'Nketiah better than Jesus' - Fans back Ghana prospect to shine for Arsenal after injury to Brazil forward

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Nketiah Jesus Arsenal 2022-23
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The 23-year-old Nketiah will be the star attraction for the Gunners after the ex-Manchester City forward picked up an injury against Cameroon in Qatar

Arsenal fans have backed Ghana prospect Eddie Nketiah to step in and replace Gabriel Jesus who picked up an injury while representing Brazil at the 2022 Fifa World Cup finals.

The Gunners and the Samba Boys suffered a setback after the 25-year-old Jesus was ruled out of the global tournament in Qatar after he experienced pain in his right knee during Brazil’s 1-0 defeat against Cameroon in a Group G final fixture on Friday.

Reports now indicate the former Manchester City forward will miss Arsenal's key matches, starting with West Ham United at the Emirates on Boxing Day, Brighton & Hove Albion on New Year’s Eve, along with the home tie against Newcastle on January 3.

His injury has paved the way for Nketiah.

Arsenal supporters have taken to social media to discuss why Nketiah could step in for Jesus successfully.

  1. Nketiah better than Jesus
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    Nketiah better than Jesus

    Nketiah will score goals. He's better than Jesus at that. The only thing I might say that's disadvantageous is; he's not as selfless as Jesus. Our build up play will not be as devastating as before. - @hassanbarii_

    Nketiah is better than Jesus, I don’t know why everyone is panicking… - @LOCONGOSZN

  2. Nketiah should step up

    Nketiah should step up

    Gabriel Jesus out for at least THREE months. Eddie Nketiah this is the time to step up. Get a thumb drive with Gabriel Jesus clips, lock yourself in a room and watch them on repeat. When done head over to the training ground and get to work. We need you Eddie. - @WelBeast

    Nketiah should know this is his time to shine and actually really prove he can step up when needed… Nketiah was a revelation at the end of last season, he just needs support and who knows he might just be a gem after all.👍🏾 #afc - @AFCtimi

    Huge opportunity for Eddie Nketiah to step up to the plate with Jesus injured. - @Gunnersc0m

  3. Nothing to worry about

    Nothing to worry about

    People are forgetting that as we speak, Arteta has Nketiah working 18 hours a day in the UAE bubble specifically manufacturing him into the greatest #9 of all time there is NOTHING to worry about - @STU1VENBERG

  4. Nketiah can match Jesus

    Nketiah can match Jesus

    I don’t even think Nketiah is bad, Champions League games clouding judgement he can still replicate a lot of what Jesus does but simply isn’t at his level + psychological impact will be massive. - @STU1VENBERG

    Gabriel Jesus has transformed Arsenal but let’s not forget what Nketiah did last season. It’s him time to remind everyone just how good he is. We’re all behind you @EddieNketiah9. @Loggy_caswell

    We should be fine with Nketiah till Jesus returns.. What's the meltdown about its only three to four weeks. - @PeakSanti

  5. Nketiah to prove doubters wrong

    Nketiah to prove doubters wrong

    People forget how well Nketiah played the end of last season when he was needed. I hope he proves all his detractors wrong! #COYG - @DaddyDrex4

    Arsenal fans doubting the qualities of Eddie Nketiah like he didn't prove his worth when he was most needed the previous season will not cease to amuse me. - @phveektordrayne

  6. Partey is the key
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    Partey is the key

    We did this with Alexandre [Lacazette] upfront and now we have Nketiah who can actually move his limbs, we also have William Saliba and Oleksandr Zinchenko inverted for control.

    Hilarious how people think we’re not going to still win basically every week. Partey is the key. We’ll be fine. - @MoArsenal86

  7. Arteta believes in Nketiah

    Arteta believes in Nketiah

    The title charge must go on, No free hit cos Jesus is out. If Nketiah costs us the blame lies with Arteta, who gave him the contract👍🏾 - @Ak_afc0

    Arteta says Nketiah is good enough to play for Arsenal and convinced him to sign a new long-term deal - when he could have left for free!!!- @TILIKI_OS

    Nketiah could’ve left Arsenal in June. But Arteta convinced him to stay. #AFC gave him a long-term deal and a kit number that holds sentimental value to the club. That deal wasn’t out of pity. MA and his coaching staff genuinely believe he can contribute to the team. - @TILIKI_OS

  8. Nketiah to take over?

    Nketiah to take over?

    Three months of Eddie Nketiah leading the line for us. He's not here to sit back, he's here to take over. You're welcome. - @FanNketiah

    I think Nketiah will be extremely good that Jesus will have a hard time getting back into the team. @MichaelTrance1

  9. Arsenal need a striker

    Arsenal need a striker

    Take note of all the accounts that's supporting Nketiah to lead us in the absence of Gabriel Jesus, they will still be the same people that will criticise and abuse Arteta and Edu for repeating the same mistake if they didn't sign another striker after the January transfer. - @Sugamite2

    Jesus out for three months. Arsenal need a top striker in January if they want to win the league. 😬😬 - @iFaizanZahid

    Gentle reminder that even Mikel Arteta himself had said in order to challenge Arsenal need THREE strikers, not two. Demanding the bare minimum is not anti-Arsenal, it is your duty as a fan of this club. Arsenal is a winners club, how about you all act like it. - @OberynAtreides

    Either way Arsenal need a striker. If Nketiah gets hurt or needs to rest what happens then? - @EyesAdoasi

    I think Arsenal should make a loan bid with option to buy Mitrovic from Fulham if Gabriel Jesus is going to be out for a while. We always need not less than one striker. Nketiah X Mitrovic. - @afclaurieann

  10. Nketiah not good enough

    Nketiah not good enough

    Imagine going to Anfield, Etihad, St James Park and Spurs Stadium with Nketiah as your striker! I hate this game. - @Sugamite2

    Can't believe people still think Nketiah is a viable starting option for us. He's no where near good enough. - @Swiller1988

    Im sorry if Jesus is out we can’t have Nketiah as our only option. @N7Gunner