Even with 50-year preparation, Nigeria can't win World Cup - Fans respond to Motsepe 'overrating' Super Eagles

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Fans have reacted to the statement made by the Caf head that the Super Eagles can win the World Cup.

Caf President Dr. Patrice Motsepe exuded confidence Nigeria has what it takes not to only make it to the World Cup final but win it.

The Super Eagles missed out on the just concluded global competition in Qatar after falling to Ghana in the playoffs.

Furthermore, despite qualifying for the World Cup six times previously, Nigeria have never gone past the Round of 16 and to some fans, it was absurd Motsepe could think of them winning the trophy.

Here are their reactions.

  1. Nigeria can't win World Cup

    Nigeria can't win World Cup

    I don’t think Nigeria can win the World Cup even if they do 50 years of preparation - Game

  2. Nigeria can't even qualify

    Nigeria can't even qualify

    But Motsepe didn't mention in which sport, those ones [Nigeria] can't even qualify - Stanley Ziwele

  3. Motsepe mocking Nigeria?

    Motsepe mocking Nigeria?

    The poor thing is that Nigeria was not in the World Cup, but this man is trying to mock the most successful African team in the World Cup history - Kirubel Feleke

  4. 1994 squad could win it
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    1994 squad could win it

    As for the current squad, it's a no for me. The 1994 squad had the capacity to win the World Cup. Actually, that squad owes the entire African continent an apology. With love from Zambia - Zulu Simon

  5. They will meet Ghana

    They will meet Ghana

    Surely then they will meet Ghana in their final game - Nana Cwesi Kagame

  6. Motsepe reminding Nigeria of Ghana pain?

    Motsepe reminding Nigeria of Ghana pain?

    I am sure you're not referring to the Super Eagles of Nigeria Mr. Motsepe. Don't remind us of our forgotten pains in the hands of Ghana I beg you - Joseph Okafor

  7. Talents denied opportunity?
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    Talents denied opportunity?

    Nigeria have the talents to possibly compete for the World Cup, but lack of opportunities and corruption will never let those talents have the chance to even become professional footballers - Ifeatu Song Anazodo

  8. Home-based players should be given a chance

    Home-based players should be given a chance

    Absolutely true, but it may be possible with 80% home base players playing - Adekola James Tobi

  9. Motsepe a comedian?

    Motsepe a comedian?

  10. Nigeria should first win Afcon

    Nigeria should first win Afcon

    Let them win the Afcon first before this blabbing about winning the world cup. World cup isn't for unprepared teams and nations, and Mr. Caf President pls stop insulting the best African nation ever in world cup history - Fidelis Njoku