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Conte: Only winning 'drug' can take Spurs to the next level

13:48 EAT 07/05/2022
Antonio Conte Tottenham 2021-22
The north London club slipped up against Brighton and Brentford last month and the manager admits the pressure may have affected his players

Antonio Conte believes Tottenham need to get addicted to the "drug" of winning to develop the mentality they need to win trophies.

Spurs' hopes of finishing the top four of the Premier League took a hit last month when they lost to Brighton and drew with Brentford.

They now sit fifth in the table and two points behind Arsenal, putting them in danger of missing out on a place in next season's Champions League.

What has Conte said about Tottenham's mentality?

The Italian coach believes the pressure got to his players in their recent slip ups but believes their mentality is improving.

“It can happen in one or two games in a row, and you can struggle. This can happen for many reasons. Maybe sometimes the pressure has started to become stronger," Conte told reporters.

“And you need to start to get used to this type of pressure because before the two games against Brighton and Brentford we were behind the others. Then we got into the third and fourth places and we tried to defend that position.

“But I think this team and this group of players are improving with every aspect, including to manage the pressure.

“In my opinion, you gain the winning mentality and you become a winner in the moment that you start to win.

“A lot of people speak about, 'winning mentality, winning mentality', but you only start to get the winning mentality when you start to win.

“Because when you start to win you understand that the work that you did brought this result. When you start to win, winning becomes a drug for you and you want to repeat it. You want to have this fantastic moment, to celebrate, to feel in this moment that you are the best.

“In the same moment this makes you stronger because when you win it means you are the best. When you know that you are the best, you feel your belief starting to rise. This is important, because when you are a winner and you start the game, you know that at the end, sooner or later, you are going to win the game.”

What next for Tottenham?

Spurs have a difficult test ahead of them on Saturday as they take on Premier League title challengers Liverpool at Anfield.

They will then face their north London and top-four rivals Arsenal in a derby match on Thursday.

Conte's team will then finish the season with matches against Burnley and Norwich.

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