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Ecuador v Brazil Live Commentary, 28/01/22

1 - 1
F. Torres (75)
Casemiro (6)
Estadio Rodrigo Paz Delgado


Spirited Ecuador keep their World Cup qualification quest on track, then, while already qualified Brazil head home unscathed. No matter what happens, we'll remember this game for sure. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Ecuador have cemented their position in third in the qualifying group with this draw. They're seven points ahead of Colombia and Peru who play each other tomorrow. The hosts will be disappointed not to have won the game, but the point they've won could be very useful to them in the long run. Brazil stay top and unbeaten. They'll take that.
An astonishing game comes to an end with Ecuador and Brazil sharing a point apiece! After both sides went down to 10 men in the first half, it felt like there was no way the game could escalate further, but it did. The hosts deservedly cancelled out Casemiro's early goal through Torres' header, and thought they'd won two penalties, only for both to be ruled out by VAR. Alisson also survived a second potential dismissal for a last-minute clearance. Incredible.
90' + 9' Play gets back underway. The tension around the stadium is palpable. Jesus strays offside.
90' + 7' NO PENALTY FOR ECUADOR! NO RED CARD FOR ALISSON! The referee wanders back onto the pitch and wipes out both the penalty and the red card. Ecuador will feel mightily unlucky. Alisson has been pushing his luck, for sure, but the referees have eventually made the right call both times.
90' + 5' After another few minutes of discussion, the referee eventually heads over to the monitor to look at the decision. On second viewing, Alisson did win the ball first. He may have gotten lucky twice in a row here. Has there ever been a game with so much VAR drama?
90' + 3' RED CARD FOR ALISSON! The Brazil goalkeeper is shown a second yellow card for the punch for now. That might change shortly though...
90' + 1' PENALTY FOR ECUADOR! Is there one final twist in this extraordinary game?! Alisson rushes off his line to punch a cross clear and punches Eduar Preciado in the head on the follow-through. The referee shows no hesitation, and Ecuador may have a chance to win the game, subject to VAR's opinion...
90' There'll be five minutes of added time at the end of this game. It's been a memorable one.
89' Estupinan fires in his delivery from the left for Ecuador. Alisson manages to get a hand to the ball and avert the danger for now, but Ecuador are going for broke.
88' More gaps are starting to appear as the 10 men of both sides are starting to tire. Ecuador earn a free-kick down their left. It's perfectly poised for Estupinan to swing it into Brazil's box.
J. Méndez
M. Caicedo
86' Moises Caicedo heads off too. Mendez, who plays in midfield for Orlando City, comes on for Ecuador.
M. Carcelén
M. Estrada
85' Ecuador substitution. Estrada goes off. Carcelen,comes on.
84' Barbosa tests Galindez from a drive from the left of the box. Ecuador's keeper passes the test.
83' Chance for Brazil! Alves finds Jesus' run, slipping the forward into the box. The substitute gets a tame shot off at Galindez who makes a routine stop. Jesus wants a penalty but it isn't happening.
82' Ecuador look like they're deciding whether to settle for a draw or push for the win here. A point here could be very useful. The hosts embark on their latest attack but can find no way through Brazil's stubborn backline.
80' Estrada thinks he's beaten the offside trap to reach the byline. After a long wait the assistant referee puts his flag up.
Gabriel Barbosa
Matheus Cunha
78' Cunha's game is over. It's a miracle he was able to play this long after Dominguez's nasty challenge in the first half. Barbosa takes his place on the pitch for Brazil.
M. Caicedo
Yellow Card
78' Moises Caicedo commits one foul too many for the referee's liking and decides to book him. The cards are racking up.
G. Plata
75' Plata and his opposite winger Estupinan have been Ecuador's brightest sparks here, so it's no surprise that Plata was involved in the hosts' goal. His delivery was magnificent and Torres met it beautifully. Game on!
F. Torres
75' GOAL! ECUADOR 1-1 BRAZIL! Ecuador have got their equaliser! This one definitely won't be ruled out. Their centre-back Torres leaps high to power a header into the bottom right corner from Plata's corner! Alisson has no chance of keeping it out.
73' Jesus shifts the ball onto his right foot and fires straight at Galindez. Brazil are suddenly giving the Ecuador keeper more to do.
72' Antony dribbles down the right but can't get a cross away. Brazil decide to pass back all the way to Alisson. Alex Sandro's effort from range is punched away from Galindez.
E. Valencia
Yellow Card
70' Ecuador's captain Valencia is shown a yellow card for a late tackle on Alves. Akves gets to his feet after a spot of treatment.
68' Jesus latches onto a direct ball to get in behind Ecuador's defence. Ecuador's substitute goalkeeper Galindez races off his line to slide in before the forward can cause any more trouble. Estrada and Eduar Preciado have shots blocked shortly after.
R. Caicedo
Angelo Preciado
66' Angelo Preciado also goes off. Romario Caicedo comes on.
Ayrton Preciado
C. Gruezo
66' Ecuador substitution. Gruezo heads off. Eduar Preciado comes on.
65' Alisson claims Ecuador's latest cross after another tricky run by Plata.
63' Raphinha also gets an early rest. The Ajax winger Antony is his replacement.
Gabriel Jesus
Vinícius Júnior
63' Here come those Brazil changes. Vinicius heads off first. Jesus comes on.
62' Brazil have both Fred and Alves down needing treatment for knocks. They want to make a double substitution.
61' Plata fires off-target from distance. There's a mighty din in the stadium at the moment, and no wonder!
59' NO PENALTY FOR ECUADOR! After what seems like an age, the referee finally decides to rescind the penalty! What a ridiculous game this has been.
57' There's another lengthy delay as VAR examines this latest incident. The referee's told to look at the monitor. This decision might be overturned too! It does look like Raphinha caught Estupinan, but the Ecuador man may have already been going down.
55' PENALTY TO ECUADOR! Estupinan darts into the box from the left and takes the ball past Alves. Raphinha accidentally stands on the winger's foot and Estupinan flops to the turf. The referee points to the spot!
54' Cunha takes a tumble in Ecuador's box after a tangle of legs and wants a penalty. After a brief VAR check play continues. The action is non-stop here.
54' Brazil survive a breathtaking run by Plata! The midfielder evades several Brazil challenges to reach the byline and find a low cross for Estrada. Alisson is in the right place to grab the loose ball.
53' This game has been free-kick after free-kick. Now it's Ecuador's turn from their right. Estupinan goes for goal but it's blocked by Brazil's wall.
52' Brazil are awarded another free-kick slightly deeper in midfield. Casemiro takes a long run-up and knuckleballs it wide of goal. That was ambitious, to say the least.
50' Now Brazil have a free-kick down their right. Alves swings it in and Casemiro nods into the side netting. The midfielder wasn't far from grabbing his second goal of the game.
48' Ecuador have the ball in the net but the offside flag is up! Estrada's celebrations are shortlived after he rifles in Estupinan's volleyed cross. The winger had just failed to keep the ball in play near the byline.
47' Moises Caicedo darts into the box from the right and tries to cut the ball back for Valencia. It's too high for the forward, though, and he catches Alves.
46' Alves gives the ball away and Estrada wins a corner for Ecuador. Estupinan slips as he takes it and the ball floats aimlessly behind for a Brazil goal-kick. This half may be as eventful as the first.
45' The players are back out for the second half. Brazil get the game underway again.
Both teams may be down to 10 men, but it's still all for them to play for after all that confusion. Ecuador have troubled Brazil on the counter but have yet to have a shot on target. If they can give Alisson more to do, they could still win this.
That was an eventful first half! Ecuador had a great chance early on but Brazil grabbed the lead shortly after through Casemiro. After that, the game devolved into chaos as Dominguez was dismissed for a high boot on Cunha, Emerson received two yellow cards in 20 minutes and Alisson got a VAR reprieve after a clumsy clearance of his own. Phew.
45' + 10' Estupinan floats a deep free-kick into Brazil's box. It's at a difficult angle and doesn't trouble Alisson.
45' + 8' Valencia and Militao tussle for the ball as they race towards Brazil's corner flag. Militao's tugged back by the Ecuador forward and the free-kick goes Brazil's way.
45' + 6' Brazil enjoy a little flurry of chances after Alisson claims Estupinan's cross. Cunha has a shot blocked, then gets off a curler from the edge of the box. It whizzes wide.
45' + 4' Brazil will be delighted to go in at half-time with the lead as things stand. Ecuador have been physical and have caused the visitors real problems down the flanks and in the air, when the ball has been in play.
Éder Militão
Yellow Card
45' + 2' Militao lands his name in the book for a poorly timed tactical foul. Brazil may be leading but they've been under pressure for most of this first half.
45' There will be 10 minutes of stoppage time before the half-time break. That pretty much sums up how this first half has gone.
44' Ecuador get another decent headed opportunity. Estupinan fires in a cross from the left. Estrada's bullet header flashes wide of the left-hand post.
Yellow Card
42' Raphinha is the latest player to receive a card for cynically taking out Plata as the winger drifted past him.
40' Raphinha cuts inside from the right and sends a powerful shot whistling high and wide of the left-hand post.
38' Ecuador win another corner. This time they take it short. It doesn't work out for them.
36' Plata scampers down the right and earns his team a corner. Brazil head the initial delivery away, along with the follow-up.
34' The left-footed Estupinan goes straight for goal from the free-kick, which is in a central position from some distance. The shot has got power and isn't too far from finding the top left corner of the goal.
Dani Alves
Philippe Coutinho
33' Before Ecuador's free-kick, Alves comes on to slot in at right-back following Emerson's departure. Coutinho makes way.
Yellow Card
31' NO RED CARD FOR ALISSON! The referee decides to retract his initial decision and show Alisson just a yellow card. It's the right decision. With that settled, Ecuador prepare to take their free-kick.
30' Alisson may well get a reprieve. The VAR officials tell the referee to look at what happened again. It was a clumsy, slightly dangerous clearance but any contact was entirely accidental.
28' RED CARD FOR ALISSON! The referee shows Alisson a red card. The Brazil players protest the decision. Unlike Dominguez, Alisson can feel somewhat hard done by. There's a lengthy discussion between the players, the referee, and his assistants.
26' Alisson ventures out of his box and reaches his leg high to clear a cross. He does so, but catches an Ecuadorian forward in the head on the follow-through. This could be bad for the Brazil goalkeeper...
24' Plata has his effort blocked. Ecuador are flinging crosses into Brazil's box and it's unsettling the visitors.
22' Gruezo puts a decent cross into Brazil's box. Moises Caicedo fires off-target and the visitors manage to clear.
20' RED CARD FOR EMERSON! Both teams are down to 10 men and it's only been 20 minutes! The Brazil right-back picks up a stupid yellow card for another reckless tackle.
19' Brazil's free-kick comes to nothing as Coutinho fires off-target. The start to this game has been horribly bitty so far with the lengthy stoppages.
H. Galíndez
A. Franco
18' Ecuador make that enforced substitution. Franco is the player sacrificed. Galindez gets his gloves on and goes in goal.
17' Brazil prepare to take their free-kick. Dominguez connected with Cunha just outside the box. In the meantime, Ecuador need to bring a substitute keeper on.
A. Domínguez
Red Card
15' RED CARD FOR DOMINGUEZ! After looking back at what happened, the referee immediately brandishes his red card and sends Dominguez off! The Ecuador goalkeeper was incredibly reckless in his challenge there and deserved to be dismissed. Cunha is sporting a red welt on his neck. That could have been even more nasty.
13' Cunha nips between two Ecuador defenders to chase after a bouncing ball into Ecuador's box. Dominguez rushes in with a high boot, catching the forward near the head. The referee's advised to go over to the side of the pitch to have another look at the incident.
12' Ecuador keep possession of the ball for a while, looking for an opportunity to break Brazil down. It doesn't work out for them on this occasion.
10' Despite Brazil's early goal, Ecuador have started this game full of energy. They'll be disappointed to be behind.
8' That was a lengthy VAR delay but the Brazil players celebrate regardless. Brazil had three shots in quick succession before finally scoring!
6' GOAL! ECUADOR 0-1 BRAZIL! Coutinho fires the corner towards the far post. Raphinha's header towards goal is pushed aside by Dominguez. It's sent back into the danger area and Cunha's header is blocked. The rebound lands to Casemiro who bundles it over the line from close range! After a lengthy VAR check, the goal is given!
4' Brazil, playing in their blue and white away colours, force a corner down their left.
2' Ecuador almost score straight away! The free-kick's swung in and flashes past Valencia inside the six-yard box. La Tri's captain gets his head on the end of it but sends the header just wide of the right-hand post.
Yellow Card
1' Emerson picks up a very early yellow card for bringing down his man in a dangerous position down Ecuador's left.
1' The referee blows his whistle to get the game underway!
Ecuador will be hopeful of picking up at least a draw here after going unbeaten in their last three group games. Brazil saw off La Tri 2-0 when this pair met in Porto Alegre in June 2021 though. Will Tite's men win out again here?
There are four changes to Brazil's team from their 0-0 draw with Argentina last November. Emerson, Silva, Coutinho and Casemiro come in.
Ecuador make ten changes from their 1-1 friendly draw with El Salvador last December. Estrada is the only constant.
SUBS: Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Gabriel Barbosa, Bruno Guimaraes, Weverton, Ederson Moraes, Gerson, Alex Telles, Everton Ribeiro, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Magalhaes, Antony.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Alisson; Alex Sandro, Thiago Silva, Eder Militao, Emerson; Casemiro, Philippe Coutinho, Fred; Vinicius Junior, Matheus Cunha, Raphinha.
SUBS: R. Arboleda, X. Arreaga, R. Caicedo, J. Caicedo, M. Carcelen, H. Galindez, J. Mendez, D. Palacios, E. Preciado, M. Ramirez, D. Reasco, J. Rojas.
ECUADOR (4-4-2): A. Domínguez, P. Estupinan, P. Hincapie, F. Torres, A. Preciado, G. Plata, M. Caicedo, C. Gruezo, A. Franco, M. Estrada, E. Valencia (c).
After picking up a surprise victory against Chile in their last competitive match, Ecuador sit comfortably in the top three, six points clear of their nearest rivals Colombia. La Tri will be hoping to consolidate their place in the top four as they look to qualify for their first World Cup since 2014.
Brazil arrive in Ecuador looking to maintain top spot in the qualifiers for this year's World Cup. The Selecao have already guaranteed their place in Qatar alongside Argentina but Tite's men will be keen to maintain their unbeaten record after 13 games played.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL) match between Ecuador and Brazil at Estadio Rodrigo Paz Delgado, Quito.