PSG boss Galtier clears up Mbappe captaincy misunderstanding with Kimpembe

Christophe Galtier has reportedly spoken to Presnel Kimpembe to clear the air over the Paris Saint-Germain vice-captaincy dispute with Kylian Mbappe.
  • Galtier named Mbappe vice-captain
  • Kimpembe claimed he was unaware of the change
  • Galtier speaks to the defender to clear misunderstanding

WHAT HAPPENED? After PSG's 7-0 win over Pays de Cassel in the French Cup, Galtier clarified that Mbappe has been the vice-captain since the summer. However, Kimpembe, who was second in the hierarchy after skipper Marquinhos, took to social media to insist that he was not informed about the change. According to L’Équipe, the manager has now had a word with the defender to dissipate any misunderstanding that might have taken place.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Galtier explained to Kimpembe that he is one of four vice-captains in the team – alongside Mbappe, Marco Verratti and Sergio Ramos. All four of them are considered equals. Since only Mbappe and Ramos were in the squad for the cup tie, the French forward was awarded the armband due to his seniority in terms of years of service at Parc des Princes.

AND WHAT'S MORE: Whenever Marquinhos is unavailable, Kimpembe usually takes the armband and last led his side on October 29 against Troyes, even though Mbappe also started the match. In the absence of both the veteran centre-backs, Verratti has historically stepped up to do the job.

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WHAT NEXT? Marquinhos will likely resume captaincy duties when PSG return to Ligue 1 action against Reims on Sunday.