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Man City maths genius Akanji gives wrong answers 'on purpose' to fans who quiz him

8:34 PM IST 22/10/22
Manuel Akanji Manchester City 2022-23
Manchester City's Manuel Akanji says he gets fed up of people asking him to do calculations in his head and intentionally gives the wrong answer.
  • Defender has talent for calculations
  • Fans ask him to show off his skill
  • He gets annoyed and gives wrong answers

WHAT HAPPENED? The Switzerland international is known for being able to do complex calculations in his head incredibly quickly and says many fans ask him to show off his talent when they go to get his autograph, much to his frustration.

WHAT THEY SAID: He told The Daily Mail: "Sometimes when I went to do a signature someone would ask: 'What’s 25 x 32' and I would be like: 'Come on, I just had a tough training session. I just want to do the signature'. So I won’t always do it. I am not always in the mood to do calculations! And, actually, sometimes I do get the answers wrong on purpose because people don’t bother to check. They are just stunned because I can just do it so fast."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Akanji joined the reigning Premier League champions in the summer from Borussia Dortmund in a deal worth £15 million ($17m). He has played in eight matches in all competitions so far. 


WHAT NEXT FOR AKANJI? After Saturday's clash against Brighton, the 27-year-old will hope to keep to the City starting XI when they take on his old side Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on October 25.