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'The last thing I want to do is watch more football' - Arsenal defender Ben White admits he does not have many World Cup memories

11:51 EAT 20/11/2022
Ben White England 2022-23
Ben White has revealed that he never watched football on TV as a child and does not have many fond World Cup memories.
  • White doesn't watch football
  • Never interested as a child
  • Has few World Cup memories

WHAT HAPPENED? Recalling his younger years, the Arsenal defender suggested that while he kept himself busy otherwise, he never watched football on television. He also said that even now being a professional footballer he does not enjoy watching a full 90-minute game.

WHAT THEY SAID: Speaking to the Independent, White said: "In the summer I used to ride down to the beach in Bournemouth and watch it on a big screen, but normally I’m not watching football in the week. I don’t know what it is – I didn’t grow up watching it, in my house it wasn’t on.

"Everyone is (watching) it, aren’t they? But I was always so active, it is the same now. I always get asked what I do after football – I don’t really do much but I am always busy. So sitting down and watching a 90-minute game after I’ve trained all day and had four or five meetings about football? The last thing I want to do is watch more football."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Pushed on whether he had a cherished World Cup memory, White added: "None that stick out. Obviously the disappointments and I remember Eric (Dier’s) penalty against Colombia (in 2018) and the feeling when that went in. (The World Cup) just wasn’t on in my house."


WHAT NEXT? White will be in England's matchday squad on November 21 as the Three Lions take on Iran in their World Cup opener.