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World Cup 2022: Predict and win with TrueWin

09:00 EAT 20/11/2022
The excitement among fans is at a fever pitch, so why not double the fun with a host of thrilling games when you play with TrueWin?

With the World Cup 2022 starting today, fans await the opening ceremony of what will be the biggest spectacle the world will witness this year, along with the kick-off of the inaugural game between hosts Qatar and Ecuador.

With all the top teams set to delight fans from all over the world, cheering for your favourite team has got to be a routine for billions of fans, and who are we to disagree?

So, which is your favourite team? And what are your predictions for the World Cup?

What sort of rewards await fans?

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Follow your team and win rewards

The online gaming platform is all set to delight its customers with its exciting line of unmissable games. You can access the newly-launched limited time offers through the official TrueWin website and apps, where you can predict the best chances to win it all. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your favourite team playing matches live on the app and maximise your chances of winning some instant rewards.

One-of-a-kind gaming platform

TrueWin is offering a whole network of online games and it opens a world of opportunity with one-of-a-kind theme-based games. It has stepped up its platform to offer an opportunity to play, win, and enjoy throughout the season. TrueWin has acquired millions of players owing to its mix of enthralling deals and rewards users every minute with its extensive promotions and offers.

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