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'Ronaldo a Manchester United menace, just like Pogba' - Reactions after Cristiano is dropped for Chelsea fixture

10:35 GMT+3 21/10/2022
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Tottenham Premier League 19 10 2022
The 37-year-old irked club manager Erik ten Hag after walking down the tunnel while the Red Devils were taking on Tottenham Hotspur

A cross-section of supporters across Africa have expressed mixed reactions after Manchester United confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo will not travel with the squad to face Chelsea on Saturday.

The club's statement came after the 37-year-old was caught leaving the pitch before the full-time whistle during their 2-0 Premier League victory against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

The Portuguese international was an unused sub during the fixture and his action saw manager Erik ten Hag take the decision to leave him out of the clash against the Blues at Stamford Bridge.

Fans have taken to social media to give their thoughts on the latest saga involving Ronaldo, with some comparing him to Paul Pogba, who left the club in June upon the expiry of his contract.

  • Paul Pogba Jose Mourinho Manchester United 2018

    Ronaldo like Pogba?

    Just like Pogba, he is a menace and a destabilising force in the dressing room. He should leave ASAP. Club is bigger than him. - Dairo Saheed Ololade

    The end is near just like it happened to Pogba, it’s even coming quickly than we envisage. Humility and selflessness is the key. - Vincent Brian

  • Cristiano Ronaldo warm-up Man United vs Tottenham 19102022

    Ronaldo full of arrogance

    Nobody is bigger than his employer, Ronaldo is full of arrogance that is why Lionel [Messi] is rated above him any time any day, is good to be humble no matter your status, your achievement, your riches, your popularity in life. - Barry J Akharia

    CR7 didn't do well with his attitude, it's disrespectful, he has been having game time and have been unproductive in the games he has played. He should realise he is 37 and have passed his prime and give room for the young stars. He can't be there forever. - Jude Nwogwu

  • ONLY GERMANY Erik ten Hag Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022

    Blame Ten Hag

    The condition is getting bad... I blame Erik ten Hag because Ronaldo wanted to go but he said he is important and you are playing a big player like CR7... I believe CR7 biggest regret in his football career is going back to Man United. - Xeph France Jnr

  • Lionel Messi PSG 2021/22

    Ronaldo not like Messi

    Erik Ten Hag knows what he is doing. He feels disrespected by Ronaldo when preseason was on. Ronaldo didn't show up. He asked for excuse to attend to family issues but never spoke to Ten Hag. Now Ten Hag is giving it to him back. I like Ronaldo but he disrespected Man United, fans and coaches. Coaches will be scared to sign him. Ronaldo is not humble and matured in handling issues. This is where Messi is better than him. He is not a boy anymore but a man. - Chizzy Faith

  • Erik Ten Hag Manchester United

    Ten Hag disrespecting Ronaldo

    How can the coach continue to put Ronaldo on the bench? The most disrespectful part was he tried to put him on in the 89th minute against Spurs. For what? We are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo here. He's not finished yet but the coach is treating him as if he is finished. He might be aged but still far better. So why treat him disrespectfully and always using preseason as an excuse. Ronaldo deserves more than he's getting from Manchester United. - Motolani Emmanuel

    Ronaldo wanted to leave, but Ten Hag blocked the exit. Now he's not playing him. Has he planned to humiliate CR7 by not allowing him to go? How on earth will he play him as a sub at 89 minutes? That was disrespectful enough. He can't destroy the reputation CR7 has built over the years. - 'Segun Tugbiyele

  • Casemiro Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022-23

    Ronaldo need to be calm

    I have absolute and tremendous respect for what CR7 has achieved in world football. Sometime in life, you face this kind of situation, CR7 need to be calm and manage this situation better. Age is no longer on his side and hasn’t been top notch this season. He should keep fighting to get into the team.

    He really doesn’t need this attitude. His reputation is at stake. You can’t really complain if the team is playing well without you. Casemiro started on the bench at the beginning but he has fought his way into starting XI. - Saibu Olarleykan

  • Erik ten Hag Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

    Ten Hag jealous of Ronaldo

    Man United and Ten Hag or whatever his name is just want to spoil Ronaldo's reputation, because he never achieved what Ronaldo has achieved in his playing career. He is so jealous of him. Let Ronaldo go and join another promising team. You will see another version of him. - Prince Owomide Michael Titilola

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Tottenham 2021-22

    Ronaldo move to Saudi Arabia?

    Ronaldo has passed his prime and this fact he refused to know. He can't be playing for ever. The days he can single handedly win a match is past. Let him realise this is the better for him and his club. If he wanted to be playing regular football he must move to America, China or the Saudi Arabia leagues which are less competitive. - Olubode Adesomoju

  • Manchester United Fans

    Ronaldo receives support

    The coach is very disrespectful. I personally supported CR7 for his action. Absolutely true, and if he don't need him in the team just let him go, don't forget he is on his way to sign for Man City but Sir Alex Ferguson and other club legends convince him to come back to Man United. He come to show his loyalty and respect for the club, he save the club several times last season, but now you are showing him disrespect and disloyalty, which kind of people are you🤚all support for CR7👑 - Islam Salah

    Some Man United fans are ungrateful. The biggest mistake he made was returning back to Man United, when he had better chance of joining Man City. Even Messi had low impact for PSG last season but he was not treated like this. You can't be keeping Ronaldo on the bench and expect him to be happy. Leaving the field before fulltime against Tottenham was the best way he could show his feeling. - Niyi Melody

  • Erik ten Hag

    Ten Hag good for Man United

    This is a good discipline and this is the kind of manager we need at Man United. He knows how to deal with anyone as [after the Spurs game], he said I will deal with that [Ronaldo walk out issue] tomorrow and today [Thursday] he keeps his words and take the action against disrespectful behavior thanks ETH. - Abba Ibrahim Muhammad

    Stand with the manager! Regardless of the situation, Ronaldo should always support his team mate as a role model and not storming down the tunnel. - Moki Arap Jefa

  • Anthony Martial Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022-23

    Ten Hag should let Ronaldo go

    Erik ten Hag should just let Ronaldo go but he fears that if another club in the Premier league buys Ronaldo then Ronaldo will be his worst nightmare and demolish Man United when facing them and that will demolish his career as a manager. - Tshepo Daniel Sibanyoni