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90' + 3'
Gabriel Jesus
Bruno Guimarães
1 - 5
Philippe Coutinho
1 - 4
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
Hwang Ui-Jo
1 - 1

Match Stats

40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 9
Total Passes 403 591
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Both teams are next in action on Sunday in further friendly matches. South Korea host Chile in Daejeon, while Brazil take on Japan in Tokyo.
Brazil produce an outstanding performance to defeat South Korea 5-1 in Seoul and to extend a run of victories by a four-goal margin to four games. Richarlison opened the scoring for Tite's men, but Hwang Ui-Jo cancelled out his effort with a fine strike. However, the Selecao responded as Neymar scored two penalties with the aid of VAR on both occasions after Alex Sandro was fouled twice in the box. Philippe Coutinho slammed home a strike on the volley before Gabriel Jesus scored the pick of the punch with a brilliant run and finish to cap off a fine display from the visitors.
Bruno Guimarães
90' + 3' Guimaraes finds Jesus with an offload before the forward does the rest with a fine run and finish.
Gabriel Jesus
90' + 3' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! JESUS MAKES ITS FIVE!!!!! 5-1!!!!!!! Brazil score their fifth as Jesus produces a mesmeric run and finish to cap an impressive performance from the visitors. The forward cuts in from the right flank with a mazy run, drifting through challenges with ease. Jesus then produces a fine finish on his left foot to find the bottom-left corner. A fantastic goal from the Manchester City man.
90' + 2' South Korea press for a second goal to end the game on a high note, but Chul and Sang-Ho see their deliveries into the the box cleared to safety.
90' There will be four minutes of added time.
Jeong Woo-Yeong
Yellow Card
88' Woo-Yeong goes into the book for a poor challenge on Guimaraes in the middle of the park.
86' CHANCE! Jesus offloads to Cunha, who has a sight of goal from the edge of the box. He fires low and hard towards the bottom-left corner, but Seung-gyu pushes his strike past the post.
Kwon Chang-Hoon
Hwang Hee-Chan
84' Hwang Hee-Chan makes way after a decent outing and is replaced by Chang-Hoon.
82' SAVE! Son cuts in from the right flank and angles a strike at goal towards the top-left corner on his left foot. It looks to be a certain goal before Weverton sticks out a hand to push it away from the net.
81' CLOSE! Hwang Hee-Chan collects a deep cross from Moon-Hwan at the back post and forces an effort towards goal, but Weverton and Marquinho keep the ball out of the net.
Bruno Guimarães
Lucas Paquetá
81' Guimaraes replaces Paqueta for the Selecao for the closing stages.
Matheus Cunha
81' Cunha comes on in the middle of the park to replace Fred.
Philippe Coutinho
80' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! COUTINHO FINDS THE TOP-RIGHT CORNER!!!! 4-1!!!! South Korea get themselves in a mess at the back and Coutinho is on the spot to fire home on the volley. Young-Gwon fails to clear a Vinicius header and the ball falls perfectly for Coutinho in the inside-left channel. He strikes the ball first-time and produces a clinical finish to find the net.
Gabriel Jesus
78' Jesus enters the action to replace Raphinha in the final third.
Philippe Coutinho
78' Neymar makes way after scoring twice from the spot and pulling the strings in the final third. Coutinho replaces the forward.
75' OFF THE POST! Neymar draws in defenders before offloading to Raphinha on the edge of the box. The forward curls a strike towards the top-left corner, but sees his effort clatter off the post and bounce to safety.
73' BLOCK! Neymar spreads the ball wide for Vinicius to break into the inside-left channel. He opens up room for a strike, but sees his effort diverted behind for a corner by Moon-Hwan.
Na Sang-Ho
Hwang Ui-Jo
71' Ui-Jo, the South Korea goalscorer, leaves the field for the home side and is replaced by Sang-Ho.
Vinícius Júnior
71' Vinicius, who scored the decisive goal in the Champions League final, enters the action from the bench to replace Richarlison. Neymar will likely push forward now.
71' Fabinho enters the action to replace Casemiro in the Brazil midfield.
70' Neymar turns past Moon-Hwan down the left flank and sends a cutback into the middle. Fred and Richarlison both opt against the strike, but Raphinha then fails to take his chance. Neymar regains possession and feeds Raphinha on the byline, but he loses the ball behind for a goal-kick.
68' Hwang Hee-Chan makes a great break down the left flank for the home side and enters the box, only to be halted by a perfect sliding challenge from Casemiro.
66' Raphinha twists and turns in the inside-right channel and leaves Chul in his wake. He steers a low ball across the face of goal looking for Richarlison, but Seung-gyu makes a stop with his boot.
64' Neymar looks to thread the needle to release Raphinha in the inside-right channel, but Seung-gyu commits himself and diverts the ball away from the forward before he can fire at goal.
61' We're back under way in Seoul as both players are fine to continue.
60' Son and Thiago Silva collided in the aftermath of his offload on the edge of the box, and both players require treatment before the game can resume.
59' SAVE! Son offloads to the right flank for Hwang In-Beom to collect and he shapes to shoot from the edge of the box. Weverton does well to parry his effort before the rebound bounces off Alex Sandro and into his grasp.
Kim Moon-Hwan
Paik Seung-Ho
58' Seung-Ho is withdrawn in the South Korea midfield and is replaced by Moon-Hwan.
Jeong Woo-Yeong
Lee Yong
58' Woo-Yeong replaces Yong for the home side on the right flank.
Penalty Goal
57' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! NEYMAR SCORES HIS SECOND SPOT-KICK!!!! 3-1 BRAZIL!!!! The Selecao extend their lead as Neymar slots home another effort from 12 yards. He does another stutter-step and a large stride before sending Seung-gyu the wrong way, finding the bottom-right corner.
56' VAR! PENALTY TO BRAZIL! The Selecao have their second penalty as VAR overturns the decision as Young-Gwon is deemed to have caught Alex Sandro. It was a debatable call to say the least.
54' Alex Sandro is played into space in the inside-left channel and he goes down under pressure from Young-Gwon. However, the referee is unmoved, but VAR will check the decision.
53' SAVE! Neymar threads the needle to release Paqueta in the inside-left channel and he fires at goal on his left foot, but Seung-gyu is alert and turns his effort past the right post.
50' Paqueta is played into space down the left flank and he drills an low cross into the box, but Young-Gwon clears ahead of Richarlison in the middle.
47' South Korea press back up field and Son offloads to the left flank for Chul, but he loses his balance and falls into the legs of Dani Alves in the process. The veteran full-back requires treatment and Brazil have a free-kick.
46' CHANCE! Seung-gyu loses possession on the edge of his own box and it allows Fred to tee up Richarlison. Young-Gwon comes in with a vital challenge to prevent the forward from firing into an empty net.
46' We're back under way in Seoul.
It has been an entertaining game in Seoul. Brazil should be further ahead, but Thiago Silva struck the bar, while others have been wasteful in the final third. South Korea do have a threat on the break, but they have been cut open with ease at times by the visitors. They're going to have to force the issue in the second half, which could leave them even more exposed.
Brazil hold a 2-1 lead over South Korea at the break in their friendly clash in Seoul. The Selecao took the lead in the early stages as Richarlison deflected Fred's strike into the net. The hosts responded through a stunner from Hwang Ui-Jo as he turned past Thiago Silva and beat Weverton with a precise effort. However, Brazil regained their advantage before the break from the penalty spot after Alex Sandro was fouled in the are and Neymar converted from 12 yards.
45' + 2' OFF THE BAR AND OVER! Thiago Silva rattles the bar as he attacks Neymar's corner before Casemiro steers the rebound over the bar from close range. The defender rises highest in the box and powers a header towards the net, only to be denied by the bar. The rebound falls perfectly for Casemiro, but when he sticks out a leg the ball loops over the bar with the goal gaping.
45' + 1' Neymar surges into the South Korea box and tries to open up space for a strike, but Young-Gwon reacts to stick out a leg and send the ball behind for a corner.
45' There will be two minutes of added time.
45' OVER! Neymar swings the resulting corner into the box for Thiago Silva to attack, but he can only glance his effort over the bar.
44' BLOCK! Paqueta seizes on a loose pass in the middle of the park and surges at the South Korea defence. He lines up a strike on his left foot that Kyung-Won has to deflect over the bar with an outstretched leg.
Penalty Goal
42' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! NEYMAR RESTORES BRAZIL'S LEAD!!!!! 2-1!!!!!! The forward is cool from the spot as he takes a stutter-step before side-footing his effort into the net, sending Seung-gyu the wrong way. A nice penalty from the Paris Saint-Germain man.
39' VAR! PENALTY TO BRAZIL! The referee goes to the screen at the side of the field and overturns his decision not to award a penalty to Brazil. Yong does clip Alex Sandro and on review, the official points to the spot.
38' SAVE! Fred tees up Dani Alves as the visitors continue their attack and his drive is once again stopped by the diving Seung-gyu, who gathers the ball at the second attempt.
38' WHAT A SAVE! Alex Sandro breaks down the left flank and clips a cross into the box for Richarlison to attack. He powers a header into the ground towards the bottom-left corner, but Seung-gyu dives well to his right to push it away from goal, displaying great reactions. Alex Sandro goes down on the rebound in a challenge with Yong and the visitors appeal for a penalty that is turned down on the pitch.
35' Chul finds space down the left flank and looks for Son on the edge of the box, but his pass is intercepted by Thiago Silva allowing Brazil to counter.
32' Paqueta tries to respond for the visitors, but he sees his strike from distance charged down by Yong. Brazil have work to do to regain control.
Hwang Ui-Jo
31' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! HWANG UI-JO LEVELS THE SCORES WITH A STUNNER!!!!!! 1-1!!!! South Korea are back in the game as the forward turns in the final third before burying a precise strike past Weverton. Ui-Jo collects an offload from Hwang Hee-Chan on the edge of the box and fends off Thiago Silva, turning past the defender to open up space for a shot. He connects with power on his right foot, sending it away from Weverton and into the left corner to find the net.
29' The visitors look for the deep cross to the back post as Raphinha cuts inside from the right flank, but he sees his cross headed away from Richarlison by Young-Gwon.
26' Woo-Young loses out to Paqueta on the edge of his own box and loses possession. Fortunately for the home side, Fred is forced out wide from the resulting break and the attack from the Selecao peters out.
25' Raphinha clips a dangerous cross to the back post for Richarlison to attack, but he goes down under pressure in the box. The referee tells the forward to get to his feet.
23' We're back under way in Seoul after the break for Woo-Young's knock as the midfielder appears to be okay to continue.
21' Woo-Young is down for the home side and requires treatment on the field after he was pressure by Fred in the middle of the park.
19' South Korea are opting to pass the ball out from the back, which is inviting pressure from the Selecao. Neymar, Paqueta, Richarlison and Raphinha have been exellent pressing the home side's defenders in possession.
17' Brazil keep the pressure on down the right flank and Woo-Young is forced to concede another corner to keep Neymar at bay.
15' The game has been very open in the early stages of the contest. Brazil are playing with freedom and are looking dangerous in the final third, but the hosts do have a threat on the break.
14' Raphinha cuts inside from the right flank and angles a dangerous cross to the back post on his left foot that Young-Gwon has to head behind and away from Richarlison.
12' SAVE! South Korea break down the left flank through Chul, and he offloads back to Son to strike on his left foot, His effort is blocked by Thiago Silva, but the rebound falls kindly for In-Beom to line up a drive. Weverton gets across to palm his right-footed shot away from the net before Son sends a tame strike into the hands of the Brazil keeper on another follow-up.
11' OVER! Casemiro feeds the ball into the path of Richarlison on the edge of the box. The forward chests it back towards Fred, who lines up a strike on his left foot, but he sends his effort over the bar.
8' CHANCE! Brazil win possession in the final third and Neymar tries to carve out space for a strike. He is forced wide and has to offload to Raphinha in the box, but the forward blasts his left-footed volley over the bar.
7' Fred latches on to Alex Sandro's cutback and fires at goal, and he sees his effort deflected past Seung-gyu by Richarlison.
7' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! RICHARLISON DEFLECTS FRED'S STRIKE INTO THE NET!!! BRAZIL 1-0!!!!!! The Selecao are in front now as Richarlison flicks Fred's strike from close range past Seung-gyu. Alex Sandro makes a driving run into the inside-left channel and cuts a dangerous low ball into the middle for Fred. The midfielder steers a strike towards the net, where Richarlison reacts to flick it into the roof of the net.
4' Neymar finds space in the hole and works an offload to Paqueta, who fires at goal on his left foot, but he sends his attempt straight at Seung-gyu.
2' DISALLOWED GOAL! Thiago Silva nods the ball into the net from close range from a precise cross from Alex Sandro from the left flank, but the flag goes up for offside. Almost a fast start for Tite's men.
1' We're under way in Seoul.
The teams are out on the pitch so we should be under way shortly.
Tite still has a strong squad to choose from even without Ederson between the sticks as Weverton gets the nod ahead of Alisson, while Madrid's Brazilian stars are available after their triumph. Neymar could be used in a midfield role behind Paqueta, Richarlison and Raphinha with Fred and and Casemiro in the ranks, although it could equally be a 4-2-4 formation.
Korea appear to opting for a 4-3-3 formation with Son, Hwang Hee-Chan and Hwang Ui-Jo leading the line, although Son could operate on the flank. Bento has made changes from his side's defeat to UAE last time out, primarily in the defence as Yong and Kyung-won come into the fold in the backline.
BRAZIL SUBS: Alisson, Alex Telles, Guilherme Arana, Philippe Coutinho, Leo Ortiz, Fabinho, Gabriel Jesus, Bruno Guimaraes, Vinicius Junior, Matheus Cunha, Rodrygo.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Weverton; Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Fred, Casemiro, Neymar; Raphinha, Richarlison, Lucas Paqueta.
SOUTH KOREA SUBS: Jung Seung-hyun, Cho Gue-Sung, Jeong Woo-Yeong, Kim Dong-Jun, Kim Moon-Hwan, Na Sang-Ho, Kwon Chang-Hoon, Kim Tae-Hwan, Cho Yu-Min, Ko Seung-Beom, Um Won-Sang, Jo Hyeon-Woo.
SOUTH KOREA (4-3-3): Kim Seung-gyu; Lee Yong, Kwon Kyung-Won, Kim Young-Gwon, Hong Chul; Hwang In-Beom, Jung Woo-young, Paik Seung-Ho; Hwang Hee-chan, Hwang Ui-jo, Son Heung-min.
Brazil return to action for the first time since their suspended contest against Argentina after Brazilian health officials stormed the field. The outcome had no ramifications on qualification for the World Cup, but the Selecao will be looking to put the bizarre incident behind them in their preparations for the tournament. Tite's men had won their previous three matches by a 4-0 margin, including a dominant performance against Chile. The Selecao will be determined to keep up their clinical run today.
South Korea are gearing up their preparations for the World Cup later this year with a mammoth test against Brazil. They qualified for the competition with a flourish by finishing second in their group, only losing one game during the process which came against the United Arab Emirates in their last outing. Paulo Bento will be looking to test out his squad against one of the leading teams in the world in the bid to find form to take forward.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the friendly match between South Korea and Brazil at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.