very good at all.
82' Vassiljev arrives a fraction late on Griezmann just after the France forward lays off a pass with his back to goal. Griezmann goes down and VAR advises the referee to go take another look at the incident on the pitchside monitor.
81' Griezmann swings the corner in and Pokatilov saves Kounde's shot from the centre of the box, conceding another. France keep the pressure on and the Kazakh keeper prevents Mbappe's whistler from finding the top right corner.
C. Lenglet
L. Hernández
80' Lucas Hernandez finally heads off after his whack earlier. Lenglet replaces him at the heart of France's defence.
B. Pavard
K. Coman
79' France make a few more changes. Coman's game is over after a storming first half in particular. Pavard replaces him.
78' Pokatilov closes down the angles to keep out Mbappe's low shot from the left of the box. France get a corner which surprisingly doesn't lead to anything.
77' Kazakhstan still haven't had a shot in this second half. France are showing no mercy here at all. They don't just want to win; they want to humiliate their opponents.
A. Griezmann
75' Griezmann's delivery for that goal was perfect but Kazakhstan left Rabiot totally unmarked there. It's not hard to see why they'll end this qualification campaign without a win.
A. Rabiot
75' GOAL! FRANCE 6-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Rabiot scores perhaps the simplest goal of France's six so far, powering a free header towards goal from Griezmann's corner. It's straight at Pokatilov but too fast for him to keep out.
74' Diaby beats the offside trap and forces Marochkin to hump the ball out for a corner to France.
73' France have the ball in the net a sixth time but Kazakhstan are spared by the offside flag. It'll come as a relief to the visitors, who got caught three-on-one at the back after pressing way too high up the pitch. Mbappe was the player to stray offside.
A. Tchouaméni
N. Kanté
72' Kante also gets an early rest. Tchouameni replaces him in central midfield.
M. Diaby
K. Benzema
71' Here are those France changes anyway. Benzema, one of their goalscorers, goes off. Diaby comes on.
70' Lucas Hernandez is back up now. The France defender is limping quite badly but might be able to soldier on a bit longer.
69' Lucas Hernandez needs some treatment after catching a high foot from Zhaksylykov. France are preparing a few substitutions.
B. Baytana
E. Tapalov
68' Tapalov is taken off. Kazakhstan bring the FC Taraz midfielder Baytana on in his place.
68' Coman lashes over the crossbar from a tight angle to the right of Kazakhstan's box. The Bayern man has been quieter since half-time but is still proving effective.
66' Tapalov is unfairly stopped by Theo Hernandez and wins a free-kick for Kazakhstan down their right.
64' How did that stay out?! Taykenov gets a defensive header all wrong and beats Pokatilov at his near post. The ball rebounds off the right-hand post and against the keeper who somehow manages to prevent it from fully crossing the line.
62' France have upped their game since half-time, a scary prospect for Kazakhstan who are at risk of a terrible hiding. The visitors haven't had a shot yet this half.
V. Vasiljev
O. Omirtayev
60' Omirtayev, Kazakhstan's other starting striker, also makes way. Vasiljev takes his place on the pitch.
A. Zhaksylykov
A. Aymbetov
59' Kazakhstan decide to make changes now. The luckless Aymbetov heads off first. Zhaksylykov replaces him.
K. Mbappé
59' Mbappe was well within his rights to shoot himself. Instead he lured Pokatilov off his line to hand Benzema the goal on a plate. He's already taking the match ball home. He might as well share the love at this point.
K. Benzema
59' GOAL! FRANCE 5-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Poor Kazakhstan. They're getting blown apart here. France unpick the visitors with two passes through the middle and Benzema rolls the ball across goal to hand Benzema the most basic of tap-ins.
57' France almost extend their lead as Pokatilov can't completely bring Rabiot's shot from range under control first-time. The Kazakh keeper smothers the ball at the second attempt.
T. Hernández
55' Kazakhstan have not been able to handle France's flying wing-backs. That's two assists each for Coman and Theo Hernandez now.
K. Benzema
55' GOAL! FRANCE 4-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Theo Hernandez bursts past Bystrov and Erlanov to get to the byline and cut the ball back. Benzema is there inside the six-yard box to fire past Pokatilov into the bottom left corner.
54' Pokatilov is thankfully back on his feet and able to carry on. It's just as well as Kounde slides Coman down the inside-right channel. Coman shows some tricky feet and angles to shoot. Marochkin ends up coming away with the ball.
K. Benzema
Yellow Card
52' Benzema barges Pokatilov over in mid-air as the pair challenge for an aerial ball, leaving the Kazakh keeper on the turf requiring treatment. The France striker is booked for using excessive force.
O. Omirtayev
Yellow Card
51' Omirtayev picks up a yellow card for his clumsy challenge on Lucas Hernandez.
50' Coman sets off on one of his runs down the right but, unlike in the first half, Kazakhstan are doubling up on him now. The visitors try to counter but are scuppered as Omirtayev catches Lucas Hernandez with his foot.
48' Tapalov manages to keep pace with Mbappe - no mean feat - and nick the ball away from the PSG man.
46' France get the second half going. They've made no changes at half-time. Neither have Kazakhstan, perhaps unwisely.
France have utterly bossed the opening 45 minutes of this match, seeing 71 per cent of the ball. Despite that, they've only had two more shots than Kazakhstan's five. The world champions have just been utterly ruthless. Their complacency may cost them at times but there's still no better international side in the world than France at their best.
France can start packing their bags for Qatar next November. The world champions breezed through that first half as Mbappe grabbed a hat-trick in just over half an hour. Kazakhstan have tested Lloris a few times but haven't really given the hosts much to worry about. Coman has been running the show.
43' Lloris claims Omirtayev's tame header from Kuat's cross. In an attempt to make things more challenging for himself, Coman goes for goal from outside the box. Pokatilov makes the save but spills the shot. Griezmann collects the loose ball and tries to find Benzema who is penalised for attempting a dangerous overhead kick. That'll be that for now.
41' Coman has all the time in the world to pick a cross out again. France aren't able to convert it as Erlanov outmuscles Benzema in the box, but Coman's dominance is getting slightly ridiculous now.
40' France are toying with the Kazakhs who can't get near the ball. Mbappe flings another inviting ball into the centre and Theo Hernandez smashes a shot into a Kazakh defender.
38' A Mexican wave makes its way around the Parc des Princes as France slowly construct their latest attack. There's a joyous atmosphere in the stadium already.
36' Coman fires in following the corner and Mbappe glances his header just wide to the left of goal. France are absolutely cruising.
34' Tapalov manages to find Omirtayev with a high cross into the box. The Kazakh striker nods low towards the bottom left corner and Lloris is able to get down to keep it out. Up the other end, Mbappe bursts towards the byline and fires across goal. Erlanov plays it safe and prods it out for a corner.
K. Coman
32' Coman has absolutely terrified Kazakhstan with his direct running and trickery, and his delivery was perfect there. France are surely heading to the World Cup finals.
K. Mbappé
32' GOAL! FRANCE 3-0 KAZAKHSTAN! Mbappe completes his hat-trick with a powerful header past Pokatilov. Coman whips a delicious cross into the box and the Paris Saint-Germain striker rises high to plant it into the far corner. Job done.
31' France give Aymbetov the runaround, passing the ball around in their own defensive third. They're clearly a cut above Kazakhstan and then some.
29' Griezmann has temporarily swapped places with Coman down the right. Taykenov gets across to stop the Atletico Madrid man from doing any damage.
28' Upamecano arrives late on Aymbetov to give Kazakhstan the chance to pump the ball into France's box. Tapalov picks up the pieces from the free-kick and France force his cross away. Alip blasts way over from range.
26' Mbappe attempts to free Coman once again with an ambitious switch of play. Coman doesn't make the expected run though, so Kazakhstan get the goal-kick.
25' Kazakhstan just can't handle Coman at the moment. The Bayern Munich man darts inside with the ball and fires at goal from just outside the box. It deflects out for a corner which the visitors clear.
24' Coman turns and dinks the ball over the top for Mbappe to latch onto and flick towards the far post. Benzema keeps it alive and sends it back across goal but Mbappe can't get himself back in position in time to finish the chance off.
22' Coman's foray inside creates space for Kounde who swings a high cross in from the right. Benzema just misjudges the header and Bystrov wins the defensive header. Rabiot trips Omirtayev to hand Kazakhstan a temporary reprieve.
20' Tapalov shoots from range, forcing Lloris to make a routine save. Coman beats Taykenov once more to earn a corner for France. Griezmann swings it in and the Kazakhs manage to see it out.
18' Kounde unfairly stops the run of Zharynbetov. Kazakhstan accept the free-kick but Taykenov is unable to keep a crossfield pass in play.
16' Kazakhstan hand possession to Coman who sets off down the right again, getting past Taykenov with a simple one-two. Benzema is unable to convert Coman's whipped ball in.
14' France have scored with both their shots on goal so far. Kazakhstan have not given the world champions a whiff of a challenge in these first 15 minutes.
K. Coman
13' Coman clearly terrified Pokatilov with his pace there but what was the goalkeeper thinking? Kazakhstan overcommitted forward and France ruthlessly punished them. This game looks over as a contest already.
K. Mbappé
12' GOAL! FRANCE 2-0 KAZAKHSTAN! This is too easy for France. Lloris throws the ball upfield immediately to set the hosts away on the counter. Pokatilov rashly races out of his box to close down the onrushing Coman. France's right wing-back beats him and fires in a low cross for Mbappe who slots into the empty net.
12' Kazakhstan earn a corner down their right as Rabiot slides in to stop Tapalov's run. The visitors' corner is disappointing as Lloris claims it easily.
10' Coman, who's been lively so far, plays a one-two with Kounde to reach the byline and cross once more. This time Kazakhstan manage to deal with it.
8' Kazakhstan have their first attack of the game. Tapalov reaches the edge of the box and has his shot blocked.
T. Hernández
6' The build-up to that goal from France was typically slick with Hernandez's cross finding its intended target perfectly. The world champions are looking highly motivated already.
K. Mbappé
6' GOAL! FRANCE 1-0 KAZAKHSTAN! That didn't take long! Benzema threads Theo Hernandez into the box. The left wing-back cuts the ball back for Mbappe who makes no mistake from the centre of the box, finding the bottom left corner.
5' Coman reaches the byline and pings a cross towards Benzema at the back post but Kazakhstan manage to clear their lines.
3' Benzema's caught offside from Mbappe's throughball. We can expect this game to be mostly one-way traffic.
2' France start brightly as Coman jinks towards the box from the right before finding his path to goal blocked.
1' And we're underway here in Paris!
The two nations come out onto the Parc des Princes pitch and stand for their respective national anthems. Fance will play in their blue and red home kit. Kazakhstan are in their preferred all-yellow kit.
France should be confident of an easy victory here. The hosts dispatched Kazakhstan 2-0 in the reverse fixture back in March, and the Kazakhs have yet to win in seven matches in Group A. Three points for France here will confirm they will finish top of the group. Don't bet against Didier Deschamps' men being able to get the party started at the end of the 90 minutes.
There are five changes to France from their 2-1 victory over Spain in the Nations League final. Lucas Hernandez, Upamecano, Kante, Rabiot and Coman come in. Kazakhstan keep just three players in the starting line-up from their 2-2 draw away to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bystrov, Marochkin and captain Kuat are the only constants.
SUBS: Mukhamedjan Seysen, Baurzhan Baytana, Bekkhan Shaizada, Sagadat Tursynbai, Vladislav Vassiljev, Alibek Kassym, Bagdat Kairov, Aybar Zhaksylykov, Artur Shushenachev.
KAZAKHSTAN (3-5-2): Stas Pokatilov; Temirlan Erlanov, Maksat Taykenov, Nuraly Alip; Marat Bystrov, Samat Zharynbetov, Islambek Kuat (c), Erkin Tapalov, Aleksandr Marochkin; Oralkhan Omirtayev, Abat Aymbetov.
SUBS: Leo Dubois, Wissam Ben Yedder, Alphonse Areola, Benoit Costil, Aurelien Tchouameni, Kurt Zouma, Matteo Guendouzi, Lucas Digne, Jordan Veretout, Clement Lenglet, Moussa Diaby, Benjamin Pavard.
FRANCE (3-4-1-2): Hugo Lloris (c); Jules Kounde, Dayot Upamecano, Lucas Hernandez; Kingsley Coman, N'Golo Kante, Adrien Rabiot, Theo Hernandez; Antoine Griezmann; Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe.
Les Bleus defeated their nearest rivals Finland 2-0 in their last qualifying match in September, meaning a win here would leave them four points clear with one game left to play. That would make the world champions' trip to Finland in three days' time academic, allowing them to begin preparing to defend their crown.
Following their triumph in the UEFA Nations League last month, France can confirm their qualification for next year's World Cup in Qatar with a victory over bottom-of-the-group Kazakhstan here in Paris.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification UEFA Group D match between France and Kazakhstan at Parc des Princes, Paris.