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Mane: Socrates Award 'deflects Ballon d'Or snubbing', Senegal star's 'golden heart' - Fans and Bayern Munich react

11:36 GMT+3 18/10/2022
Sadio Mane of Senegal.
The 30-year-old Lion of Teranga was feted following his remarkable humanitarian work, but did he deserve more?

Bayern Munich forward Sadio Mane has been described by a cross-section of fans as "a man with a golden heart" after he became the first-ever recipient of the Socrates Award.

However, many African fans feel this award was created to deflect from the disappointment of not awarding Mane the Ballon d'Or.

The Socrates Award was given to the 30-year-old following the work he has already done in his home country Senegal. Part of his work in his hometown of Bambali saw him build a school worth €270,000, and put up a hospital worth €530,000.

Every month, he also gives family €70 for upkeep, provide free clothes to kids and access to the 4G network thanks to his partnership with Orange.

Apart from the Socrates award, Mane also finished second in the race to win the Ballon d'Or, which was won by Real Madrid's Karim Benzema. By finishing second, he became the second African after George Weah, who won it in 1995 to reach the podium.

Fans have taken to their social media pages to praise Mane and also express their frustration that an African has not won the Ballon d'Or.

  • Sadio Mane

    Golden heart

    A man with a golden heart, Sadio Mane. 🇸🇳❤️ - @FrankKhalidUK

    Thank you for your life Sadio, you truly an amazing human being, let alone the beast in football ⚽️ Every goal you score, represents your human decency and caring heart for humankind 💚🤍- @sellomatthews11

    That's nice, and he did it without crazy PR, he gives from his heart. - @senorbalde

    He is an amazing footballer with a kind heart ♥️ Young footballer should idealize him. - @tanmoykkumar

  • Sadio Mane

    Well deserved

    I love it, well deserved Mane... one the footballers i love no matter which team he plays for. - @ChidiRichard8

    He does so much for his home and any other player. He really deserves it. - @ONLY_ZiGGiE

    Well deserved no other one deserves it more. - @RajabGhandour

    Well deserved, great player and an even better human being. - @ErikTentPeg

    Well deserved, his humanitarian work speak for itself. Always making Africa proud. 🏆 - @CharlesEocansey

    Truly deserving he does more for his home country than any other player. - @Ultimate_Quincy

  • Sadio Mane of Senegal.

    The award is a deflection

    Not taking anything away from that award. That was just to deflect his snubbing on the main award he deserves after his achievements on the previous season. No black African player will win that award.

    Our best have failed to be recognised and this injustice will never stop. - FactCheck

  • Sadio Mane

    Mane is humble

    This guy is one of the simple and humble human in earth. God bless him. - @mytwits_fornon

    Sadio Mane has a golden heart despite being hardworking and a great soccer player so proud of you as an African guy 🙏. - @KawongoEric

  • Sadio Mane Senegal 2022

    Pride of Africa

    The pride of Africa ♥️♥️- @Usmanilias2

    Mane lad so humble, I’m sure he doesn’t care about the “awards” but he deserves it 👏👏👏🔴YNWA🔥💪💪 - @purple991166

    Congrats Sadio Mane, you are a true son of the soil, may Almighty Allah keep blessing and elevating you, you are worthy of emulation, blessed is the hands that give than the hand that take, respect boss, love all the way from Nigeria. - @Delaw74692428

  • Sadio Mane Edouard Mendy Senegal 2022

    Mane lays solid plan

    Sadio Mane has laid solid master plan for players especially African players who are known to be stingy and do not care about where they are coming from. He has been able to prove that you can make money and help without your money getting finished. - @Myxtique_

    All the rest footballers at the ceremony look at him with disdain, I reckon. They feel guilty deep down for being millionaires and not fulfill any social duty. - @podavus

  • 20221017 Karim Benzema

    Mane deserved Ballon d'Or

    Mane deserved the Ballon d'Or…he won Afcon 22 and African Player Of The Year Award. The Ballon d'Or is biased… it must be hard for an African player at Europe😩💔 - @Barrymore01

    He was the genuine Ballon d'Or winner honestly... He was robbed and hopeful you all know why - @atwoli_n

  • Sadio Mane Afrika-Cup Senegal

    Africa's number one

    Africa here we bring something. Mane is Africa number 1💪💪 - @ryans_simond

  •  Sadio Mane of Senegal and Bayern Munich of Germany.

    Mane outfit lauded

    Sadio Mane rocking an African outfit to the Ballon d'Or ceremony is the highlight for me; There's nothing wrong in wearing suit but I love the way he choose represent Africans by styling on native.

    We need more players like him, people who make a statement with their acts. King! - @DanielRegha

    Sadio Mane wearing the African attire to Ballon d’or is the best thing you'll seen in a long time. He makes makes Africa proud. 😍 - @KateregaUthman

    Sadio Mane is very cultured. Representing who you are makes you very unique and distinct.🖤- @MukehMukeh2

  • Sadio Mane Bayern Munich 2022-23

    Muller and Bayern praise Mane

    👏 A big respect for all your social activities 👍🏼 #BallonDor #sadiomane #esmuellert. - @esmuellert_

    🏆 Winner of the first ever Socrates Award 🏅 Second place in the #BallonDor voting

    We're proud of you, Sadio! 🇸🇳 - @FCBayernEN

  • Sadio Mane Liverpool 2021-22

    Mane deserves better

    Sadio Mane deserves better than Socrates award!!! 😒😒😒 Mane is the best plus I just wish he was still in EPL. - @Engineer_Fabish

  • Sadio Mane Bayern Munich 2022-23

    Mane for president?

    I see Sadio Mane, becoming the president of Senegal on near future. - @JaxonBilly1