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Type ‘Lionel Messi is…’ throws up some bizarre and baffling phrases

18:59 GMT+3 17/01/2023
Impliqué sur le premier but parisien, Messi a inscrit son 13e but de la saison.
South Africa’s Lionel Messi fans had a whale of a time on Tuesday afternoon as they let their keyboards do the talking.
  • The Challenge

    “Type ‘Lionel Messi is’ and let your keyboard finish the sentence” was the challenge laid down to South African users of the Twitter platform by user @iamjuddah on Tuesday…and they didn’t disappoint with some baffling and obscure suggestions.

    Here’s our pick of the random outpourings of South African supporters’ devices, which perhaps sheds some light on how fans in the Rainbow Nation view the world’s greatest player.

  • A change of career?

    “Lionel Messi is the best actor of the last year in a long and long career in television,” wrote user @PinkieShabane, with her mobile device clearly advocating a change of career for the Paris Saint-Germain superstar.

  • 20230117_Messi

    Why does ZA want to see Messi acting?

    User @Moholoane_8 also stuck with the theatrical theme, with their device also praising the World Cup winner’s talent in front of a camera…although we didn’t know about these off-field exploits.

    “Lionel Messi is a very talented actor who has been working with many actors to develop his own films and is very passionate about his work…” you what??

  • A load of worries

    One user--@Mthintiwesinqa--perhaps unwittingly shared a glimpse into a life full of concerns and worries for football fans in South Africa today.

    Concerns about power and relationships were the involuntary outpourings of his mobile device after taking up the ‘Lionel Messi is’ challenge.

    “Lionel Messi is the most popular in my life and is very bad for the Pirates of me to have a job in my life and not to do so without electricity or even a lot to see her and I did not want her how I was considering relocating or not but she is getting a job that is not promised.”

    Should he relocate or not? Let us know your thoughts.

  • Settling the GOAT debate

    @PearlRebotile’s mobile clearly saw fit to take the opportunity to settle the GOAT debate once and for all.

    “Lionel Messi is the best player in the world,” her device auto-filled…emphatically.

  • He deserves it

    Look away now Ronaldo.

    “Lionel Messi is the best player on this planet right now and he deserves it all,” wrote @NkanyisoNNgcobo. Can’t argue with that.

  • Messi-PSG-training-2023

    New PSL signing?

    Meletai Tumelo’s mobile device is clearly hopeful that Messi might be signing for one of South Africa’s biggest clubs soon.

    “Lionel Messi is a good guy and I think he would be a great addition to the team,” wrote their device, although the user hasn’t publicised who they support, so we aren’t 100 percent on where Messi’s set to be ending up…!

  • Utterly baffling

    “Lionel Messi is a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you,” was the offering from @SkylixCFC’s mobile device…perhaps betraying the user’s own hopes for career success!?

  • We never knew this

    “Lionel Messi is a great place to work for the purpose of providing customers at home and abroad with satisfactory products and services,” according to @bluckerzvekare.

    This was certainly new information for us.