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Harry Kane

Harry Kane: I have been lucky enough to meet Virat Kohli

5:46 PM IST 23/04/22
GFX Harry Kane Virat Kohli
The England and Tottenham forward admits he's in awe of how Virat Kohli bats so well...

Harry Kane opened up on his friendship with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and has revealed that he supports the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The Spurs skipper spoke fondly about Kohli and shared that they first started talking to each other on social media.

What did Harry Kane say about Virat Kohli?

"I think it started with a couple of tweets. It must have been five or six years ago now. I was just saying my admiration of Virat in one of the games that he played and he contacted me on Twitter after that. We started talking on social media and we exchanged numbers. He was down in London for a series and we managed to catch-up," Kane narrated in an interview with Star Sports.

On being asked if there's something he wants to ask Kohli, he said, "Maybe how he became such a good batsman. He's incredible to watch, real down to earth guy but he has a real fire in his belly and passion when you watch him play which is great to see."

Which team does Harry Kane support in IPL?

"So my team is RCB. I have been lucky enough to meet Virat Kohli a few times and speak with him. They (RCB) have picked up some good players this time. They were unlucky last year but they did the right things this year - they started well. There are some great teams at the IPL. I just like watching all of them to be honest but hopefully RCB can go well," the forward stated.

"We have been playing cricket for a year and a half and so we were playing pretty much once or twice a week and that was good fun. We enjoy playing cricket, obviously the IPL is on at the moment so we're enjoying watching that as well," he added.

Tottenham Hotspurs will be in action on Saturday evening against Brentford away from home. Kane has scored 12 goals and provided eight assists in this edition of the Premier League.