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H. Maguire
Yellow Card
H. Kane
Penalty Miss
O. Giroud
A. Griezmann
1 - 2
H. Kane
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
A. Tchouaméni
A. Griezmann
0 - 1

Match Stats

57% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 5
Total Passes 503 377
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France will face Morocco in the semi-final on Wednesday as they edge closer to completing a successful title defence.
France are through to the semi-finals of the World Cup after a 2-1 win over England. The holders broke the deadlock in the 17th minute through Tchouameni's long-range strike into the bottom corner. England made a bright start to the second half, though, and were awarded a penalty after Saka was tripped, and Kane fired it into the back of the net. Giroud restored France's lead in the 78th minute with a header from close range and the Three Lions had another chance to equalise from the spot, but Kane blazed that one high over the bar.
90' + 11' CLOSE! Rashford coolly steps up and he whips it over the wall. There isn't enough dip on the shot, though, and it lands on the roof of the net, much to the static Lloris' relief.
90' + 10' Maguire is tripped just outside the D, and England have one last chance here. Rashford places the ball and it looks like he's taking it.
J. Grealish
J. Stones
90' + 8' Stones gingerly makes his way off the pitch, and England are using this opportunity to go for it. They'll switch to three at the back as Grealish replaces him.
90' + 7' Stones landed awkwardly after an aerial challenge with Giroud, and he's stayed down holding his ankle. The medical team are on to see to him, but it's not looking good for the defender.
90' + 5' Shaw's first cross is blocked, but it's cleared straight back to him by Kounde. He has three in the middle to aim for, but his second attempt is too close to the keeper.
90' + 3' England are searching for the late equaliser they need to take this to extra time. Shaw's corner is cleared by Upamecano, but Sterling recycles it on the right. It's too close to Lloris and he plucks it out of the air.
90' + 1' Giroud is the second player aged 36 or older to score at least four goals in a single edition of a World Cup after Roger Milla for Cameroon in 1990 (four goals at the age of 38).
H. Maguire
Yellow Card
90' Maguire is judged to have led with his elbow during an aerial challenge with Griezmann. He's shown England's first booking at this World Cup.
87' England are keeping the ball well in front of France as they try to regain their rhythm. They do win a free-kick on the right which Mount swings in, but Maguire can't pick out a team-mate.
M. Rashford
P. Foden
85' England are making their third change following that penalty miss. It's Foden that's going off for Rashford.
H. Kane
Penalty Miss
84' KANE MISSES! Just like before, Kane goes to the keeper's right and Lloris is expecting it this time. The England captain goes for power once again, but this time, he blazes it high over the bar and into the stands. Still 2-1 France!
T. Hernández
Yellow Card
82' Hernandez is protesting his innocence, but that won't stop him from being shown a yellow card.
82' PENALTY TO ENGLAND! VAR have a look at the incident and then ask the referee to go over to see it himself. It's a blatant push by Hernandez with the ball nowhere near him and England have another spot-kick.
81' PENALTY APPEAL! Mount is watching the ball drop over his shoulder and he gets a big shove in the back from Hernandez to stop him from bringing it down. England are asking for another penalty and VAR is looking at this...
K. Coman
O. Dembélé
80' France are making a change of their own as Coman comes on in place of Dembele.
R. Sterling
B. Saka
79' And Saka is also taken off, with Sterling replacing him.
M. Mount
J. Henderson
79' There's a double change for England following that France goal. Henderson is the first to make way, with Mount replacing him.
A. Griezmann
78' It's a wonderful cross from Griezmann as he picks up his second assist of the night.
O. Giroud
78' GIROUD SCORES! And France restore their lead! Griezmann's corner is cleared, but it's worked back out to him on the left. It's a brilliant cross and Giroud just gets in front of Maguire to thump a header past Pickford at the near post. 2-1 France!
77' GREAT SAVE! Hernandez curls another good cross in from the left and Dembele cushions it into the middle for Giroud. He opens his foot to volley it down the middle, and Pickford gets two strong hands to it.
76' Dembele's cross from the right is over everyone, so Hernandez recycles it on the far side. It's a better delivery by him, but Giroud gets caught under it and can only flick his header wide.
74' England are asking for another penalty here. Bellingham is waiting for it to bounce, and Upamecano awkwardly gets his leg around him to clear it. It's another clumsy one by the defender, but not enough in it for a foul.
72' GREAT CHANCE! Kane keeps it in play for Shaw, who makes a good run down the left before curling in a dangerous low cross. Saka gets there just ahead of Hernandez, but his effort flashes across goal.
70' CLOSE! Henderson whips in a wonderful free-kick from the right and this time, Maguire is picked out. He flicks his header towards the far post, and it nicks the outside of the woodwork on its way past.
68' Shaw completely misjudges the flight of Mbappe's cross out to Dembele, and the winger volleys it back across the box towards Giroud. He doesn't get enough on it, though, and Foden clears.
66' Giroud and Saka are both down at opposite ends holding their knees. The Frenchman over-stretched while Saka was brought down, but they're able to carry on without treatment.
64' Kane's throughball is blocked and it bounces straight into Griezmann's path. He tries to set France on a quick counter, but can't find a way past Henderson.
62' SAVE! England work it well down the right, and Saka gets the better of Hernandez again. This time, he pulls it back to Kane, who drills a low shot towards the near post, but Lloris holds it.
60' SAVE! Saka drops deep and spins to find the space open up ahead of him. He drives into the box, brushing off Tchouameni, but the shot at the end lets him down as he scuffs it straight at Lloris.
59' Kane has scored his 53rd goal for England, taking him level with Wayne Rooney as the highest scorer for the men's side.
57' Mbappe beats Walker in a race down the left before squaring it in from the byline. Giroud leaves it for Dembele behind him, but a heavy touch gets away from him and Henderson is able to clear it.
55' GOOD SAVE! Kounde goes long and picks out Rabiot, who is in acres of space through the middle. England are caught out and he drills a low shot on goal from range, but Pickford gets down to push it away.
H. Kane
Penalty Goal
54' KANE SCORES! The referee's whistle goes, but Kane goes back to reposition the ball on the spot and make Lloris wait a bit longer. When he does step up, it's a brilliant spot-kick as he fires it to the left, sending Lloris the wrong way to pull England level. 1-1!
52' PENALTY TO ENGLAND! Saka is starting to get some joy down the right and he plays a clever one-two with Bellingham as he cuts inside. He draws Tchouameni out to him and is clipped. The referee points straight to the spot.
51' England have never won a World Cup match in which they've been losing at half-time (drawn two, lost six), while France have won 24 of their 25 World Cup games when leading at the break (drawn one).
49' Another corner for England, and Foden curls another deep cross towards Maguire at the far post. Lloris trips on his way out and the defender nods it down for Rice, who touches it straight into the relieved keeper.
47' GREAT SAVE! Foden's corner is half-cleared at the far post, but Henderson keeps it alive for Shaw to tee up Bellingham. He puts his laces through it on the volley and Lloris stretches to tip it over.
O. Dembélé
Yellow Card
46' Dembele tracks back and slides in with a poor challenge on Bellingham. The referee initially plays the advantage, but then goes back to book the winger.
46' England get us back underway for the second half!
France played well in the first half, and have a goal to show for it, but they didn't really create too many other chances, which Deschamps will want to improve on. England had a couple of bright moments themselves, but Southgate will be looking for more ways to get their attacking players in behind to cause some problems.
Tchouameni's goal separates the sides at half-time, with France beating England 1-0. It took 17 minutes for the reigning World champions to find the back of the net, with Tchouameni picking out the bottom corner from range after a quick counter-attack. At the other end, Kane saw one shot smothered by Lloris before a heavily deflected effort had to be tipped wide by the keeper.
45' + 4' Foden's corner is over everyone and France quickly win it back. Bellingham steps in to win it off Hernandez, who stays down, but he's able to get back to his feet without treatment.
45' + 2' Upamecano wins it off Kane again, and he looks to set Mbappe on the counter. He switches it out to Griezmann on the right, but England quickly get back into their shape to smother the attack.
45' Bellingham gets the better of Kounde down the left and manages to squeeze a cross in. Kane is surrounded by four blue shirts in the middle, though, and Rabiot clears his lines.
A. Griezmann
Yellow Card
43' Griezmann clips the back of Walker's heels to give away a free-kick. He's already gotten away with a couple of fouls here, and he's booked for this one.
41' It's good play by England down the right, and Bellingham picks out Saka in space. He clips it towards Kane at the far post and he tries to cushion it back to Foden, but Varane cuts it out.
39' France win a free-kick in midfield and Griezmann plays it short to Dembele just outside the D. He threads it through for Hernandez, who pulls it back to Mbappe, but he fires it high over the bar.
37' England are in possession again, but it's all in front of France, who are staying compact. Maguire is forced to go long for Henderson on the right, but overhits it straight out of play.
35' Saka is trying to take matters into his own hands as he cuts inside from the right again and surges towards the box. Once again, he's toppled by Upamecano, but the referee doesn't give the free-kick England are asking for.
33' It's another sloppy pass from England in their own half, and Mbappe pounces onto it. He drives down the left and has two in the middle to aim for, but Walker stands his ground.
31' Foden's corner causes some real problems in the box and France just can't clear their lines. Maguire and Bellingham are both trying to poke it towards goal, but Rabiot eventually hooks it away from danger.
29' SAVE! Kane finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box and decides to try his luck from range. It takes a big deflection on its way to the near post, and Lloris takes no chances by tipping it wide.
28' England are back on the ball again as Maguire lifts it out to Saka on the right. He plays a clever one-two with Henderson before driving into the box, but he can't pick out Foden.
26' NO PENALTY! Kane goes to ground in the box after a clumsy challenge by Upamecano. The defender tugged him back before their legs tangled on the line, but after looking at the incident, VAR sticks with the onfield incident.
24' England are enjoying a good spell of possession here and Rice fizzes it forward for Kane. He manages to squeeze a pass through to Bellingham, but he can't get it out of his feet.
22' SAVE! Saka plays a reverse pass into Kane, and a lovely turn gets him past Upamecano. Lloris rushes off his line to smother the chance and Henderson chips it to the far post, but Bellingham can't meet it.
20' Saka is brought down just outside the box to the right of the D. Shaw steps up to take it and curls it around the wall, but it's straight at Lloris down the middle.
18' The England players aren't happy with the referee as they think there was a foul on Saka at the other end. He allowed play to carry on, and VAR didn't see anything wrong with it, much to their frustration.
A. Griezmann
17' Griezmann has a pocket of space on the edge of the box and he quickly gets his head up before touching it back to Tchouameni.
A. Tchouaméni
17' TCHOUAMENI SCORES! It's a brilliant counter-attack from France! Mbappe rides the challenge from Rice as he switches to the right, and Griezmann pulled it back to Tchouameni. He's a long way out, but he gets it out of his feet and fires through Bellingham's legs and into the bottom-left corner. 1-0 France!
15' It's a sloppy pass from Henderson on the halfway line and Rabiot drives forward on the counter before knocking it out to Mbappe. He curls in another great cross, but Dembele can't keep it in.
13' France are starting to find their rhythm here, and England can't get a touch despite their high press. They're keeping the ball well, and patiently trying to open up their opponents.
11' SAVE! Shaw sells himself and doesn't get the ball, allowing Dembele to flick it onto Griezmann behind him. He has space to curl it in and picks out Giroud, but his header is straight at Pickford.
10' Dembele finds himself in space down the left and he takes two England defenders out of the game with his cross. It's just behind Giroud, though, and Stones does well to get it away.
8' Walker meets Rabiot's long ball but nods it straight into Giroud's path. He knocks it out to Mbappe, who whips in a wonderful cross, but Maguire flicks it away under pressure from Griezmann.
6' Foden wins a free-kick on the left and Shaw swings a good cross into the box. He's looking for Maguire, who's peeled away at the far post, but Upamecano makes a good clearance ahead of him.
4' England win the ball back high upfield, and Henderson squares it into Foden inside the D. He gets it out of his feet quickly before drilling a shot towards goal, but it's well-blocked by Upamecano.
2' Tchouameni steps in front of Foden to cut out the pass and Varane does well to drag it away from Saka when he's closed down. They look to break on the counter, with Hernandez looking for Mbappe down the left, but he can't get past Walker.
1' Griezmann gets the game underway for France!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
This is the third World Cup meeting between England and France, with the Three Lions winning both of the previous two, a 2-0 victory in 1966 and 3-1 in 1982, both in the group stage.
Didier Deschamps also names an unchanged team from their win over Switzerland. Lloris becomes the country's most capped player as he makes his 143rd appearance. France have won all nine of the games that Mbappe has started at the World Cup.
Gareth Southgate names an unchanged line-up to the one that started against Senegal. Pickford earns his 50th cap, while Kane is just one goal away from equalling the nation's all-time record. Sterling is back on the bench after missing the last game due to personal reasons.
FRANCE SUBS: Matteo Guendouzi, Benjamin Pavard, Eduardo Camavinga, Ibrahima Konate, Kingsley Coman, William Saliba, Marcus Thuram, Randal Kolo Muani, Jordan Veretout, Youssouf Fofana, Axel Disasi, Steve Mandanda, Alphonse Areola.
FRANCE XI (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Jules Kounde, Raphael Varane, Dayot Upamecano, Theo Hernandez; Aurelien Tchouameni, Adrien Rabiot; Ousmane Dembele, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe; Olivier Giroud.
ENGLAND SUBS: Eric Dier, Mason Mount, Kalvin Phillips, Callum Wilson, Jack Grealish, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Conor Gallagher, Aaron Ramsdale, Nick Pope, James Maddison, Conor Coady, Kieran Trippier, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling.
ENGLAND XI (4-3-3): Jordan Pickford; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw; Jordan Henderson, Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham; Bukayo Saka, Harry Kane, Phil Foden.
France are the first reigning champions to reach this round of the World Cup since Brazil in 2006, and they're looking to continue their title defence. They bounced back from losing their final group game loss against Tunisia with a convincing 3-1 win over Poland in the last round, thanks to a brace from Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud's record-breaking goal. As for England, they're unbeaten at this tournament, keeping clean sheets in their last three outings. They made a shaky start in the round of 16 but eventually came out on top with a comfortable 3-0 victory.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup quarter-final meeting between England and France at the Al Bayt Stadium!