Messi the new 'Penaldo' and GOAT, Mbappe is the future - Fans dazzled by 'best World Cup final'

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Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi.
The supporters feel the Argentina captain has finally ended the contest on who is the world’s greatest player after lifting the World Cup

Argentina captain Lionel Messi and France forward Kylian Mbappe have received praise from fans following their heroic performances in the 2022 World Cup.

Messi led Argentina to their third World Cup triumph after scoring twice in Sunday’s final to take his tally in the tournament to seven while Mbappe was the Golden Boot winner after netting eight, including a hat-trick in the final which made him only the second man to achieve such a feat.

The performances of the Paris Saint-Germain forwards have seen fans crown Messi the Greatest Player of All Time while there are those who feel Mbappe should stake claim to the accolade since he overshadowed his clubmate on the day.

Even though he didn't feature in the final, Cristiano Ronaldo was naturally also on the minds of most fans in the GOAT debate, particularly earlier in the game when some fans were upset with Argentina receiving a penalty.

  1. No debate, Messi is the GOAT

    No debate, Messi is the GOAT

    Say it without fear. Lionel Messi is officially the greatest footballer of all time. -Ibrahim Bello

    I'm lucky to have witnessed Lionel Andres Messi play. What a footballer and what a career. -Castro Mendoza

    That debate of who's the GOAT is over. Any argument from today is more of noise than substance.

    -Nkwelmenongene Tony Boris

    At least now we know who is the GOAT, it's been more than 15 years disrespecting Messi. -Ayanda Magwaza

    GOAT dispute ends tonight. We have been graced by one of the best footballers around. Lionel Messi goes down in history as the GOAT. No player would achieve what this guy managed. The general of world football if only [the late Diego] Maradona could see this. -Dezario Ruvanne Adams

    No debate about who the GOAT is. One is lifting the trophy while the other one has a thermos full of porridge somewhere in Lisbon. -Gideon Bansel

  2. France worthy challengers
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    France worthy challengers

    France was really a worthy challenger for Argentina. Mbappe did all he could, but fate must happen, it’s a must. -Blessing Godwin Aremu

    I was behind France and they didn't embarrass me. The football was really between champions. -Bright Kodom

  3. Messi scoring penalties just like Ronaldo

    Messi scoring penalties just like Ronaldo

    They slandered [Cristiano] Ronaldo, called him Penaldo for scoring penalties yet [Lionel] Messi has been doing the exact same thing. - @CFCDUBois

  4. Mbappe better than Ronaldo, Messi combined
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    Mbappe better than Ronaldo, Messi combined

    Indeed [Kylian] Mbappe is beyond Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi combined. Based on his age, his performance from [the] last World Cup and today's [Sunday’s] performance has shown that Mbappe is in his own class. A new GOAT we have and the next Ballon d'Or winner. -Permenus John Opiyo Omogusii

  5. History will be kind to Messi & Ronaldo

    History will be kind to Messi & Ronaldo

    I rejoice with Messi for such a beautiful and remarkable career. What a joy to finish well. History will never forget Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. GOATs in football. -Ifeoluwa Olajide

  6. Best World Cup final ever
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    Best World Cup final ever

    Ahhhhh what a game. What a final. Swung like a pendulum. Messi masterclass. Supreme from Mbappe. Messi's goated career gets the end it deserved. Beautiful. -@simplyaleeee

    What a World Cup final! What a tense of heartbeats and shocks. This was the best final ever, congrats Argentina and Leo Messi. -Omphile Raff Coins Masala

  7. Mbappe the future GOAT

    Mbappe the future GOAT

    We expected Messi vs Ronaldo but we got better drama, better rivalry, Messi vs Mbappe. Mbappe is just extraordinary with the hat-trick. Surely, he'll be the GOAT in the future. What a game and what a final. -@azim_azmn97

    Mbappe just won my heart. He will forever be my favourite player ever. -Ogar Sunday Reus

  8. Best World Cup ever

    Best World Cup ever

    This is the best Fifa World Cup ever. Argue with your ancestors. -Sam Samuel Felix

    From Saudi Arabia beating Argentina to Africa getting to the first ever semi-final with a lot of surprise matches. And then, they gave us the best final ever. Thank you, Qatar. -Bey Paul

  9. Mbappe the best in the world now

    Mbappe the best in the world now

    Congratulations to Argentina! Star boy Mbappe, congratulations to you. You really made my day, you're indeed a monster in front goal, the best right now. -Igwe Emeka

    Mbappe, World Cup top goal scorer and he is the best player in the world so far. -Ngaavongwe Nguvadzose Tenzi

  10. France missed their best players
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    France missed their best players

    But this was not the best World Cup final. Many influential France players were not available. -Siyabonga Sangweni