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'World Cup has brought people together' - David Beckham hails 'never seen before' atmosphere in Qatar

14:14 EAT 18/12/2022
David Beckham
David Beckham hails 2022 FIFA World Cup's 'never seen before atmosphere' and terms his favourite aspect of the marquee event 'seeing people together'.
  • Lauds incredible atmosphere
  • Thinks the quality of football has been better
  • Picks best goal of the tournament

WHAT HAPPENED? The former England international has been stunned by the atmosphere in Qatar. Beckham has played in three FIFA World Cups but admits that he has never experienced this excitement before in any edition.

WHAT THEY SAID: "To see the fans come together, the teams come together. The level of football that’s been played, the excitement and it’s a real family atmosphere in Qatar, since day one, it’s been incredible. We have all talked about the surprises and the shocks, the performances, the disappointments that have gone on throughout this World Cup on the field have been a real talking point

"I have played in three World Cups and I have been part of other World Cups as a fan, and I have never seen an atmosphere like this before. I think, it says a lot when you see the amount of families that are here, they are enjoying the tournament and that has been an incredible thing to see. It’s what the game should be about. My favourite thing of this World Cup is seeing people together, he added.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: There were many questions raised about the World Cup being held in the winter window for the first time ever in its history but Beckham feels that the timing has only helped the players perform better. "I think, for me personally, yes, the level of play has been incredible. I said this at the start of the tournament, before the tournament started, I always said that a World Cup at this point in the season for players. People said is it ideal, is it not ideal. I always was a supporter of it because I feel that past World Cups I have been part of, I have gone from a long gruelling season into a World Cup. And, of course you have some kind of exhaustion- mentally and physically.

"I knew that these players coming into the World Cup, once they are into it, then the fitness levels and the energy was gonna be a lot higher. And the level of the games is gonna be higher, and that’s proved right. So, I think the level of the play is been incredible," he opined.

IMPACT OF BEING A COMPACT WORLD CUP: "As a fan, I’m not sure there’s gonna be another World Cup where you can go and watch 2,3,4 games in one day. I don’t think that’s ever gonna be possible again, but it’s been a privilege to be part of that. A privilege as a football fan to be able to go to so many games in one day and see the excitement and see the fun that families and people have been having here is incredible."


WHAT NEXT? France and Argentina will lock horns in the FIFA World Cup final on December 18 at the Lusial Iconic Stadium.