Manchester City anticipated Premier League financial breach charges and plan to restore reputation

Erling Haaland Manchester City 2022-23
Manchester City anticipated the Premier League's charges over financial breaches and already have a plan to combat them.
  • City hit with numerous charges
  • Shocked only by timing of charges
  • Already have plan to take down investigations

WHAT HAPPENED? City have wasted no time in making it aware that they are confident they will beat the charges pitted against them by the Premier League for countless financial rule breaches. In a new report from The Mirror, a source has insisted the club knew the day would come, and were only surprised by the timing of the announcement.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: It emerged on February 6 that City had been charged with breaking the Premier League's financial rules on countless separate occasions, dating as far back as the 2009-10 season. But according to the report, a source close to City states that the club feels the announcement was rushed out as a result of the government's decision to postpone the publication of a white paper on football governance.

They further claim no prior warning was given to the club and that they have have proof that some media outlets were briefed before City were made aware of the announcement.

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WHAT THEY SAID: “The Premier League have spent the last four years on this issue - and still managed to make mistakes in the statement," said the source, adding: "We have no doubts that this was because the announcement was rushed through to deflect attention away from the postponed white paper."

AND WHAT'S MORE: Harking back to their case against UEFA which they were able to successfully appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in 2020, the club source believes the Premier League's announcement will merely allow them to further clear their name.

"The independent commission gives the club the chance to get rid of the stain that the time-barred element of the CAS ruling left on our reputation. We were able to answer all of UEFA’s allegations but were prevented from doing so.

“We always knew that this day would come - and we look forward to showing that when CAS ruled in our favour it was not because of a technicality.”



Pep Guardiola Manchester City 2022-23

WHAT NEXT FOR CITY? While they appealed to CAS in their case against UEFA, City are unable to do that this time. The club will now await the outcome of the Premier League's investigation and will also be focused on getting back to winning ways following a defeat away to Tottenham on Sunday.