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G. Montiel
Penalty Goal
R. Kolo Muani
Penalty Goal
L. Paredes
Penalty Goal
A. Tchouaméni
Penalty Miss
P. Dybala
Penalty Goal

Match Stats

54% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 5
Total Passes 635 532
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What a game it was! Argentina lift the World Cup trophy for the third time, and the first since 1986. France miss out on the chance to retain their title.
ARGENTINA WIN THE WORLD CUP! It took penalties after an electric 3-3 draw, but Argentina win 4-2 in the shootout! Messi and Di Maria scored the first-half goals for Argentina before Mbappe's late brace took it to extra time. Messi thought he'd won it, but Mbappe penned them back again, getting his hat-trick from the spot. In the shootout, Martinez made a huge save before Tchouameni missed. Argentina scored all of theirs, with Montiel scoring the winner.
MONTIEL WINS IT FOR ARGENTINA! He takes his time stepping up to the spot and, like a lot of his team-mates, hits it low into the bottom left corner of the net. Lloris goes the wrong way, and Montiel runs off in celebration. 4-2 Argentina!
KOLO MUANI SCORES! He keeps France in it! He goes for power, putting his laces through it as he lifts it over Martinez and into the back of the net. 3-2!
PAREDES SCORES! He slips slightly as he steps up to the spot, but it doesn't matter. He hits it low into the bottom left corner, and though Lloris goes the right way, he can't keep it out. 3-1 Argentina!
TCHOUAMENI MISSES! Martinez threw the ball away to put him off before he took it and it looks to have worked! Tchouameni keeps his penalty low and Martinez goes the right way, but it doesn't matter as he sends it wide of the left post.
E. Martínez
Yellow Card
Emiliano Martinez is shown a yellow card after doing his best to put of France's penalty takers.
DYBALA SCORES! He only got on the pitch for stoppage time, and he goes straight down the middle. Lloris almost gets his feet to it, but it beats him and Argentina have the advantage. 2-1 Argentina!
IT'S SAVED! Coman steps up for France's second penalty and goes to the keeper's right. It's a good height for Martinez and he gets fully behind it to deny the Frenchman.
MESSI SCORES! It's a brilliant penalty from Argentina's captain! He takes a slow run-up and waits for Lloris to commit himself. A step to his left means that Messi calmly slots it the opposite way.
MBAPPE SCORES! For the third time in this game, Mbappe keeps his cool from the spot. Martinez goes the right way this time and gets his hand to it again, but he can't stop it from hitting the back of the net.
Argentina have already been to penalties once in this tournament, with Emiliano Martinez coming up with two big saves to help them on their way to knocking out Netherlands in the quarter-final. This is France's first shootout of the competition.
We're going to penalties after a 3-3 draw between Argentina and France. It was 2-2 going into extra time, and just like in normal time, Argentina dominated the first half, though this time they couldn't find the back of the net. After the restart, it looked like Messi had won it for La Albiceleste after tapping in the rebound from Lloris' save of Lautaro Martinez, but Mbappe scored his hat-trick from the spot after Montiel's handball to block his long-range shot.
120' + 4' GREAT CHANCE! Argentina go straight down the other end following Kolo Muani's effort and Montiel gets away down the right. He lifts a good cross in, but Lautaro Martinez can only nod his shot wide of the post.
120' + 3' WHAT A SAVE! France break quickly on the counter again and Kolo Muani finds himself one-on-one with Emiliano Martinez after Otamendi failed to cut out the throughball. The keeper rushes out and spreads himself to smother the shot in an incredible save.
P. Dybala
N. Tagliafico
120' + 1' And for Argentina, it's Dybala that's brought on in place of Tagliafico.
A. Disasi
J. Koundé
120' + 1' Both sides are making one last change as we head into three added minutes here. France go first with Disasi coming on in place of Kounde.
120' SO CLOSE! France break quickly on the counter again through Mbappe down the left and it's a brilliant cross in from him. Kolo Muani can't make contact and it bounces towards the far post, but just flies wide.
K. Mbappé
Penalty Goal
118' MBAPPE SCORES! He's equalised again and scored a World Cup final hat-trick! He keeps his eyes on Emiliano Martinez the whole time, and he catches the keeper out. He goes the opposite way to his last spot-kick and fires it into the back of the net. 3-3!
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
116' Montiel is shown a yellow card for the handball.
116' PENALTY TO FRANCE! Montiel was turning his back to try and block Mbappe's shot and his arm was away from his body when the ball hit it. The referee has a great view of it, and points straight to the spot again.
G. Pezzella
A. Mac Allister
116' Argentina are trying to run the clock down as they make a change before France's corner. Mac Allister goes off, with Pezzella on for him.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
114' It's a really poor challenge from Paredes, who made no attempt to play the ball as he slid in on Camavinga. He can have no arguments with that yellow card.
I. Konaté
R. Varane
113' Varane hurt himself in his attempts to stop Lautaro Martinez from getting on the ball. He's taken straight off, with Konate on in his place.
112' Paredes dispossesses Kolo Muani and hooks a long ball upfield. Lautaro Martinez spins past Varane, but the defender recovers well to get in front of him and stop him from getting into the box.
110' The Argentina bench rushed out to celebrate with Messi, who is now ramping up the crowd with his celebration. France are waiting to restart the game, but Argentina are enjoying that one.
L. Messi
108' MESSI SCORES! France are all over the place at the back as Argentina knock it through them again. Lautaro Martinez fires his shot across goal, and Lloris parries it away. Messi is hovering just in front of him and touches it in. Upamecano clears it from behind the line, and after a quick VAR check for offside, the goal stands! 3-2 Argentina!
107' SAVE! The ball bounced in front of Messi, and it looked like he was going to let it run before he shifts his weight and hits it on the half-volley. He drills it towards the near bottom corner, but Lloris gets down to push it away.
105' Argentina get us back underway for the second half of extra time!
It's still all level at 2-2 at half-time in extra time. Argentina had the better chances to regain the lead and really started to ramp up the pressure before the break. Upamecano made two huge blocks to deny Lautaro Martinez, while Varane also helped Montiel's volley over the bar.
105' + 1' BLOCK! Acuna finds space down the left again and plays a wonderful ball into the box with the outside of his right boot. Lautaro Martinez brings it down before firing on goal, but Upamecano just helps it wide with a slight touch.
105' BLOCKS! It's lovely play from Argentina as Messi wriggles his way into the box before laying it off to Lautaro Martinez and Upamecano slides in with a brilliant block. It bounces out to Montiel, who hits it on the volley and Varane heads it over.
Lautaro Martínez
J. Álvarez
103' And Alvarez is also making way, with Lautaro Martinez replacing him.
L. Paredes
R. De Paul
102' Argentina are making a double change here. De Paul is the first to go off, with Paredes on in his place.
100' Argentina just can't clear their lines at the moment as France keep them penned back in the corner. Fofana gets away from Montiel, who pulls him down, but nothing comes of the free-kick.
98' It's another good cross from Mac Allister on the left and Messi manages to nod it back to De Paul. He loops a cross back to the far post, but there's too much on it for Acuna.
Y. Fofana
A. Rabiot
96' Rabiot went down earlier with a head injury, and he's now being taken off with a possible concussion. Fofana is on to replace him.
94' Camavinga slips at the wrong moment and the space opens up in front of Messi. He wasn't expecting it to though, and it allows Camavinga to regain his footing and stop the attack.
92' It's a bright start from Argentina and Acuna gets a yard down the left to whip in a great cross. He's looking for Mac Allister in the middle, but Varane makes a vital interception.
91' France gets us back underway for extra time!
G. Montiel
N. Molina
90' Argentina have made a change at the start of extra time, and it's Montiel that's come on in place of Molina.
Scaloni will be wondering how this has happened after watching his side control the majority of the match, and he'll be rallying his team to get them back in the right mindset. It's exactly what Deschamps will have been looking for though, and he'll be hoping to keep the momentum going.
Two goals in 97 seconds from Mbappe takes the World Cup final into extra time, with Argentina and France drawing 2-2. La Albiceleste were cruising at the break, with Messi converting a penalty before Di Maria finished off a brilliant counter-attack to put them 2-0 up. They looked like they were going to see it out until Otamendi dragged back Kolo Muani and Mbappe scored the resulting penalty before equalising with a wonderful volley to stun Argentina.
M. Acuña
Yellow Card
90' + 8' France are attempting to break from an Argentina corner, and Acuna takes one for the team by taking out Coman and picking up a yellow card.
90' + 7' GOOD SAVE! Acuna checks back on the left before squaring it along the edge of the box. Messi brings it under control before dragging it past Upamecano to get the shot away, but it's straight at Lloris, who pushes it over the bar.
O. Giroud
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Giroud wasn't happy that a free-kick wasn't given for the foul on Coman, and came onto the pitch to make his point. He's booked for it.
90' + 4' GOOD SAVE! Coman is tripped just outside the box, but the referee allows play to continue as Camavinga has it. He squares it to Kolo Muani, who sends it towards goal, but Martinez smothers it.
90' + 3' BLOCK! Camavinga wins it back on the left and Mbappe cuts inside to have a run at goal. He gets away from Fernandez to open up the space, but Otamendi sticks out a leg to deflect it over the bar.
90' + 1' Into eight added minutes here, and it's France that are currently searching for a winner. Varane lifts it over the top, but Mbappe comes back from an offside position to bring it down.
89' There was a clash of heads between Alvarez and Rabiot and they need treatment. The forward is quickly back to his feet, while Rabiot needs a longer check, but they're able to carry on.
M. Thuram
Yellow Card
87' Fernandez pulled his foot out of the challenge, and Thuram initiated the contact before going down in the box. He's booked for diving.
85' France break quickly on the counter and Mbappe is getting a lot of joy down that left side now. He whips a dangerous cross into the middle and it's just too high for Kolo Muani at the far post.
83' Argentina are back on the front foot and they're pushing to restore their lead after a sucker punch. Acuna works it well down the left, but can't pick out Alvarez with his cross.
M. Thuram
81' Thuram doesn't hesitate to knock it straight back to Mbappe when it's cushioned into him to set up the goal.
K. Mbappé
81' MBAPPE EQUALISES! They've stunned Argentina! Coman wins the ball back on the halfway line and France quickly switch it out to the left side. Mbappe nods it to Thuram and when it comes back to him, he hits the volley across goal while off balance. Martinez gets a hand to it, but again, can't stop it from nestling in the corner. It's a great goal! 2-2!
K. Mbappé
Penalty Goal
80' MBAPPE SCORES! France have pulled one back! It's a good penalty from Mbappe and gets a lot of power on the shot. Martinez dives the right way and makes slight contact with the ball, but he can't get enough on it to stop it from nestling in the bottom left corner. 2-1!
79' PENALTY TO FRANCE! Kolo Muani gets his head down and drives into the box. Otamendi is tight to him and gets the wrong side, dragging the substitute down and the referee points straight to the spot.
77' Argentina take a free-kick short on the right, and Messi threads it through for De Paul on the right of the box. His low cross is too close to Lloris though, and he collects it.
75' Mbappe takes it past two before being shielded off it by Romero, and Argentina break quickly on the counter. Alvarez gets the better of Upamecano but has no one up with him in support.
73' France are starting to keep Argentina penned back in their own half as they try to make something happen. Upamecano is allowed to carry it a long way, but has his pocket picked by Romero before he can pick out a team-mate.
K. Coman
A. Griezmann
71' And Griezmann is also taken off, with Coman on in his place.
E. Camavinga
T. Hernández
71' There's another double change for France here, and they're both being made to that left-hand side. Hernandez is the first to make way, with Camavinga replacing him.
70' France are starting to cause some real problems down their left side, with Hernandez and Griezmann linking up well. The forward tees up Mbappe, who cuts inside before taking aim, but his shot flies high and wide.
68' Otamendi slices a clearance over the bar and France have their second corner. Griezmann picks out Kolo Muani at the near post, but it bounces wide off his shoulder.
66' Griezmann gets a yard on Acuna down the left and whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. None of his team-mates are expecting it though, and it flashes across the face of goal.
M. Acuña
Á. Di María
64' Argentina are making their first change here. Di Maria goes off to a standing ovation as he's replaced by Acuna.
63' Argentina break quickly on the counter again, and Mac Allister starts it in the middle. He continues his run, and Messi slides it through Varane's legs looking for him, but he can't get there under pressure from Upamecano.
61' Di Maria gets away from Kounde with some wonderful footwork before squaring it across the box. It's just ahead of Alvarez, but Messi is behind him. Three defenders slide in to rush him, and he fires wide.
59' GOOD SAVE! Tagliafico sticks out a leg to cut out Kolo Muani's pass and cuts inside to thread it through to Alvarez. It's a tight angle on the left of the box, and he hits it low, but Lloris gets a strong hand to it.
57' It's better from France here as they push Argentina back into their own half. Kounde drives down the right and has three in the middle to aim for, but his cross hits Tagliafico.
A. Rabiot
Yellow Card
55' It's a poor challenge from Rabiot on the back of De Paul as he takes his leg out from under him. It earns him a yellow card.
54' France are the first side on record not to attempt a single shot in the first half of a World Cup final, while it's also the first time they've failed to attempt a first-half shot at any stage of the tournament (both since 1966).
52' France have their first corner of the game after Mbappe got the better of Tagliafico. Griezmann takes it, but it's a poor delivery straight into Martinez's gloves.
50' SAVE! It's a good interception by Romero, who then picks out Di Maria in space on the left. He picks out De Paul, who is unmarked at the far post, but his volley is straight at Lloris.
48' Argentina have picked up where they left off in the first half. They quickly work it upfield once again, with Messi swinging in a cross from the right. Alvarez just hesitates to stick his leg out and Lloris collects.
46' Argentina get us back underway for the second half!
Scaloni couldn't have asked for much more from his players, and he'll be hoping for more of the same after the break so they can put this game out of sight. As for France, Deschamps has already made two changes, but he'll be looking for a huge improvement to get them back into this match and give them a chance of retaining their title.
Argentina take a 2-0 lead over France into half-time of the World Cup final. They were the better side in the first half, keeping the defending champions under pressure early on. Di Maria's return has been key to this performance as he won the penalty which Messi confidently dispatched before he finished off a brilliant counter-attack by picking out the bottom corner. At the other end, France didn't manage a single shot.
E. Fernández
Yellow Card
45' + 7' Fernandez just left a leg trailing to trip Kolo Muani, and he's shown the first yellow card of the final.
45' + 6' Argentina are back to dominating possession, and they look to Di Maria once more. France are ready for it this time though, and he's crowded off it by three players.
45' + 4' Thuram's run down the left is cut out by Fernandez, so France switch it out to the opposite flank. They can't get the ball into the box though, as Griezmann's cross is blocked by Otamendi.
45' + 2' France are knocking the ball around well in front of Argentina, but are struggling to keep hold of it when they get into the final third. It bounces up awkwardly in front of Hernandez, who fouls De Paul in his attempts to keep it.
45' Di Maria has now scored in each of the last three editions of the World Cup (2022, 2018, 2014), with all three goals coming in the knockout rounds, and today is his second vs France.
43' Molina gets his head up and plays another switch out to the left when he spots Di Maria in space. He can't find a way past Tchouameni this time though.
M. Thuram
O. Giroud
41' And Giroud is also taken off, with Thuram on in his place, which should see Mbappe switch to playing through the middle.
R. Kolo Muani
O. Dembélé
41' Deschamps is clearly unhappy with what he's seen so far, and he's making a double change before the break. Dembele is the first to go off, with Kolo Muani replacing him.
40' Hernandez attempts to go long to Giroud to get France upfield, but he can't get to it ahead of Romero. Every interception from Argentina is greeted by a roar of appreciation from the crowd.
38' Argentina are on the hunt for another goal here as they knock it past France with ease. The defending champions look tired and they can't get close to their opponents at the moment.
A. Mac Allister
36' It's a brilliant run from Mac Allister through France's half and he plays a perfectly-weighted cross into Di Maria's feet instead of going for goal himself.
Á. Di María
36' DI MARIA SCORES! It's Upamecano that loses the ball this time, and Argentina break on a quick counter. Messi flicks it past his marker to pick out Mac Allister's run and he surges into the box before unselfishly squaring it to Di Maria. Lloris rushes out, but the winger's first-time shot beats him and nestles into the far bottom corner. 2-0 Argentina!
35' France are trying to up the pace of their attacks here, but they can't pick out their front three. Tchouameni asks too much of Mbappe with a throughball, and he chases it until Martinez collects.
33' France lose the ball from their own throw-in and Messi makes a weaving run to the edge of the box before Upamecano slides in. It rolls to Tagliafico, who puts his laces through it and it goes out for a throw-in on the far side.
31' With 12 goals and eight assists, Messi's 20 goal involvements are the most of any player on record at the World Cup (1966 onwards). He's also the first player to score in the group stage, round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final in a single edition of the tournament.
29' Argentina are keeping the pressure on here and Hernandez has to step across to block Messi's run. He swings a dangerous corner into the near post, but Mac Allister's glancing header hit Giroud.
27' Griezmann's free-kick has to be retaken after some pushing on the edge of the box. On his second attempt, he lifts it towards the far post, but Romero clears his lines.
25' France are looking to make a quick response, but they can't keep hold of the ball when they get out of their own half. Mbappe looks to have a run down the left, but he's cut off by Molina again.
L. Messi
Penalty Goal
23' MESSI SCORES! It's as cool as you like from the Argentina captain! He takes a short run-up to the spot, just hesitating in front of the ball as he looks up at Lloris. The keeper dives to his right and can only watch as the ball flies into the opposite corner. 1-0 Argentina!
21' PENALTY TO ARGENTINA! It's a great switch by Alvarez out to Di Maria on the left, and he checks back from the byline to catch out Dembele. The Frenchman chases him and nudges him from behind inside the box, and the referee points straight to the spot.
19' CHANCE! De Paul clumsily brings down Hernandez, and Griezmann swings a good free-kick in from the left. Giroud throws himself over Otamendi to send his diving header over the bar.
17' CHANCE! Hernandez is caught on the ball again and De Paul plays a one-two with Messi from the right. He overhits the lay off to his captain, but it rolls through to Di Maria, who blazes his shot high over the bar.
15' Mbappe gets his first chance to run at Molina, and he cuts inside before playing a one-two with Rabiot. He can't get on the end of the return though as Martinez rushes off his line to collect it.
13' Di Maria's first cross is blocked just ahead of Messi, but it rebounds straight back to the winger. He tries to work it to Alvarez this time, but Hernandez clears the danger for France.
11' During an Argentina corner, Romero collided with Lloris when the keeper came off his line to collect it. He's stayed down in need of treatment on his shoulder, but he's okay to carry on.
9' Di Maria squeezes a pull back through the crowd to De Paul on the edge of the box. He has time for a quick glance up before he drills it towards Messi, but Varane sticks out a leg to block it.
7' France are trying to gain a foothold in this game with a good spell of possession in their own half. Varane eventually tries to go long for Hernandez, but it's well cut out by Molina.
5' Kounde fizzes a clearance to Griezmann, and it bounces off his shin straight to Alvarez. He plays Mac Allister in with a clever flick, but his long-range shot is straight at Lloris.
3' CHANCE! There are a lot of bodies on the edge of France's box, but De Paul lifts it over them to pick out Alvarez's run. He's off-balance and improvises with the volley, which Lloris saves before the flag goes up.
2' Martinez is put under some early pressure by Griezmann when it's knocked back to him by Otamendi. The Frenchman is bearing down on him quickly, but the keeper clears his lines in time.
1' Griezmann gets the World Cup final underway for France!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
This is the eleventh World Cup final competed between a South American and European nation; South American sides lifted the trophy on seven of the previous 10 occasions. However, Argentina are responsible for two of the three such defeats (against Germany in 1990 and 2014), while France are responsible for the other win (3-0 v Brazil in 1998).
Didier Deschamps is looking to become only the second manager to win two separate World Cups, and he makes two changes to the side that beat Morocco on Wednesday. Upamecano and Rabiot have both recovered from illness to get back into the team, while Varane is also well enough to retain his spot. Fofana and Konate start on the bench.
Lionel Scaloni makes just one change from their semi-final win over Croatia, and it's an attacking one as Di Maria is fit enough to start, so he replaces Paredes, who drops to the bench. Messi's final World Cup appearance is his 26th, and it's a record-breaking one as he becomes the all-time record holder for games played at the tournament. Acuna and Montiel are back on the bench after suspension.
FRANCE SUBS: Alphonse Areola, Steve Mandanda, William Saliba, Benjamin Pavard, Marcus Thuram, Eduardo Camavinga, Youssouf Fofana, Acel Disasi, Kingsley Coman, Ibrahima Konate, Jordan Veretout, Randal Kolo Muani, Matteo Guendouzi.
FRANCE STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Jules Kounde, Raphael Varane, Dayot Upamecano, Theo Hernandez; Aurelien Tchouameni, Adrien Rabiot; Ousmane Dembele, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe; Olivier Giroud.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Lisandro Martinez, Juan Foyth, Marcos Acuna, German Pezzella, Gonzalo Montiel, Lautaro Martinez, Exequiel Palacios, Leandro Paredes, Alejandro Gomez, Paulo Dybala, Angel Correa, Franco Armani, Geronimo Rulli, Guido Rodriguez, Thiago Almada.
ARGENTINA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Emiliano Martinez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Angel Di Maria, Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernandez, Alexis Mac Allister; Lionel Messi, Julian Alvarez.
One last game stands between either Argentina or France getting their hands on the World Cup trophy. Defending champions, France, are making their fourth appearance in the final and are looking to become only the third team to win back-to-back editions of the tournament. They saw off Morocco 2-0 in their semi-final on Wednesday, and have won all but one of their games to get here (a 1-0 defeat to Tunisia in their final group game). Argentina have reached their sixth final after comfortably beating Croatia 3-0 last time out. They've turned things around since their shock 2-1 opening-day defeat to Saudi Arabia as they look to win the competition for the third time.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup final between Argentina and France at the Lusail Iconic Stadium!