Mosimane is giving Saudi some serious hands: Pitso & Benni for Bafana?

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Pitso Mosimane of Al Ahli
Legendary South African head coach Pitso Mosimane wasn’t on a losing run for long!
  1. Pitso and Benni for Bafana

    Pitso and Benni for Bafana

    One supporter was so impressed with Mosimane’s return to winning ways, that they called for both Pitso and Manchester United attacking coach Benni McCarthy to—presumably—take the reins of the national side.

    “Sir Pitso Mosimane, we are proud of you,” wrote @Lenyora84170165. “Wish Danny [Jordaan] can appoint you and Benni.”

    Now that would most certainly be interesting!

  2. Now go and win the league

    The win takes Mosimane and his troops up to second place in the Saudi second tier—with promotion in view—although some supporters believe that they have to be aiming for the title.

    “Congratulations to the team and coach Pitso,” wrote @Nicholar_Jiyane. “Take it one game at a time and the league is yours.”

  3. Keep it up

    “Mr. Mosimane, keep up your excellent work, we are by your side and support you,” wrote Saudi supporter @MnMn_1411, in a message directed at the head coach.

  4. Some supporters unconvinced

    Not all fans believe that Mosimane is the right man for Ahli however, with some Saudi fans believing that—win or not—he won’t achieve success with the club.

    “I'm African, and Mosimane is ruining the team,” wrote @ez6d1. “He doesn't want you to win, it's clear from the beginning, the fans are against him, and he doesn't like the team or the fans.

    “We wish his resignation today before tomorrow.”

    Are things really this bad for Mosimane at Ahli?

  5. No regrets for Sundowns?

    Despite Mosimane’s successes since leaving Sundowns, some Brazilians fans appear content with their current head coach—and aren’t yet desperate for their former hero to return.

    “I felt dizzy when I read about coach Pitso’s departure,” wrote Nic Thwala. “I felt sick, I could not sleep, I was worried, I saw everything coming to an end…but we’re here now even more dominant.”