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Safa boss Jordaan sparks outburst from fans as Bafana's hopes are dashed

18:37 EAT 03/12/2021
SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan
The Safa boss had some controversial comments to make ahead of Fifa's big decision regarding Ghana and South Africa on Friday

In a saga that has generated much controversy over the past weeks, Safa boss Danny Jordaan has taken another swipe at Ghana, prompting a hefty backlash from GOAL Africa readers.

Amid claims of match-fixing from Senegalese referee, Maguette Ndiay, the Black Stars and Bafana have since been at each other’s throats, with a tussle of words quickly becoming the order of the day.

Ultimately, Bafana's protests appear to have come to naught, with Fifa announcing on Friday that the match will not be replayed.

The decision comes in the aftermath of some controversial comments from Jordaan, with African fans weighing in on his latest comments.

“You cannot be schooled by a primary school teacher if you are a university professor,” Jordaan told Marawa Sports Worldwide as per iDiski Times, in comments that predictably enraged Ghanaians.

“We have delivered a World Cup, it was voted the best ever World Cup on the African continent," he added. "We cannot be schooled by people who are just in their first year in administration and so we kept quiet."

‘A professor can’t be schooled by a primary school teacher’

South Africa remain the only African side to have hosted the World Cup, something Jordan was quick to point out in his latest comments, but was that statement really necessary?

Many fans suggest not...

One GOAL Africa fan said: “When you hosted the WC was it not Ghana that saved your bruises? You couldn't even go past the group stages. By the way, the Ghana Football Association Kurt Okraku leads is older than South Africa.”

Echoing the above sentiments, another reader did not hold back, while also making some solid points.

“Is this man dumb or what? Who told him that the fact that you organize a World Cup means you’re automatically a football giant…did you play any qualifiers prior to the 2010 World Cup?" they wrote.

"Like you won’t even qualify. So Qatar hosting the World Cup automatically makes them a football giant? Even with the top ten African giants in football, South Africa is never [among them]”.

In six words, one Ghanaian fan hit back subtly at the Safa boss.

“This isn't rugby, this is football...”

It was perhaps too optimistic, but another Ghanaian fan made a claim that had eyes rolling.

He said: “Ghana has qualified and we are going to win the World Cup this time, SA should chill.”

Amidst all the back and forth, there were calls for peace as well.

One fan pleaded: “This is not the good way of handling the case, we are all African Brothers please”

Many had called for a replay of the matchm and one fan already knows what the outcome would be.

“We can do a repeat of the match and I am sure the Black Stars would still win," they wrote on the GOAL Africa Facebook page. "I love SA but it is the England of Africa...Many resources but no output on the field..”

A Nigerian joined the debate as well and made sure to take sides.

One Super Eagles supporter said: “I’m a Nigerian but South Africa should back out...even their best player can't make Brighton's 1st XI so they should go and blow vuvuzela trumpet for us that's all!”