Aston Villa boss Gerrard a fan of Netflix show Top Boy as he reveals his favourite TV programmes

20:14 EAT 15/04/2022
Steven Gerrard Aston Villa 2021-22
In a recent interview with Gary Neville, the former Liverpool star reveals Top Boy has become his go-to programme

Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard has revealed that Netflix's hit series 'Top Boy' is his go-to show to watch in his downtime.

The former Liverpool captain also explained that he is "fascinated" with the crime genre in general, consuming books and documentaries on the topic.

Gerrard outlined his viewing habits in an interview with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville on the Sky Sports programme, The Overlap.

What did Steven Gerrard say about Top Boy?

When asked to name his favourite film, Gerrard indicated that he preferred box sets of television series.

"I’m not a movie man, [I'm] more of a box set person. I’m on Top Boy at the moment," Gerrard said.

"It’s probably not your vibe Gary. [It's about] something going on in London, a load of crime and kids getting up to no good on the streets."

The Villa boss continued: "I’m actually fascinated by crime programmes. I've read a few crime books, watched a few crime documentaries.

"I don’t know where it’s come from, it’s only recently, I’ve been fascinated by it."

What is Steven Gerrard's favourite TV programme?

Interestingly, however, Gerrard's favourite TV programme is a comedy: the Ricky Gervais show The Office.

"I love [The Office]. I'm still watching it now," said the former Rangers boss. "I go back and watch it when I'm in a bad mood or I need to take my mind off results, I go right to The Office - Brent, I love him. Huge fan!"

What is Top Boy?

Top Boy is a British crime drama series that can be streamed on Netflix.

Initially broadcast by Channel 4, Top Boy first hit screens in 2011, running for two seasons before concluding 2013. It was subsequently revived by Canadian rapper Drake, who bough the rights in collaboration with Netflix.

Created by Ronan Bennett, the programme is set in the London borough of Hackney and stars Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson.

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