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'How appointment of FKF caretaker committee disrespected football' - Ex-Harambee Stars' Mulee

11:54 PM IST 18/11/21
Kenya national team Jacob Mulee (2-L) during the FIFA World Cup 2022.
The coach believes some of the members of the new body have little knowledge of soccer to be given the mandate to run it

Former Harambee Stars head coach Jacob 'Ghost' Mulee has claimed the appointment of the Football Kenya Federation caretaker committee is disrespectful.

Mulee questioned the technical knowledge of some of the committee members who are set to conduct soccer activities in place of FKF.

Only Joseph Masiga, Titus Kasuve, Neddy Atieno, and Police FC coach John 'Bobby' Ogolla are the officials - in the 15-member committee - who have been involved in matters of football before.

"Yes, the caretaker is there, but some of the questions have to be asked: how many people in that caretaker committee understand the intrigues of Kenyan football?" asked the former Tusker coach in an interview with the media.

"Football has been disrespected because some of the people that I am seeing in the committee do not have a clue about football and how it's run. Football is a profession, and I have never seen a doctor's problem being solved by a carpenter.

"So, if that committee was entirely for football, then people who understand the intrigues and what the Fifa ban means, the harmony between the government and the federation must be appointed."

Fifa Ban

The Cecafa winning coach also extensively explained the effects of a possible Fifa ban after the Sports Ministry did away with the Nick Mwendwa executive committee.

"This is our job, we have many stakeholders, but who suffers most? It is the players because right now, if we go into a ban, there will be no player transfers in Kenya and no player can be transferred from another country to Kenya," he added.

"These are just the repercussions. We cannot play international games, and currently, Gor Mahia are waiting to play international games, so are Tusker, so there is a lot to lose. 

"The players will not play and the referees will not officiate anywhere outside this country. We have just come out of the Covid-19 situation, and the question is, are we going to allow a ban so that the real people suffer?

"There is a lot that is there to lose for the coaches, the players, and the officials of football."

Mulee also revisited the political history of Kenyan football and wondered whether, even if a new office was elected, whether it would be granted the space to work in harmony.

"Even if we get another office elected, going by Kenyan history, the moment you win, the opposition starts working on you," he concluded. "So, it is going to be the same case year in and year out. 

"But to respect the rule of law, Fifa must be respected, the Kenya government must be respected, and the federation must also be respected. 

"I am happy and I hope we are going to resolve this." 

Mulee resigned as Harambee Stars coach in September.