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'France better without Benzema and Giroud should start' - Fans ahead of Argentina World Cup final

10:24 GMT+3 17/12/2022
Karim Benzema France 2022
The 34-year-old was reportedly available to face La Albiceleste but fans in Africa are against the idea insisting Les Bleus can win without him

Supporters in Africa were left divided with reports Karim Benzema could play for France in the 2022 Fifa World Cup final against Argentina on Sunday.

The 34-year-old Ballon d'Or winner has not featured for Les Bleus at the World Cup after he was withdrawn from the squad ahead of tournament kick-off because of a thigh injury but he was never replaced.

On Thursday, reports emerged Benzema will be available for the final but coach Didier Deschamps gave a cryptic response on Friday when asked if Benzema could feature.

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The 54-year-old Deschamps replied "next question" and Benzema later went onto his Instagram page and wrote, "I'm not interested."

This has sparked debate in Africa with fans calling on Deschamps to stick with his team while another section opined Benzema deserves a bench role.

  • Karim Benzema France 2022 World HIC 16:9

    France can do without Benzema

    France is better without Benzema. - Emenike C Uchenna

    I'm happy France proceeded to the finals... Benzema posted Ronaldo 9, Giroud proving himself... France is better without Karim. - Frankie Riley Mully

    If Benzema accepts to play in the final, he is very cheaper. - Ketor Y. Felix

    Featuring him in this final game will surely polarise the team. They have done so very well without him. Let them complete the job without him. - Callistus Cally Bunke Nwabuikwu

    Let the players who started finish their job...🙁 Please stay out of it... don't bring your bad luck to that excellent team. - Frank O Poundz

  • Deschamps World Cup 2022 France

    Deschamps hates Benzema?

    Benzema is not allowed to play under Didier Deschamps. - Osomafo Kojo Chancellor

    It's common knowledge that Deschamps hates KB. His injury was exacerbated to rule him out of the tournament. NTL he's the best player in the world at the moment. - Tim Tim

  • Olivier Giroud France World Cup 10122022

    Giroud is in good form and should start

    If he starts ahead of Giroud I hope they lose, Giroud has a good run and the attacking fluidity has been built around Giroud's logic these few matches, don't disrespect your man. - Solomon Kenneth Ona

    He is part of the squad... Giroud is in good form he is going to start... if the need arises Deschamps will unleash Benzema. - Eddie Bangura

    Benzema is still a part of the squad since he was registered by the French team. I think he should be allowed to come, but Giroud should start the final. - Joshua Ose Emionwele

    People, when they talk about Benzema, it becomes boring because France won the previous World Cup with Giroud who is underrated as a top striker in the French team. Benzema is a good player but let's respect Giroud as the all-time top goal scorer of the French team. - Owen Budaza

  • Deschamps Benzema France-Kzakhstan 2021

    Benzema should not play

    Benzema should not use the World Cup final to check whether he is fit. - Kekeli Koblah Farcor

    He's more mature so definitely, he won't be playing on Sunday✌ - Dimeji Abdul

    Let him leave Benzema alone. The team has been doing good without him since the 2018 World Cup. He might come with bad luck. - Clinton Walter Nmagu

  • Karim Benzema Real Madrid

    Benzema deserves a bench role

    Let him come, sit on the bench, give the boys moral support and collect his gold medal 🏅🥇 - Obarieru Isaac Osiobe

    Big Benzo will bring more hype to the already flying squad so they should let him be even if he comes as a sub for Giroud. - Mbongeni Dube

    Benzema should be recalled, Messi fans will not want France to recall him. Benzema may be on the bench and come in later in the match. Likolo Olufemi

    Deserves to be back in the squad. Leave him on the bench - you never know what would happen in the finals. - Vincent Brian

  • France training World Cup 2022

    France will lose if Benzema plays

    Will most definitely lose if they play him on Sunday. The balance of the team is much better without him. Argentina struggles against crosses which Giroud likes!!!! - Prince Limekaya

  • 20221211 Antoine Griezmann

    Allow Giroud, Griezmann to finish job

    No... he has not contributed anything meaningful since he came back after his exile, let the guys, Giroud, and Griezmann complete the job for Les Bleus. - Benedict Nwabuzor

    Olivier Giroud is doing absolutely fine even in the 2018 World Cup without scoring a single goal he played a vital role in helping France become champions. Benzema should stay at home and nurse his injury, the team is doing fine. - Luter Gerard

  • Lionel Messi Julian Alvarez Argentina 2022 World Cup

    Tactics to confuse Argentina

    Just a tactic to confuse Argentina... It's not like he was awaiting medical clearance and stuff... The guy was declared fit from the day he arrived back at Madrid but was just being sidelined by his national team🤷🏾‍♂️ - Prince Cavin Snr

  • Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid 2021

    Benzema would play if Zidane was the coach

    He would be in France's team if Zinedine Zidane was the Coach 😁 - Rifa Hamdani

  • Argentina celebrate Croatia World Cup 2022

    Benzema is a professional, and knows Argentina will win

    He doesn’t want to go there and create any confusion for the team... They did it without him so they should finish without him...Karim is a professional footballer and his understanding of the game is unmatchable. - Sefa Edward

    Hmnnnnn he knows they can not win the game. The trophy is for Argentina. - Adeleke Lukmon Adeniyi

    France's team are not in one spirit. They will lose. Argentina and Messi time. - Adams Samuel