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Carlos Soler
L. Messi
7 - 2
S. Goldberg
Own Goal
6 - 2
K. Mbappé
A. Hakimi
5 - 2
A. Seck
F. Pierrot
4 - 2
L. Messi
K. Mbappé
4 - 1

Match Stats

62% 37%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 5
Total Passes 637 379
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Benfica SLB Benfica 6 4 2 0 16 7 +9 14 W W D D W
2 PSG PSG PSG 6 4 2 0 16 7 +9 14 W W D D W
3 Juventus JUV Juventus 6 1 0 5 9 13 -4 3 L L L W L
4 Maccabi Haifa MHA Maccabi Haifa 6 1 0 5 7 21 -14 3 L L W L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


That's all for today, goodbye!
PSG's place in the knockout round is confirmed, but the fight for the top spot goes into the final matchday as Benfica also won their group game today. PSG face Juventus next week. Haifa can't reach the round of 16 after that defeat, but as Juve also lost, they could still gain a Europa League place if they get a result against Benfica next Wednesday.
PSG are through to the last 16 of the Champions League after a 7-2 win over Maccabi Haifa. The front three starred in the first half, with Messi opening the scoring before Mbappe and Neymar added to the tally. Seck pulled one back following a clever free-kick which caught out PSG, but Messi restored the three-goal cushion. Seck got his second just after the break, but PSG carried on running riot. Mbappe curled in the fifth and Neymar's cross was deflected into the back of his own net by Goldberg. Messi then smacked the post before setting up the substitute Soler for the seventh to round off the game.
89' CHANCE! Neymar leaves the free-kick for Messi and he's looking to pick out the far top corner. He gets it over the wall, but there isn't enough curl on the shot and it sails high and wide of the target.
88' Neymar spins away from Lavi and it takes four Haifa players to get close enough to him inside the D to bring him down and stop the run. PSG have a free-kick in a good position.
86' Haifa are starting to look tired now, and they just can't keep up with PSG as the hosts continue to push forward. Neymar and Sarabia link up well down the left, but they can't pick out a cross into the middle this time.
L. Messi
84' When Messi stopped his run, Lavi's momentum carried him forward which opened up the space for Messi to set up his second goal of the game.
Carlos Soler
84' SOLER SCORES! Messi just checks back when he cuts inside from the left, and Lavi's momentum carries him forward. He pulls it back to Soler on the edge of the D, and he slots his first-time shot through the crowd and past Cohen into the bottom corner. 7-2 PSG!
N. Rukavytsya
F. Pierrot
83' And Rukavytsya is on for Pierrot.
O. Arad
A. Muhammad
83' Haifa are also making their last changes. Muhammad is on in place of Arad.
Pablo Sarabia
Fabián Ruiz
83' Final change for PSG now as Sarabia comes on to replace Ruiz.
82' GOOD SAVE! Another great chance falls to Ekitike as he peels away on the left of the box again. He rounds Meir before trying to pick out the bottom corner, but again, Cohen comes out to smother the shot.
81' SAVE! Ekitike gets straight into the action as PSG break forward again. Zaire-Emery slides it through to him on the left of the box, but his low shot is pushed away by Cohen.
P. Kimpembe
79' And Marquinhos goes off for Kimpembe.
W. Zaïre-Emery
79' Vitinha is also making way, with Zaire-Emery on for him.
H. Ekitike
K. Mbappé
79' Triple change for PSG now, and Mbappe won't have the chance to get a hat-trick as he's replaced by Ekitike.
78' Haifa are still committing a lot of bodies forward in attack, which is leaving the space open for PSG to exploit on the counter. Soler tries to wriggle his way through to open up the angle for a shot, but Goldberg blocks it.
76' OFF THE BAR! Messi is so close to his hat-trick goal! He plays a one-two with Mbappe so that he can get through the crowd on the edge of the box, and gets it back at the near post. It's a tight angle, but he fires his shot over Cohen, and smacks his shot off the bar.
N. Lavi
Yellow Card
74' Lavi has a couple of attempts at pulling Neymar back, and eventually succeeds which results in a booking.
72' MISS! Seck just can't cope with Mbappe down the left as he peels away again and squares it to Messi on the edge of the box. He unselfishly slides it through to Soler and he drills his low shot past Batubinsika and inches wide of the near post.
R. Meir
M. Abu Fani
71' And Abu Fani is also taken off, with Meir replacing him.
S. Menachem
P. Cornud
70' Haifa are making a double change now. Cornud is the first to go off, with Menachem on in his place.
Carlos Soler
Renato Sanches
68' PSG are making their first change now as Soler comes on in place of Sanches.
S. Goldberg
Own Goal
67' OWN GOAL! It comes from PSG's right side again, with Hakimi whipping a cross into the box. Mbappe slides in but can get nowhere near it and Neymar picks it up on the far side. He's allowed to cut inside and as he plays it back across the box, a deflection off Goldberg sends it over Cohen into the back of his own net. 6-2 PSG!
D. David
O. Atzili
65' Haifa are making the first change of the game following PSG's latest goal. Atzili is taken off and replaced by David.
A. Hakimi
64' Hakimi just slipped as he played the pass, but it didn't effect the quality of it as he picked out Mbappe perfectly.
K. Mbappé
64' MBAPPE SCORES! It's another wonderful goal by the Frenchman! The move starts deep in their own half down the right, and Hakimi goes for the big switch to pick out Mbappe, who is unmarked on the left of the box. He has time to bring it down and set himself before curling his shot into the far top corner, out of Cohen's reach. 5-2 PSG!
62' Neymar makes another surging run into the box before flicking it back to Messi. It's just behind him, but he manages to thread it through to Mbappe at the near post, but he hits his shot against Batubinsika.
60' PSG scored four goals in the first half of a Champions League game for the first time since October 2018 against Red Star Belgrade. They've never done better before half-time in the competition.
58' Mbappe makes another good run down the left, and it looks like the chance is gone when he squares it behind Messi. Neymar is following in, but he scuffs a shot towards goal and Cohen comfortably collects.
56' MISS! Neymar cuts Haifa's defence wide open with a wonderful throughball to get Hakimi through on goal. Cohen rushes off his line to close him down, forcing the right-back to rush the shot and he fires wide of the near post.
O. Atzili
Yellow Card
54' Atzili is shown a yellow card after catching Vitinha with a late challenge in an attempt to stop the break.
52' PSG finally manage to get out of their own half and Messi sets Neymar off on the counter. He has Muhammed tight to his side and the midfielder just does enough to nudge him off the ball and stop the attack.
F. Pierrot
50' It's the third time in a row that Pierrot has beaten Marquinhos in the air, but this time it's so that he can set up his team-mate for a goal.
A. Seck
50' SECK SCORES AGAIN! PSG just don't clear their lines from Atzili's corner, and Haifa make them pay for it! Goldberg gets the first flick on before Pierrot helps it onto Seck, who is unmarked at the far post. He loops his header over Donnarumma and into the opposite top corner. The goalkeeper is saying he was offside, but Seck timed his run! 4-2!
50' SAVE! Haifa have made a really bright start to the second half and Pierrot tees up Chery just outside the box. He fires his first-time shot across goal and Donnarumma stretches to tip it wide of the far post.
49' CLOSE! Muhammad plays a clever reverse pass to Abu Fani and he clips a great cross into the middle. PIerrot gets in front of Marquinhos to flick his header on, and it bounces just wide of the far post.
T. Chery
Yellow Card
47' Chery clips the back of Sanches' heels as he gets away from him, and he's shown a yellow card.
46' Haifa get us back underway for the second half!
Galtier will be pleased with his side's performance so far. The hosts are in control and on their way to the knockout stages as things stand, with Juventus currently losing to Benfica in the other group game. Haifa haven't sat back though, and could still cause PSG a few problems in the second half.
A thoroughly entertaining 45 minutes of football sees PSG take a 4-1 lead over Haifa into half-time. All of PSG's front three got on the scoresheet - Messi started them off with a wonderful curling effort, and Mbappe curled in a similar finish for their second. Neymar got in on the action three minutes later, with his shot deflecting in off the post. Seck pulled one back after a clever free-kick from Haifa, but Messi rifled his second into the bottom corner just before the break.
45' + 1' Haifa aren't letting their heads drop despite conceding a fourth goal, and they're pushing to pull another one back. Seck gets forward again and tries to drill a throughball into the box for Atzili, but it hits the forward and rolls wide.
K. Mbappé
44' Mbappe used his run to drag Seck away from Messi after picking him out, and for the second time this game, he sets him up for a goal.
L. Messi
44' MESSI SCORES AGAIN! It's a lovely goal from the Argentinian who dribbles away from the two Haifa central defenders on the edge of the box to open up space for a shot. He rifles his low shot towards the near bottom corner and squeezes it past Cohen for his second of the game. 4-1 PSG!
42' Messi is the only player to score 10+ goals and deliver 10+ assists in all competitions among players in the top 5 European leagues this season (10 goals, 11 assists).
Sergio Ramos
Yellow Card
40' Ramos is tight to Pierrot's back, and he pushes him before going to ground and taking him out from behind. He's shown a yellow card.
O. Atzili
38' It was a wonderful cross from Atzili as he played it into the space on the edge of the six-yard box for his team-mates to attack.
A. Seck
38' SECK PULLS ONE BACK! It's a really clever free-kick from Haifa, with Chery placing the ball on the ground when the referee's whistle goes and Atzili quickly whips it into the box. PSG aren't ready for it, but Seck is and he thumps a header past the stunned Donnarumma. 3-1!
37' Haifa are still giving it a good go when they win the ball back, and their main threat is coming down the left. Cornud links up well with Chery, and they win a free-kick in a good position.
L. Messi
35' None of the Haifa players get anywhere near Messi, and he instinctively lays it off to Neymar to add an assist to his earlier goal.
35' NEYMAR SCORES! Haifa lose it high upfield and PSG break quickly on the counter. The front three links up really well again, with Mbappe squaring it to Messi before he tees up Neymar on the edge of the box. Cohen rushes out, and the Brazilian chips it over him, and it goes in off the inside of the far post. 3-0 PSG!
34' Cohen rushes out of his box to block Hakimi's run, and his clearance goes out for a throw-in. PSG take it quickly, and with the keeper still in no man's land, Messi tries to float a long-range shot into the goal, but Cornud blocks it.
K. Mbappé
32' MBAPPE SCORES! Neymar slides it through to Mbappe with a Rabona on the throughball, and the Frenchman tries to tee up Messi. Lavi slides in to block it, but the loose ball rolls straight back to Mbappe, and he curls a lovely shot around Cohen into the far side of the net in a finish similar to Messi's earlier goal. 2-0 PSG!
31' Haifa take a short corner quickly, and Chery knocks it into Atzili just inside the box. He gets fortunate as Marquinhos' tackle gifts the ball straight back to him, but he can't take it around Sanches.
29' Mbappe's treatment is finished and he's okay to carry on, so Messi can finally take the free-kick from the byline on the left. He clips it towards Ramos at the far post, but Goldberg clears it ahead of him.
Yellow Card
27' As soon as Mbappe went down, Neymar squared up to Seck before continuing his protests to the referee. He's talked himself into a booking with his complaints, and it's a costly one as he'll miss the next match against Juventus.
A. Seck
Yellow Card
26' Mbappe is away from Seck again, and he lifts a cross in from the byline as Seck dives in. He catches the Frenchman with his studs, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
25' The visitors win another corner and this time, Abi Fani swings it into the middle of the box. He picks out Batubinsika on the penalty spot, but he flicks his header over the bar.
23' Haifa's corner is taken short to Abi Fani, who is given time to cut back inside. He decides to take on the shot himself when he still isn't closed down, but he curls it straight at Donnarumma.
21' Haifa are looking to make an instant response as Goldberg finds himself high upfield down the left. He has two to aim for in the middle, but hits his cross straight against Ramos.
K. Mbappé
19' Mbappe took a kick to the ankle for his trouble in getting the ball back to Messi to set up the goal.
L. Messi
19' MESSI SCORES! Messi nodded it down for Mbappe, but Seck slid in to stop him from getting a shot away. He manages to roll it back to Messi, and he curls a wonderful shot around Batubinsika so the keeper can't see it, and picks out the far side of the net. 1-0 PSG!
18' MISS! PSG should be a goal up as Mbappe surges down the left and pulls it back to Neymar from the byline. Cohen had rushed to close down the Frenchman so the goal was gaping, but Neymar fires his first-time shot wide.
17' Hakimi pushes his way down the right and manages to bundle a cross into the box under pressure from Cornud. Ruiz is closest to it, but he can't get past Batubinsika, who shields it from him.
15' Neymar bursts forward on the counter, carrying it from deep in his own box to get to the edge of Haifa's. Goldberg sticks out a foot to poke the ball out of his path, causing the Brazilian to trip, but he won the ball cleanly and the visitors have it back.
13' It's Haifa that are applying the pressure at the moment and Muhammad has space to turn before firing a shot on goal. It's blocked by Marquinhos, and Ramos stops the follow-up cross from Chery.
11' Seck cuts out a pass in front of Mbappe before knocking it past Bernat and surging down the right. The Spaniard gets back, but can't dispossess him, and Seck does well to win a corner, though nothing comes of it.
9' MISS! Neymar plays a lovely one-two with Vitinha before squaring it into Ruiz, who is in acres of space in the right of the box. His first touch gets away from him so he rushes the shot, and it rolls inches wide of the near post.
8' Haifa are moving the ball upfield quickly when they win it back and Abu Fani is played in on the edge of the box. Hakimi is closing him down though, and the midfielder ends up dragging the shot wide of the near post.
6' It's a great throughball down the right for Pierrot to chase, but Ramos watches him all the way. He slides in and just manages to get the ball before taking out the player, and Haifa win a corner which comes to nothing.
4' It looks like Mbappe has overrun the ball after he knocks it past Seck, but he manages to keep it in play at the byline. He pulls it back into the middle, but nobody is there for PSG.
2' PSG are seeing all of the early possession, but after Bernat wins a free-kick, the game is paused. There are flares being thrown out of the corner of the stadium containing the away fans, and we're just waiting for the problem to be cleared before the game can carry on.
1' Messi gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
PSG have only lost one of their last 32 home group stage games in the Champions League (W25 D6), with their lone defeat coming against Manchester United in October 2020 (1-2). They've netted 86 times during that run of 32 matches.
Barak Bakhar makes just two changes from their league win at the weekend, with Seck and Abu Fani both being brought into the side. David starts on the bench, while Daniel Sundgren isn't in the squad.
Galtier makes three changes to the side that beat Ajaccio on Friday. Ramos and Neymar return to the side after serving domestic bans in that game, with Vitinha also coming in. Mukiele and Soler drop to the bench, while Marco Verratti is suspended after picking up three yellow cards in the competition.
MACCABI HAIFA SUBS: Raz Meir, Sun Menachem, Maor Levi, Dean David, Rami Gershon, Roei Fuchs, Ofri Arad, Nikita Rukavytsya, Roei Mashpati, Mavis Tchibota, Inon Eliyahu.
MACCABI HAIFA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Josh Cohen; Abdoulaye Seck, Dylan Batubinsika, Sean Goldberg, Pierre Cornud; Ali Muhammad, Neta Lavi, Mohammad Abu Fani; Omer Atzili, Frantzdy Pierrot, Tjaronn Chery.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: El Chadaille Bitshiabu, Pablo Sarabia, Warren Zaire-Emery, Sergio Rico, Presnel Kimpembe, Nordi Mukiele, Carlos Soler, Nuno Mendes, Hugo Ekitike, Keylor Navas.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Juan Bernat; Vitinha, Fabian Ruiz, Renato Sanches; Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar.
PSG can secure their place in the knockout rounds today with a win, or with a draw if Juventus fail to beat Benfica. Christophe Galtier's side are still unbeaten in all competitions this season (W13 D4), and they come into this on the back of two wins after three consecutive draws before that. After stunning Juventus with a 2-0 victory last time out in the Champions League, Haifa still have a chance of making the last 16 with another shock win here today. If they don't, they won't be able to get out of the group, but third place would still be up for grabs going into the final game.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group H meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and Maccabi Haifa at the Parc des Princes!