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90' + 9'
Red Card
M. Ugarte
Yellow Card
R. Bentancur
I. Perišić
1 - 1
C. Romero
Yellow Card
M. Edwards
0 - 1

Match Stats

58% 41%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 4
Total Passes 550 406
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8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Next up, Tottenham travel to Bournemouth in the Premier League, with Sporting away at Arouca in the Primeira Liga.
Tottenham must wait to confirm their position in the knockout round of the Champions League after a late goal from Kane was disallowed through VAR. Despite being on the receiving end of a late onslaught, it was Sporting who took the lead. Edwards, formerly of Tottenham, dribbled the ball from the halfway line to the edge of the box before firing it into the bottom corner. Conte’s side created an xG of just 0.09 in the first half but were much better in the second. Adan denied Dier’s spinning volley and Son on two occasions before the visitors had an opportunity to double their advantage. Substitute Issahaku had a one-on-one chance with Lloris but was denied by the Frenchman before missing the target from close range. The Portuguese outfit were punished for squandering the opportunity, with Bentancur equalising after connecting with Perisic's corner. The comeback looked to have been complete when Kane converted Emerson’s knockdown in the final minute of added time, but VAR intervened. After an agonising three-minute wait, the goal was ruled out, with the striker in an offside position.
90' + 8' NO GOAL! The score remains level. Emerson was onside but Kane was marginally offside. The check went on for three minutes before the goal was disallowed with Conte sent off.
90' + 5' GOAL?! KANE LOOKS TO HAVE WON IT! BUT VAR IS HAVING A LOOK! Kane finds the net in the final few seconds. On the left, Perisic moves the ball onto his right foot before curling the ball into the box. Emerson keeps the opportunity alive with Kane poking the ball into the net. There is a VAR check going on. Kane may have been in an offside position.
90' + 4' Ugarte gives the ball to Porro on the edge who lashes it over.
90' + 2' Another opportunity for Tottenham. Bentancur wins the ball back in the Sporting half and feeds it to Son. He shifts it onto his left foot before his rasping effort is pushed wide. Gil takes the rebound away from Bentancur who was about to shoot before passing it back to the midfielder. In the box, he fires it over.
90' Issahaku unleashes a bouncing shot from the edge that is pushed wide by Lloris. It will be an end-to-end finish to this match.
89' WIDE! Massive opportunity for Tottenham. Son squares the ball to Dier who puts it past the post from close range.
89' Kane has scored 21 goals in 28 appearances for Spurs in the Champions League. If he finds the net in this game, he will move into the outright top five English scorers in the competition’s history, overtaking Steven Gerrard (21). A goal today would see his side qualify for the knockout stage.
87' Emerson is apologetic. He looks away before passing the ball to Gil with the ball rolling out for a goal-kick.
86' Gil cuts the ball onto his left foot, swinging a cross from the right into the gloves of Adan. Before, Kane had the ball in the box but Sporting players got around him to crowd him out.
84' What a cross from Son. Dier gets a touch on it, taking it off the foot of Bentancur who was sliding in.
M. Ugarte
Yellow Card
83' Ugarte gets a yellow card after bringing down Gil who was bursting forward.
Lucas Moura
81' Substitution for Tottenham at wing-back. Moura is replaced by Emerson.
C. Lenglet
B. Davies
81' Change in the Tottenham defence. Davies is replaced by Lenglet.
I. Perišić
80' Perisic's corner is inviting, with Bentancur doing well to jump higher than the goalkeeper. That's his second assist in the Champions League this season.
R. Bentancur
80' GOAALLLL! TOTTENHAM SCORE FROM A CORNER! 1-1! Bentancur latches onto Perisic’s corner, jumping above Adan to direct the ball into the net. The goalkeeper believes that he is fouled but the goal is given.
77' Nazinho goes close again and should score. The 19-year-old directs the ball just wide of the post after Lloris parried Porro's shot. The goalkeeper was on the floor and would not have saved the attempt if it was on target.
76' SAVE! Lloris does well to deny Sporting a second. Gomes feeds the ball to Nazinho with the two substitutes combining. One-on-one, the French goalkeeper pushes the ball wide.
J. St. Juste
75' Final substitution for Sporting. Fernandes is replaced by St. Juste.
74' OVER! Tottenham are getting closer and closer. From the resulting corner, Dier heads the ball just over, with it grazing the top of the net.
73' Perisic launches the ball across the box again, this time finding Moura. He looks to keep the ball on the pitch with Adan flicking the ball behind.
72' Romero feeds the ball through to Son who is on the edge of the box. He looks to spin and get a shot away but is crowded out by three Sporting players.
Bryan Gil
M. Doherty
71' Substitution for Tottenham. Doherty is replaced by Gil. Moura moves into right wing-back.
I. Fatawu
M. Edwards
71' Edwards, who gave Sporting the lead, is substituted. Fatawu replaces him.
Arthur Gomes
71' Substitution for Sporting. Trincao is replaced by Gomes who scored in the last match against Tottenham.
69' SAVE! The wing-backs combine with a looping cross from Perisic finding Doherty. The former Wolves man takes one touch before his fierce attempt is pushed wide by Adan who gets down low.
C. Romero
Yellow Card
67' Players come together with Romero flying into Paulinho. The Sporting players are unhappy with the manner of the challenge. The Tottenham man gets a yellow card. It is slightly harsh, with Romero winning the ball.
65' Sporting are managing the ball well after a period of Tottenham dominance. They are looking to swing the momentum into their favour.
63' Son goes down under the challenge of Inacio inside the box. The defender nudges into the Tottenham man who wants a penalty, but referee Danny Makkelie is not having any of it. The game continues.
Flávio Nazinho
Nuno Santos
61' Substitution for Sporting. Santos is replaced by Nazinho.
Mateus Fernandes
H. Morita
61' Substitution for Sporting. Morita is replaced by Fernandes.
59' Moura cuts inside from the right and moves into the box. He rushes forward and drags the ball across the box, but it goes out for a goal-kick. It looked like a shot.
58' Moura looks to beat Santos on the left but is tackled. The ball comes back to the Brazilian who is dispossessed for the second time.
57' Son curls a cross into the box, but it is too close to the goalkeeper with Adan punching it out for a throw-in.
56' At the other end of the pitch, Trincao lashes the ball over the bar from inside the box.
55' SAVE! Tottenham have looked better after their earlier chance. Kane and Son combine with a one-two outside the box before the latter fires a powerful shot against the gloves of Adan who gets low to push it wide.
52' Multiple shots from Tottenham in a matter of seconds. A turning volley from Dier is pushed away by Adan after Bentancur's deflected cross comes to him. Looking to convert the rebound, Romero has his attempt blocked before Doherty sends the ball over the bar.
50' Bentancur clips the ball from the left towards Doherty who moves into the box. He climbs high to get onto it but does so using Reis as a ladder and gives away a free-kick.
48' Perisic puts another cross into the box, this time going low. The ball deflects off of Porro with Adan claiming it on the second attempt. Nobody was rushing forward looking to get on the end of the cross.
47' Tottenham have failed to score a first half goal in four of their five games, only Copenhagen (five) have failed to score more often in the Champions League this season.
47' Sporting start quickly. Porro's searching cross from the right is punched clear by Lloris.
46' Sporting get the second half underway.
Tottenham have looked lethargic, with Sporting rarely troubled in their own defensive third. With the pace of Moura and Son, they should be looking to break quickly and send direct passes over the top of the defence. They have had more of the ball, but most of their passes have been between their own defenders. For Sporting, they should look to get a second before Conte makes a change. They have been dangerous when breaking forward and have made the most of Perisic and Doherty getting caught up the pitch.
Sporting have the lead at the break with former Tottenham man Edwards sending the away side to the top of Group D. After a cagey 20 minutes, the 23-year-old dribbled past Hojbjerg before carrying the ball to the edge of the box. From there, the Englishman unleashed a low drive with the ball scurrying past Lloris into the bottom corner. Sporting have had the better of the chances and could have taken the lead before finding the breakthrough. Wasting the first corner, Santos’ second found the head of Coates who directed his header wide of the post. Tottenham’s best opportunity of the half came through Son, but his curling strike from inside the box went straight into the gloves of Adan.
45' The free-kick is wasted. Hojbjerg plays it short to Bentancur. On the edge, he looks to feed it across to Son who slips.
44' Kane wins a free-kick in a crossing position after being nudged by Ugarte. Just outside shooting range.
S. Coates
Yellow Card
41' Coates puts the ball into the Tottenham net but receives a yellow card. He meets a corner with his arm.
40' Perisic moves into Sporting's defensive third. With men in the middle, his cross hangs in the air, allowing Adan to come out and claim the ball. He has attempted five crosses in this game, more than any other player on either team.
38' Kane ventures forward and feeds the ball to Son on the left. He moves into the box before his curling effort goes into the gloves of Adan. The South Korean may have been marginally offside.
37' Tottenham are retaining possession of the ball but it is mainly around halfway where their defenders are positioned. This time, Hojbjerg gives the ball away after his direct pass goes out for a goal-kick.
35' Following their victory in Lisbon, Sporting could be the fifth team to beat Spurs on multiple occasions in a Champions League campaign, after Real Madrid in 2010-11, Monaco in 2016-17 and Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig in 2019-20. Tottenham must look more dangerous in attack if they want to avoid the away side doing the double over them.
33' Kane pokes a curling pass towards Davies, but the defender does not read his intentions and the ball rolls to Adan who has not had much to do.
32' For the second time, Santos finds Coates with a corner but his tame header goes wide.
31' Santos slams a cross against Doherty with Sporting about to take a corner.
29' There has not been an immediate reaction from Tottenham. Both teams are having a share of the possession with the home team mustering just one shot on target.
27' Doherty wins a corner after his cross from the right was blocked. Controlling Hojbjerg's direct pass, the wing-back had nobody in the middle to aim for and had to wait for support.
24' Looking at the time of the Sporting goal, it was certainly less dramatic than their previous three. Their last three goals in the Champions League have either been scored in the opening minute of the game (one) or in the 90th minute or later (two). The Portuguese side scored twice in added time to beat Spurs 2-0 in their reverse fixture this season.
22' Paulinho gets the assist, but it is really a solo goal from Edwards. He rides a couple of challenges before directing his effort into the bottom corner. Edwards is the fourth Englishman to score against an English club in the Champions League while playing for a foreign team, after Patrick Roberts vs Manchester City, Fikayo Tomori vs Liverpool, and Jude Bellingham vs Manchester City (twice).
M. Edwards
22' GOAALLLLL! EDWARDS SCORES! 1-0 SPORTING! The former Tottenham man gives Sporting the lead. He avoids the sliding challenge of Hojbjerg before rushing to the edge of the box. On the left, his low drive goes past Lloris and into the net.
21' Bentancur has the ball outside the box. Positioned in the middle of the half, nobody looks to close him down with the midfielder blasting his shot well over.
20' OVER! Big chance for Sporting. A searching ball into the box by Porro looks for Paulinho. The striker gets ahead of Romero before diverting the low cross over the bar.
18' Paulinho looks for Edwards on the right of the box. He cuts inside looking to put a cross into the are, but his attempt is blocked by Davies.
16' Perisic looks to Kane down the left of the box. His cross is pushed behind Adan.
15' Son and Kane combine before the England international feeds it to Moura. Bursting past the Sporting defence, he looks to go around Adan who wins the ball. The flag eventually goes up with the Brazilian in an offside position.
13' Santos' corner is better this time. He finds Coates in the middle who jumps the highest but directs his attempt wide of the post.
12' Davies slips and pulls down Edwards just past the halfway line. Porro looks to put the ball towards Santos on the edge with Doherty heading it out for a corner.
10' A corner from Santos goes over everybody and out for a goal-kick. Wasted opportunity for Sporting who have looked at their most dangerous on the counter.
8' Dier looks to go long again. This time it's Moura who runs beyond the Sporting defence but he cannot control the ball. Adan has it in his hands.
6' Over a free-kick from the right, Porro's deep delivery goes all the way to Trincao at the back of the box. With defenders packing the opposition box, the winger passes it back to halfway with help along the way.
5' Hojbjerg strikes the ball from well outside the box but his low attempt goes well wide.
4' Tottenham have dominated the possesion in the early stages but have not challenged the Sporting defence. Dier launches a long ball towards Doherty but he cannot keep it on the pitch. Goal-kick to the away side.
3' This game should be full of goals. Since the start of the 2019-20 season, Spurs’ 10 games in the group stage of the Champions League have seen a total of 41 goals scored (23 for, 18 against), at an average of 4.1 per game.
1' Tottenham get this Champions League match underway.
Spurs have won six of their seven home European matches against Portuguese opposition (including qualifiers), with their one defeat coming against Benfica in March 2014 in the Europa League.
As for Sporting, Ruben Amorim makes two alterations to the side that beat Casa Pia in the Primeira Liga. In the middle of the defence, captain Coates is preferred ahead of Martinez who moves onto the bench. Pedro Goncalves, who is suspended, is replaced by Paulinho who scored against Tottenham in the reverse fixture. Adan also starts after missing the previous Champions League match through suspension.
Tottenham make six changes to the team that lost against Newcastle in the Premier League last time out. Two of the alterations come at wing-back, with Doherty and Perisic replacing Emerson and Sessegnon. Two of the three centre-backs also move out of the team, with Sanchez and Lenglet coming out for Romero and Davies. With Conte switching from three in the middle of midfield to two, Moura starts ahead of Skipp. Finally, a straight swap sees Hojbjerg playing instead of Bissouma.
SPORTING CP SUBS: Andre Paulo, Rochinha, Flavio Jacinto Dos Nazinho, Mateus Fernandes, Arthur Gomes, Dario Essugo, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku, Jovane Cabral, Jeremiah St. Juste, Franco Israel, Sotiris Alexandropoulos, Jose Martinez.
SPORTING CP (3-4-2-1): Antonio Adan; Goncalo Bernardo Inacio, Sebastian Coates, Matheus Reis; Pedro Porro, Manuel Ugarte, Hidemasa Morita, Nuno Santos; Trincao, Marcus Edwards; Paulinho.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Bryan Gil, Harvey White, Pape Sarr, Clement Lenglet, Davinson Sanchez, Ryan Sessegnon, Japhet Tanganga, Oliver Skipp, Fraser Forster, Yves Bissouma, Djed Spence, Emerson.
TOTTENHAM (3-4-2-1): Hugo Lloris; Cristian Romero, Eric Dier, Ben Davies; Matt Doherty, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Rodrigo Bentancur, Ivan Perisic; Lucas Moura, Son Heung-Min; Harry Kane.
As for Sporting, their Champions League campaign got off to a stellar start before coming up against Marseille. Having beaten Frankfurt and Tottenham in their first two matches to lead the group, home and away defeats against Marseille have seen them drop to third. Their record in England is also poor. Sporting have won just two of their 15 away matches in England in European competition (D4 L9), winning 4-2 at Southampton in the UEFA Cup in October 1981 and 3-2 at Middlesbrough in March 2005, also in the UEFA Cup.
Tottenham will qualify for the knockout stage of the Champions League if they are victorious. Collecting seven points from their first four matches, Antonio Conte's side beat Marseille in the opening game before losing to their upcoming opponents. The Premier League outfit then faced Eintracht Frankfurt on back-to-back occasions, drawing in Germany before winning at home. One point above Sporting, Tottenham could drop down to third if they lose and Marseille beat Frankfurt. They come into this match having lost back-to-back games in the Premier League against Manchester United and Newcastle United.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary for the Champions League clash between Tottenham and Sporting CP.