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90' + 4'
L. Shengelia
Red Card
90' + 2'
Dani Olmo
Jordi Alba
1 - 2
Yellow Card
Ferran Torres
Jordi Alba
1 - 1
K. Kvaratskhelia
O. Kiteishvili
1 - 0

Match Stats

21% 78%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 3
Total Passes 228 869
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Spain ESP Spain 8 6 1 1 15 5 +10 19 W W W W L
2 Sweden SWE Sweden 8 5 0 3 12 6 +6 15 L L W W L
3 Greece GRE Greece 8 2 4 2 8 8 0 10 D L L W W
4 Georgia GEO Georgia 8 2 1 5 6 12 -6 7 W W L L L
5 Kosovo RKS Kosovo 8 1 2 5 5 15 -10 5 D L L L D


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That win takes Spain to the top of Group B for now, with Kosovo and Sweden due to kick off shortly in the other group game. Next up for them is a visit from Kosovo. As for Georgia, they stay rooted to the bottom after starting their qualifying campaign with two losses. They'll be hoping to get something when they travel to Greece on Tuesday.
Olmo's stoppage-time goal seals a dramatic 2-1 win for Spain over Georgia. The hosts took the lead just before half-time when Kvaratskhelia drilled a low shot into the bottom corner. Spain kept the pressure on after the break and pulled one back when Torres tapped in from close range. Olmo then sealed it with a fantastic long-range effort that Loria couldn't keep out, despite getting his hands to it, before Shengelia received a late red card for a rash challenge on Pedri.
L. Shengelia
Red Card
90' + 4' GEORGIA DOWN TO 10! Shengelia's first touch was heavy and he slid in wildly on Pedri in his attempt to stay in possession. It was a very poor tackle, catching the midfielder high, and the referee goes straight to his pocket and shows him a red card.
Jordi Alba
90' + 2' Alba spots Olmo in a pocket of space in the middle and slips the ball to him for his second assist of the game.
Dani Olmo
90' + 2' OLMO SCORES! Spain's pressure finally pays off and they have the lead in stoppage time! Olmo is a long way out when he's played in by Alba but he goes for goal anyway drilling his shot towards the far top corner. Loria gets his hands to it, but the power takes it past him and into the back of the net. 2-1 Spain!
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes and Spain are not letting up the pressure on Georgia's goal as they look for a late winner. Pedri spots Alba's run into the box from the left, but his throughball is played straight into Kashia.
89' Shengelia is trying to keep the attack alive for Georgia when he's played in by Chabradze but he's quickly closed down by four Spain players. He tries to chip it over Oyarzabal to Beridze, but it's cut out by the substitute.
87' Georgia just can't get their lines clear as Dvali gifts the ball to Torres on the right and he pulls it back from the byline. He picks out Pedri on the edge of the box and he fires his shot on goal, but Kashia gets there ahead of Loria to make an important block.
85' The box is crowded as Pedri swings the corner into the box and Morata does well to rise above the two defenders marking him to get on the end of it. He can't direct his header on target though and it bounces wide of the far post.
83' Georgia are sitting deep in their half again at the moment and Spain are struggling to get in behind them. Pedri finds himself in a pocket of space in the middle, but he has no runners ahead of him and he's forced to go back to Garcia.
81' Torres has scored four of Spain's last seven goals, with three of them coming in the second half of games.
G. Chabradze
O. Kakabadze
79' Kakabadze just pulled up with cramp so he makes his way off the field with the medical team and Chabradze is on to replace him.
N. Kvekveskiri
K. Kvaratskhelia
79' Last two changes for Georgia now, with Kvaratskhelia going off for Kvekveskiri.
77' CHANCE! Alba cuts inside from the left and lays the ball off to Olmo. He has his back to goal, so turns away from Dvali before drilling a low shot towards the far bottom corner, but he drags it well wide of the post.
75' It's a good move from Spain as Pedri slides the ball out to Alba on the left and he fizzes a first-time cross into the six-yard box. Morata is running onto it through the middle, but Loria is quickly off his line to cut it out at the near post.
Mikel Oyarzabal
Sergio Busquets
73' The final change for Spain sees Busquets making way, with Oyarzabal on in his place.
G. Beridze
O. Kiteishvili
71' Kiteishvili is also taken off, with Beridze replacing him.
L. Shengelia
S. Lobzhanidze
70' There's a double change for Georgia now and Lobzhanidze is the first to make way, with Shengelia on for him.
69' Georgia break quickly again with Lobzhanidze leading the counter-attack down the right this time. He fizzes a low cross into Kvilitaia on the edge of the box, but Martinez is there for Spain again to clear the danger.
67' Kankava sees Kvaratskhelia breaking down the right for Georgia after they win the ball back on the edge of their own box and he tries to set him on the counter with a long ball over the top. Martinez reads it well though and makes the interception for Spain.
Marcos Llorente
Pedro Porro
65' Fourth change for Spain now and Porro is the one making way for Marcos Llorente.
64' Martinez plays a good throughball into Pedri and he rides the challenge from Kankava before driving towards the box. He touches it out to Olmo on the left and he can't keep hold of it under pressure from Kashia.
G. Kvilitaia
B. Zivzivadze
62' First change for Georgia now and it's Zivzivadze that's going off, with Kvilitaia replacing him.
60' It's played out to Alba on the left again and he tries to whip his cross to Torres on the edge of the box, but it's blocked by Gvilia. There are some half-hearted shouts for a penalty for handball, but the referee waves away the claims.
58' Georgia are pushing forward in an attempt to get their lead back and it's frantic at the back for Spain as a corner is swung into the box. Simon just manages to reach it ahead of Zivzivadze and he gets some distance on his punch.
Jordi Alba
56' Alba has a lot of time to pick out his cross after setting himself and he curls a dangerous cross into the six-yard box which catches out Georgia's defenders.
Ferran Torres
56' TORRES EQUALISES! Alba finally manages to find some space in the middle and swings a cross into the box. Morata misses it and Torres is following in at the back, getting ahead of Dvali to tap it in from close range. 1-1!
54' Ruiz takes the corner quickly, trying to catch out Georgia by drilling it into the near post, but it's cleared back to him by Kashia. He floats his second cross into the middle for Garcia, but he can't head his effort on goal.
Thiago Alcântara
Fabián Ruiz
54' There's another change for Spain now and it's Ruiz that's making way for Thiago.
52' Alba is trying to make something happen down the left, but just like in the first half, the final pass is letting Spain down. He gets away from Kakabadze but then swings his cross straight to Dvali in the middle.
50' Georgia have everyone sitting deep as Spain push forward again and the visitors just can't find a way through their defence. Torres tries to have a go from range, but his effort loops up off Giorbelidze and Loria comes off his line to collect it.
48' Spain have made a bright start to the second half and are putting Georgia under a lot of early pressure here. It's worked out to Porro on the left and he's looking for Morata with his cross, but it's flicked out for a corner by Kakabadze.
46' Spain get us back underway for the second half!
Íñigo Martínez
Diego Llorente
46' Llorente is also taken off, with Martinez on in his place.
Dani Olmo
Bryan Gil
46' There's a double change for Spain at the start of the second half, with Gil making way for Olmo.
Spain dominated possession in the first half, but their play in the final third let them down a lot and they barely troubled Loria, which Enrique will want to see that change in the second half. Georgia looked dangerous every time they broke forward though, with Kvaratskhelia causing the most problems, and Sagnol will be very pleased with his team so far.
Georgia take a 1-0 lead over Spain into the break. It's been a game of few chances and Spain had the best one early on when Torres curled a shot towards the near post which was saved by Loria. Kashia saw a header pushed away by Simon at the other end and Kvaratskhelia gave them the lead just before half-time when he drilled his low shot across goal and into the far bottom corner.
O. Kiteishvili
43' As soon as the ball is played into him, Kiteishvili gets his head up and plays an early pass into the space ahead of Kvaratskhelia to set up the goal.
K. Kvaratskhelia
43' GEORGIA LEAD! It's too easy for the hosts to get in behind as Kiteishvili squares it to Kvaratskhelia in a lot of space on the edge of the box. He takes a touch before hitting his shot across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Georgia!
42' CHANCE! Gil is picked out in space on the edge of the box but he chooses to pick out Alba instead of having a shot. They work it back to Torres in the middle but he leans back as he hits the shot and fires it high over the bar.
40' It looks like Ruiz has overrun the ball, but he does well to keep it in play and touch it back to Porro, who swings a good cross into the box. Morata meets it in the middle, but his first touch is poor and he gifts it to Kashia.
38' Spain's frustration is starting to show after a free-kick is given against Morata for a handball. Enrique isn't happy with the decisions going against his side and he's making his feelings clear on the sideline.
36' Spain's passing into the final third is letting them down at the moment and making it hard for them to get in behind Georgia. Llorente tries to pick out Porro down the right, but there's too much on the throughball and it goes straight out of play.
34' Gil goes to ground in the box after stretching to try and meet Porro's low cross and he's asking for a penalty. There was a coming together between him and Dvali, but there was nothing in it and the referee waves play on.
32' It's a great ball over the top from Garcia to pick out Porro and none of the Georgia defenders have spotted his run down the right. His first touch lets him down though and Giorbelidze is quickly across to win it back.
30' Yet again, Spain are keeping the ball well which means Georgia have dropped deep in their own half to close down the space. Ruiz is looking for Morata with his throughball into the box, but it's collected by Loria.
28' Lobzhanidze intercepts Busquets' pass and sets Georgia off on another quick break. He has a lot of support up with him, but he chooses to go for goal himself, cutting inside and drilling a shot on goal from outside the box, but it's blocked by Llorente.
26' Spain don't get their lines clear following a Georgia corner and the hosts are on the attack again. Kiteishvili's first touch is heavy, but it bounces to Kvaratskhelia, who takes the shot first time, only to see it blocked by Garcia.
24' Spain switch play out to the right with Torres and he plays a one-two with Ruiz to try and open up some space in behind Giorbelidze. He sets off too early for the return pass though and the flag goes up against him.
22' Again, Alba and Gil link up well down the left wing and the defender fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Dvali misses it as he dives in but he managed to put off Torres and he misses the ball and the chance for a tap-in.
20' Morata peels off the back of Kashia and Busquets spots the run early so he plays a long ball over the top to try and pick out the run. The defender recovers well though and manages to hook it away from Morata at the near post.
B. Zivzivadze
Yellow Card
18' Spain break quickly after Georgia's corner and Zivzivadze pulls back Morata to stop them from breaking quickly on the counter.
18' GOOD SAVE! It's a great cross in from the corner and Kashia reacts quickest in the middle to flick his header on goal. He sends it into the ground and Simon gets down quickly to smother his effort.
17' Georgia are causing Spain real problems every time they break forward and Kvaratskhelia is at the heart of it at the moment. He plays it in towards Zivzivadze in the middle, but Garcia cuts out the cross.
15' It's Kvaratskhelia that steps up to take the free-kick and he swings a cross into the crowd waiting in the middle. None of the Georgia players attack the ball though and Simon comes off his line to punch it away.
Pedro Porro
Yellow Card
13' Kvaratskhelia is causing Spain problems again as he breaks down the left this time and Porro is struggling to catch him. He catches him on the back of his heels and is shown a yellow card.
11' GOOD SAVE! Gil's first touch takes the ball away from him and he ends up running into Kashia just inside the box. He goes down but it falls kindly for Torres who hits a shot on goal, but it's pushed away at the near post by Loria.
10' Spain are still finding a lot of joy down their left side, with Alba making another overlapping run to get into space. He curls a cross into the middle towards Morata, but it's blocked by Dvali.
8' Torres does well to weave his way between the two Georgia defenders closing him down on the right and he drives into the box before trying to pick out Morata. Kashia reads it well though and gets back to intercept the cross.
Diego Llorente
Yellow Card
6' Georgia have a chance to break quickly with Kvaratskhelia through the middle and he's away from Llorente. He pulls him back and picks up an early booking.
4' Georgia have everyone sitting back in their own box and trying to block the space ahead of Spain. Ruiz manages to pick out Torres on the edge of the box and he drills a shot on goal which is deflected out for a corner by Dvali.
2' Spain are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and Alba has already made a couple of good runs down the left side. He drives forward again, getting away from Giorbelidze but then hits his cross against Dvali.
1' Kiteishvili gets the game underway for Georgia!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Spain have won two of their three games against Georgia, both in the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. Their only defeat against them was in a friendly match in June 2016.
Luis Enrique makes seven changes to his team after their draw with Greece last time out, with only Simon, Garcia, Torres and Morata retaining their places from that game.
Willy Sagnol makes four changes to the side that lost to Sweden on Thursday, as he brings in Kakabadze, Gvilia, Kiteishvili and Zivzivadze. Chabradze, Aburjania, Kvekveskiri and Kvilitaia drop to the bench.
SPAIN SUBS: Marcos Llorente, Koke, Rodrigo, Dani Olmo, Thiago Alcantara, Sergio Ramos, Inigo Martinez, Sergio Canales, Jose Gaya, David de Gea, Robert Sanchez, Mikel Oyarzabal.
SPAIN STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Unai Simon; Pedro Porro, Eric Garcia, Diego Llorente, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets; Ferran Torres, Fabian Ruiz, Pedri, Bryan Gil; Alvaro Morata.
GEORGIA SUBS: Lazare Kupatadze, Giorgi Aburjania, Giorgi Mamardashvili, Nika Kvekveskiri, Lasha Paranashvili, Jambul Jigauri, Giorgi Beridze, Grigol Chabradze, Gia Grigalava, Levan Shengelia, Giorgi Kvilitaia, Mamuka Kobakhidze.
GEORGIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Giorgi Loria; Guram Giorbelidze, Lasha Dvali, Guram Kashia, Otar Kakabadze; Jaba Kankava, Valeriane Gvilia; Saba Lobzhanidze, Otar Kiteishvili, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia; Budu Zivzivadze.
Spain couldn't get off to a winning start in the group after Greece came from behind to earn a 1-1 draw in the opening game on Thursday, with Luis Enrique's side having won just one of their last four in all competitions (D2 L1). Georgia's qualifying campaign didn't get off to a good start either as they suffered a 1-0 defeat to Sweden, and they come into this match winless in their last six in all competitions (D3 L3).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Qualifier in Group B between Georgia and Spain at the Boris Paichadze Stadium!