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Portugal v Luxembourg Live Commentary, 13/10/21

5 - 0
Cristiano Ronaldo (8 pen)
Cristiano Ronaldo (13 pen)
Bruno Fernandes (17)
João Palhinha (69)
Cristiano Ronaldo (87)
Estádio Do Algarve


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Portugal remain unbeaten in qualifying but stay second in the group after Serbia beat Azerbaijan in the other game. They do still have a game in hand over the leaders though, which will be played next time out against the Republic of Ireland. This defeat means Luxembourg are eliminated, as they now can't catch Portugal.
Ronaldo scores a hat-trick as he helps Portugal to a 5-0 win over Luxembourg. He scored twice from the spot in the opening 13 minutes before Fernandes added a third from a tight angle. Their dominance continued in the second half, with Moris making a few good saves, including one to keep out a Ronaldo over-head kick. Palhinha added to the scoresheet with a close-range header before Ronaldo rounded it off late on with his third goal, when he nodded past Moris in the 87th minute.
90' + 4' Portugal have a free-kick just to the right of the D and Ronaldo is standing over it. He whips it over the top of the wall, but it's blocked by the wall which sends it wide.
90' + 2' Still, the visitors can't get a touch on the ball and Portugal are pushing for another goal. They're switching it from left to right, but when Cancelo tries to drive forward, he's brought down by Carlson.
90' Portugal are in full control now and are patiently working their way upfield. Luxembourg are being penned back deep in their own half and trying their best to close down the space ahead of the hosts.
E. Veiga
D. Sinani
88' And another change for Luxembourg sees Sinani replaced by Veiga.
E. Muratović
M. Pinto
87' Luxembourg are making another change now, with Pinto going off for Muratovic.
Rúben Neves
87' Neves spots Ronaldo's run in between the defenders and whips a great ball into the far post for him.
Cristiano Ronaldo
87' HAT-TRICK! It's a brilliant cross from Neves on the left as he hooks a deep cross towards the far post. Ronaldo times his run between the defenders to get there first and nods the ball past Moris and into the bottom corner for his hat-trick. VAR has a quick look at it and the goal stands! 5-0 Portugal!
86' Mendes slides in Leao, and he wrongfoots Jans before pulling a cross back from the byline. He's looking to pick out Ronaldo's late run into the box, but Chanot puts it out for a corner.
João Cancelo
Yellow Card
84' Cancelo overruns the ball and clips Pinto when he runs into the left-back. He doesn't think he did anything wrong, but the referee shows him a yellow card.
82' Again, the visitors look to Rodrigues down the left to try and make something happen, but Joao Mario is giving him no time on the ball. The substitute has a few attempts to tug him back and eventually gives away a free-kick, which comes to nothing.
Matheus Nunes
Bernardo Silva
80' Nunes is also being brought on for Bernardo Silva.
Gonçalo Guedes
Bruno Fernandes
80' Portugal are making another double change here, as Guedes comes on in place of Fernandes.
79' Fernandes lifts the ball through to Leao, and he turns away from Martins before picking out Mendes down the left. He swings another early cross into the box which Ronaldo gets caught under, but it falls to Neves. He hits the shot on the volley, and it sails over the bar.
77' Leao makes a good interception on the halfway line and drives forward, but he puts a poor throughball into the box. Fernandes doesn't give it up, but Moris just does enough to stop him from reaching it. The midfielder is asking for a penalty after going down, but there was nothing in it.
75' Luxembourg have a free-kick on the right and Sinani takes it short to Borges Sanches, who is in a better position to cross it. It's a poor ball from him though and Dias clears it at the near post.
Rafael Leão
André Silva
73' And Andre Silva is also being taken off, with Leao replacing him.
Rúben Neves
João Palhinha
73' Double change for Portugal now, and Palhinha is the first to make way for Neves.
71' GOOD SAVE! Rodrigues is still pushing at the other end for Luxembourg and he has to go it alone down the left this time. He takes the shot from a tight angle, hitting it low across goal, and Patricio gets down to push it wide.
Bruno Fernandes
69' Fernandes curls the corner into a dangerous area on the edge of the six-yard box and sets it up perfectly for Palhinha.
João Palhinha
69' PALHINHA SCORES! The keeper doesn't do well this time as Fernandes swings another corner into the box. Moris comes for it, but Palhinha gets there just ahead of him to nod it over the keeper and into the back of the empty net. 4-0 Portugal!
68' WHAT A SAVE! It's a wonderful cross from Cancelo on the right and Ronaldo touches it into the air before going for an incredible bicycle kick. It's straight down the middle, but Moris manages to touch it over the bar with his fingertips.
67' Andre Silva is tripped as he drives through the middle again, but Ronaldo picks it up and carries on the attack. He tries to pull it back for the forward when he gets to the edge of the box, but he isn't there and Luxembourg have it back.
João Mário
João Moutinho
65' Portugal are making their first change now, and it's Moutinho that's going off for Joao Mario.
64' Pinto and Rodrigues link up well down the left before the forward switches it out to Deville with a brilliant pass. His first touch lets him down though and Mendes is quick to win it back.
62' GREAT CHANCE! Moutinho touches it out to Mendes, and he whips in another brilliant cross from the left. Chanot misses it at the near post and Fernandes is sprinting onto it through the middle, but he just can't get the touch he needs to poke it past Moris.
60' Carlson gifts the ball back to Portugal with another sloppy pass. Luckily for him, Palhinha overhits the throughball out to the right for Bernardo Silva, and Moris rushes out of his box to hook it clear.
58' WIDE! Andre Silva is allowed to carry the ball a long way as he surges through the middle and the space just opens up ahead of him. He chooses to have a go from range but fires his effort wide of the far post.
56' CHANCE! Deville clumsily brings down Mendes from behind to give away a free-kick and the left-back steps up to take it. He curls a good cross into the far post and Palhinha pokes it on with his studs, but it's just wide.
54' It's better from Luxembourg now as Borges Sanches makes a driving run down the left before pulling it back to Sinani on the edge of the box. He takes it around Moutinho to open up space for a shot, but it's straight at Patricio.
53' It's a good throughball from Moutinho onto the edge of the box for Andre Silva to chase, and it looks like the forward has the better of Chanot. The defender does brilliantly to get back though and slides in to take it off his foot.
51' Portugal are keeping the pressure on here and Luxembourg are sitting deep in their own half. The hosts switch it from left to right, with Fernandes helping it onto Cancelo, but his cross is blocked.
49' CLOSE! Mendes drifts inside from the left and pulls the ball back to Ronaldo, who makes a late run to join him in the area. He hits the shot first time across goal, and Moris is beaten, but it rolls just wide of the far post.
48' GREAT SAVE! Bernardo Silva's corner causes all sorts of problems as it hits Ronaldo before falling to Dias, but his close-range effort is smothered by Moris. Andre Silva has a go on the follow-up, but it's blocked by Carlson before Chanot throws himself in front of Palhinha's shot.
46' Luxembourg get us back underway for the second half!
M. Deville
S. Thill
46' Sebastien Thill is also making way, with Deville on to replace him.
Y. Borges Sanches
O. Thill
46' Luxembourg are making a double change at the start of the second half, with Olivier Thill going off for Borges Sanches.
As things stand, Serbia are drawing with Azerbaijan in the other group game, so Portugal would leapfrog them back into first place. They've been comfortable throughout and look like they have more goals in them. This result would see Luxembourg's slim hopes of a World Cup play-off place ended, barring a big second-half turnaround.
Portugal are cruising at half-time as they lead Luxembourg 3-0. The damage was done in the first 20 minutes of the game, with Ronaldo scoring twice from the spot, sending the first straight down the middle before sneaking the second just past Moris. Fernandes added a third not long after when he scored from a difficult angle on the right of the box. The keeper also made a good late save to deny Ronaldo, and Luxembourg haven't managed a single effort.
45' + 1' Portugal have a free-kick on the right and Moutinho curls a great cross into the box. Andre Silva rises highest to get his head on it on the penalty spot, but his effort is straight at Moris.
44' Bernardo Silva takes the corner short this time but swings a cross into the box when he gets the return ball. It's behind everyone apart from Dias, who cushions it into Pepe, and he lifts it back into the middle. Silva goes for a bicycle kick, but it's straight at Moris.
42' GOOD SAVE! Palhinha drives through the middle but manages to touch it out to Andre Silva before he's dragged down. He picks out a good throughball to Ronaldo, but his low shot is pushed away by Moris, who rushed off his line.
40' Luxembourg look to Rodrigues to get them upfield again and he's not closed down as he drives through the middle. He tries to switch it out to Olivier Thill, but it's Andre Silva that intercepts the pass this time.
38' Pinto cushions a header down for Rodrigues, as he tries to set his side on the counter. Cancelo quickly slides in, but goes through the back of the player to win the ball, and gives away a free-kick.
36' It's a lovely pass out from Pepe to Cancelo, and he cuts inside before switching it to Ronaldo. He catches out Sebastien Thill with a wonderful backheel flick to Mendes, but he can't find a way through on the wing.
34' Cancelo slides a great throughball into Fernandes and he pulls away from Pinto to get into space before whipping a low cross towards Ronaldo at the far post. Carlson reads it well and intercepts it, but a belated offside flag goes up anyway.
C. Martins
Yellow Card
32' Martins has his arms around Bernardo Silva as he tries to stop his run, and it earns him a yellow card.
30' Luxembourg's high press is starting to cause Portugal a few problems here as Martins switches play out to Pinto on the left. He takes it around Cancelo before fizzing a low cross into Sinani, but his first touch lets him down.
28' It's a risky pass back to Moris by Pinto after he makes a good tackle to dispossess Fernandes on the right. Andre Silva is rushing towards the goalkeeper, but Moris just does enough to hook it clear in time.
26' Bernardo Silva gets back to intercept Barreiro's pass, but Rodrigues quickly wins it back before touching it out to Sebastien Thill on the left. He tries to float a cross into the box, but it's cleared ahead of Sinani by Palhinha.
24' Jans switches play out to Olivier Thill on the right and he initially does well to turn away from Mendes before pushing through the middle. He has Sinani up with him in support, but Pepe crowds him off the ball.
Nuno Mendes
Yellow Card
22' Mendes loses his balance and goes to ground before pulling back Olivier Thill to stop him from getting onto the loose ball. He's shown the first booking of the game, and that means he'll miss the next match.
21' CHANCE! Bernardo Silva curls another good corner into the box and Dias makes a late, unmarked, run towards the penalty spot. He thumps a header towards goal, but it's straight down the middle at Moris.
19' Luxembourg are trying to patiently work their way upfield, but they're struggling to find a way past Portugal's high press. Martins looks to Rodrigues down the left, but Mendes is there to break it up.
Bernardo Silva
17' Pinto just hasn't been able to cope with Bernardo Silva so far, and didn't track back to stop him from getting into the box.
Bruno Fernandes
17' FERNANDES SCORES! Yet again, Bernardo Silva gets away down the right, and he slides a good throughball into Fernandes, who times his run perfectly. It's a tight angle, but he drills a low shot across goal and Moris does get a hand to it, but he can't stop it from hitting the back of the net. 3-0 Portugal!
15' Bernardo Silva surges forward down the right again and Pinto just can't get close to him. He curls in a dangerous, low cross from the byline to Andre Silva at the near post, but his shot is deflected over by Carlson.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
13' RONALDO SCORES! He goes the same way as he did in the last one, but keeps the shot much lower this time. Moris does dive the right way this time, but can't get a hand to it and the ball nestles into the bottom corner. 2-0 Portugal!
12' NO GOAL! It's another great penalty from Ronaldo as he fires it into the top right corner, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way again. The referee's whistle goes as he runs off to celebrate, and he's going to have to take it again as Pepe was encroaching the box.
10' ANOTHER PENALTY TO PORTUGAL! It's a poor pass from Carlson that gifts possession to Fernandes, and he lays it off to Ronaldo with his first touch. He drives into the box, wrongfooting Carlson to get into the middle and Moris comes flying off his line and takes out the forward's feet, leaving the referee no choice but to point to the spot again.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
8' RONALDO SCORES! The captain steps up to the spot to and he hits it with a lot of power. He hits it straight down the middle, lifting it high over the keeper, who was diving to his right, and Moris had no chance of keeping that one out. 1-0 Portugal!
6' PENALTY TO PORTUGAL! Bernardo Silva weaves his way between two Luxembourg defenders as he cuts into the box from the right, but Sebastien Thill doesn't give it up. There's a tangle of legs with Silva going down, and the referee points straight to the spot.
4' Barreiro slides the ball through to Rodrigues, and Palhinha looks to have dealt with it until it skids under his foot. The forward holds him off as he turns, but he can't pick out Sinani's run down the right.
2' It's a lovely switch of play from Dias out to Bernardo Silva out on the right, and he plays a one-two with Ronaldo to try and open up space. When that doesn't work, he touches it to Fernandes, who whips a first-time cross into the box, but it's too deep for Andre Silva.
1' Ronaldo gets the game underway for Portugal!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Luxembourg have beaten Portugal just once in their history - a 4-2 home win over them in October 1961 in qualifying for the 1962 World Cup.
Luc Holtz makes just two changes to the side that lost to Serbia last time out. He welcomes back Martins and Rodrigues, who missed that match through suspension, with Borges Sanches and Deville dropping to the bench.
Fernando Santos makes eight changes from the friendly win over Qatar on Saturday, after giving his fringe players a chance to play in that game. He returns to a more recognised line-up, with only Mendes, Andre Silva and Ronaldo, who is back after serving a suspension in their last qualifier against Azerbaijan, retaining their places.
LUXEMBOURG SUBS: Michael Omosanya, Raph Schon, Eric Valga, Kevin Malget, Maurice Deville, Vahid Selimovic, Eldin Dzogovic, Yvandro Borges, Edvin Muratovic, Tim Kips, Aldin Skenderovic, Diogo Pimentel.
LUXEMBOURG STARTING XI (4-4-2): Anthony Moris; Laurent Jans, Maxime Chanot, Dirk Carlson, Michael Pinto; Danel Sinani, Christopher Martins, Leandro Barreiro, Olivier Thill; Gedson Rodrigues, Sebastien Thill.
PORTUGAL SUBS: Matheus, Anthony Lopes, Nelson Semedo, Goncalo Guedes, Joao Mario, Diogo Costa, Diogo Dalot, Jose Fonte, Ruben Neves, William Carvalho, Danilo Pereira, Rafael Leao.
PORTUGAL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Rui Patricio; Joao Cancelo, Pepe, Ruben Dias, Nuno Mendes; Joao Palhinha, Joao Moutinho, Bruno Fernandes; Cristiano Ronaldo, Andre Silva, Bernardo Silva.
Portugal have slipped to second in the group, but do have a game in hand over new leaders Serbia. They're unbeaten in qualifying so far (W4 D1) and have won all four games in all competitions since being knocked out of the Euros in the last 16. As for Luxembourg, they still have a slim chance of being able to qualify in a play-off place, but that means this match is a must-win for them. They've won two and lost three of their group games so far, but are winless in their last three in all competitions (D1 L2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Group A World Cup qualifier between Portugal and Luxembourg at the Estadio Algarve!