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'Ronaldo returning to Manchester United was a great mistake' - Fans react to Portugal attacker's behaviour

12:41 GMT+3 20/10/2022
Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United vs Omonia.
Supporters are divided regarding the 37-year-old's behavior after failing to be involved when the Red Devils silenced Spurs.

Manchester United's 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on Wednesday night was overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo's behaviour with four minutes to play.

Goals from Fred and Bruno Fernandes had all but confirmed a Premier League win at home but this wasn't enough to keep the 37-year-old Portugal international happy. Having been left on the bench up to that point, he stormed down the tunnel in the 90th minute.

His actions sparked a heated debate on social media; while some felt Ronaldo was right in his measure after being 'disrespected' by the Red Devils manager Erik ten Hag, others slammed him.

This season, the veteran forward has featured for Manchester United eight times in the Premier League and scored just once. Here are the reactions from the supporters.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Tottenham Premier League 19 10 2022

    Ronaldo is finished

    He [Ten Hag] should bench him for the rest of the season. How dare you disrespect the Dutch master like that? Ronaldo is finished - @Stewie.

  • Erik Ten Hag Manchester United

    Ten Hag is a bully

    Definitely not a fanboy but Ronaldo is not wrong in this case. You are still confusing two different scenarios here. When Ronaldo signed his 3 year contract their manager was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. ETH is just being a bully here, imagine telling a person of Ronaldo's stature to prove yourself - @TheMadridGuy14.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United bench 2022

    Why bench Ronaldo?

    Erik Ten needs Attention pls... [Why] on Earth will you bench Cristiano Ronaldo why.......Can somebody tell me the reasons ehh? I think I need to visit old Trafford myself - @Okereke Lawrence Akachukwu.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022-23

    Shameless to justify

    Ronaldo's fans trying so hard to justify his action last night might be the shameless thing I might've witnessed on [social media] - @Ashraf_Opeyemi.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Tottenham 2021-22

    Ronaldo deserves better

    Ronaldo has earned everything, he deserves better than just being an unused sub. I know exactly how he feels - @Bacchus

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 2022-23

    What else do you expect?

    Ronaldo is a man-child. What else do you expect? - @Tezzathekchen

  • Anthony Martial Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022-23

    Ten Hag does not fancy Ronaldo?

    Ten Hag asking him to warm up two times and only to bring [Anthony] Elanga on ahead of him is disrespectful enough for Ronaldo…. Clearly, he doesn’t like Ronaldo then why force him to stay in the last summer? - @Adebayo Gabriel.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 2022-23

    Ronaldo made a mistake

    But he kept using Bruno [Fernandes] and [Marcus] Rashford in every match even if they don't perform, [Harry] Maguire was the problem last season and Ronaldo kept complaining. He scored 18 league goals and yet they couldn't qualify for the UCL but all blame was Ronaldo. Coming back to Man United was a great mistake - @smthmkl1984.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Marcus Rashford Manchester United 2022-23

    Ronaldo does not deserve a start

    I'm not speaking for all united fans here, just myself. Ronaldo is my favourite player ever, but he hasn't been performing and we look better without him. I haven't turned on him I just don't think he deserves a start - @MrTailssss

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Let him leave

    I think United should just let Ronaldo leave in this next transfer window, it’s just harsh what’s going with him - @Cruz48660