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27 of the best gifts for Manchester City fans in 2022

14:01 EAT 18/01/2022
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Looking for the perfect gift for the Citizen in your life? From pop-its to retro gear, here are the top options currently available
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Knowing someone who's a football fan is a blessing, as there are tonnes of gift options related to the sport just waiting to be given. However, when there is so much out there, trawling through the internet for the perfect gift can feel like a sport in itself.  

Being a Manchester City fan can be tough. Sure they won the Premier League, reached the finals of both the Champions League and FA Cup and provided a squad full of superstars to varying Euro 2020 sides. Ok, so it’s really not that tough.

Still, fans of a certain age will remember the pre-glory days and keep expecting to wake up from this wonderful dream - those fans who remember when being a City fan was a niche, and that victory came but once in a Blue Moon.

Nowadays, there are books for unlocking the genius of Pep Guardiola, Grealish-covered mugs for fans of City’s star signing, and gnomes for those who take just as much pride in their garden as the groundsmen at Etihad Stadium. 

So whether you’re looking for a Christmas present for your dad, a birthday gift for your son or daughter, or maybe even a treat for yourself, here are the 27 best gifts currently available for Manchester City fans.

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£10.00 or under

1. Official Manchester City 2022 wall calendar (A3 sized)

This official Manchester City wall calendar for 2022 is perfect for those who like staying organised, or perhaps for somebody you think might need extra hints to remember special occasions? 

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

2. City of Manchester metal street sign

Manchester City fans will love this metal street sign that can be easily affixed to a wall. It’s a big step up from a blue-tac cornered poster and a cool way of showing appreciation for your football club.

Get it from Amazon for £8.70

3. Manchester City retro gym bag

This retro gym bag is perfect for toting PE and gym kits alike around school and the office. This drawstring bag is a definite update from the humble carrier bag.

Get it from FOCO for £9.00

4. Mastering the Premier League: The Tactical Concepts behind Pep Guardiola's Manchester City by Lee Scott

This book studies Guardiola's unique methods for creating a title-winning team. The perfect gift for those who love discussing football tactics over dinner or simply anyone who admires the Manchester City mastermind. 

Get it from Amazon for £9.09

5. Manchester City bathtime duck

Make bathtime a little bit more City with this fun rubber duck. Equally enjoyable for kids in a bubble bath or as a floating companion during a grown-up soak. Plus, at £6.00, it’s a great shout for a Secret Santa gift for a City fan.

Get it from FOCO for £6.00

6. Don't Look Back In Anger: The Manchester City Fans' Story by Don Price and Sean Riley

This down to earth book is a must for those loyal Manchester City fans who were there before Premier League success. It’s full of stories and anecdotes from those who remember being the butt of the joke before dominating English football.

Get it from Amazon for £8.15

7. Manchester City colouring book

Colouring books aren’t just for kids, although any City mad child would love the intricacies of this and colouring in the blank spaces on their favourite players. Colouring books make the perfect gift for those grown-ups who need to relax.

Get it from Amazon for £5.09

8. Manchester City Jack Grealish / number 1 dad / number 1 fan mug

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned mug. Perfect for all lovers of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, these gifts express your love, pride and fan status in a simple yet effective way.

Get it from FOCO for £10.00 (Grealish), £12.50 (number 1 dad) and £10.00 (number 1 fan)

9. Manchester City octagon and heart push-itz fidget

The latest craze in fidget toys are pop-its, which replicate that ultra-satisfying feeling of popping bubble wrap, and the dimples push right back to the other side to start again.

They’re great for kids who need a little extra help focusing, and these Push-Itz have the classic Manchester City logo printed on them.

Get them from FOCO for £10.00

£25.00 or under 

10. Manchester City dimpled beer tankard

Raise a glass to Manchester City to celebrate (or commiserate) with this stylish dimpled tankard. Whether they win or lose, show your support with this glass. Trying to drink more water for January? This will also do nicely.

Get them from FOCO for £13.00

11. Manchester City freezer tankard

This Manchester City tankard goes in the freezer to ensure that beers and other cold drinks are icy cold after a long day at work. Perfect on matchdays for those who’ve swapped Etihad Stadium for the sofa.

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

12. Official Manchester City premier league winners scarf

If you’d like to buy a Manchester City fan a piece of clothing, a football scarf is a great, one-size-fits-all accessory. Perfect for keeping warm on chilly match days.

Get it from FOCO for £15.00

13. Manchester City - 50 Memorable Matches by Stuart Brodkin

If you’re looking for a hot off the press Manchester City book that they won’t have yet, this book is available for pre-order. It is a rollercoaster ride series of match accounts ranging from the mid-50s to 2021’s Champion’s League final, which will spark many memories.

Get it from Amazon for £10.35

14. Manchester City retro metal water bottle, 500ml

This official Manchester City aluminium water bottle is perfect for eco-conscious people. We as a society are using less single-use plastic, and a great way to do that is by investing in a reusable bottle. The metal keeps your water super cold all day, and this one has a design that looks like City’s home shirts in the '90s.

Get it from FOCO for £15.00

15. Manchester City face coverings (3 pack)

This pack of Manchester City face coverings that celebrate being Premier League champions is great for those who like to show personality on their masks.

Get them from FOCO for £10.00

16. Manchester City no touch keyring (3 pack)

Know someone who hates touching things like elevator buttons or punching in their pin at ATMs? These nifty “no-touch” keyrings are designed to do all the nasty work for you, so you can press the button at traffic lights without immediately whacking out the hand gel.

Get them from FOCO for £15.00

17. Manchester City paint splatter egg cups (2 pack)

These ceramic stoneware egg cups make having a hearty breakfast on match day an eggcellent choice. They have been dipped in City’s blues, have a cool paint-splattered design and make an excellent gift for any age.

Get them from FOCO for £12.00

18. Manchester City “Keep off the pitch” gnome

This quirky hand-painted Manchester City gnome next to a sign that says “keep off the pitch” is a lovely gift for those fans who are proud of their garden.

Get it from FOCO for £20.00

19. Manchester City BRXLZ logo

This Manchester City BRXLZ logo kit is a lovely gift for those who like to display quirky merchandise in their house. Kids and adults alike will have fun assembling all the brick pieces to make up a pixelated version of the retro City crest. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a small and simple design - it’s made up of 1,663 pieces!

Get it from FOCO for £25.00

20. Manchester City FC PS5 Controller Skin

Support your team while mashing the buttons in FIFA this season. This nifty blue Manchester City controller skin comes for the Playstation 5, allowing you to show your club love while netting your own world-class finishes in the virtual world.

Get it from the Manchester City store for £16.00

No budget

21. Manchester City luxury fleece blanket

This super-soft Sherpa backed fleece blanket is ultra-cosy for those who like to snuggle up on the sofa to watch the footie. Big enough to almost cover a double bed, it’s perfect for keeping extra warm this winter.

Get it from Amazon for £32.00

22. Puma 93:20 Manchester City sweatshirt

The 93:20 on the front of this sweatshirt is the time that Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal crossed the line to bag City their first Premier League trophy. This gift is perfect for those who still get goosebumps when they imagine Martin Tyler shouting “Agueroooo!”

Get it from Puma for £33.00

23. Puma Manchester City Madchester graphic shirt

This flagship t-shirt from the Madchester range of shirts that even Pep Guardiola wears on the touchline features a warped City badge to pay homage to the Hacienda and other iconic Manchester monuments that defined a generation.

Get it from the club shop for £25.00

24. Score Draw Manchester City 1992 home retro shirt

Life as a City fan can be tough. Outsiders constantly accuse you of being a “glory hunter” amongst the ongoing raging success. Whether you were there for those pre-glory days when Peter Reid was player-manager or not, this retro shirt does all the talking for you. A perfect gift for those who love nostalgia and retro fashion.

Get it from JD Sports for £35.00

25. Manchester City newspaper headlines football book

This A3 sized book is filled with full-colour newspaper pages heralding Manchester City’s most iconic moments dating over 100 years. It makes for a thoughtful gift that can be personalised with a nice label on the inside page at a later date.

Get it from Amazon for £39.99

26. Manchester City light-up Christmas sweater

This Manchester City-themed festive knitted jumper lights up to show the crowd spreading cheer. As gaudy Christmas jumpers go, this one is actually quite stylish. Plus, they make a junior festive jumper which is great if you’d like to coordinate.

Get it from FOCO for £50.00

27. Manchester City Etihad BRXLZ Stadium

This BRXLZ mini version of the Etihad will keep Manchester City fans young and old occupied for hours fitting together all the puzzle pieces. There are approximately 4,433 pieces included, which create a lovely and quirky Manchester City memento when put together.

Get it from FOCO for £60.00

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