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Bolivia v Brazil Live Commentary, 30/03/22

0 - 4
Lucas Paquetá (24)
Richarlison (45)
Bruno Guimarães (66)
Richarlison (90+1)
Estadio Hernando Siles


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That's Brazil's third 4-0 victory on the bounce as they extend their unbeaten run in qualifying. They've secured top spot in the table, with one game to spare. They still have the rescheduled game with Argentina ahead of them. Bolivia have now lost their last four on the bounce and finish in ninth.
Brazil top the qualifying table after seeing off Bolivia 4-0. The visitors were 2-0 up at the break thanks to Paqueta's slotted finish and Richarlison's tap-in. Bolivia could have been level at the start of the second half if not for Alisson, who made a couple of great saves to deny Moreno and Ramiro Vaca. Guimaraes then volleyed Brazil out of sight with a wonderful finish before Richarlison tapped another one in from close range in stoppage time to round it off.
90' + 3' CLOSE! Martinelli plays a one-two with Arthur after some clever footwork to catch out Quinteros. He takes on the shot from a very tight angle when he gets into the box, and he fizzes it across the face of goal and just wide.
R. Vaca
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Ramiro Vaca is shown a late yellow card for stopping Brazil's counter-attack.
90' + 1' RICHARLISON SCORES AGAIN! Guimaraes does well to get in front of Sagredo before pulling it back for Arthur on the right of the box. He hits a low shot on the turn and Cordano gets down well to push it away. Richarlison is waiting at the far post again though and he gets his second tap-in of the game. 4-0 Brazil!
89' Brazil are keeping possession well as they try to see out the rest of the game. They're comfortably knocking it around, but aren't in a hurry to get forward at the moment.
J. García
M. Villarroel
87' Bolivia are making another change now, and it's Villarroel that's going off for Garcia.
86' Rodrygo does brilliantly to keep the ball in play as he pulls it back from the byline and Cordano gets an important touch to take it away from Richarlison. Arthur is following in behind, but he blazes his effort high over the bar.
Guilherme Arana
Alex Telles
84' Fourth change for Brazil now and it's Telles that's making way, with Arana on in his place.
82' Alves holds the ball up well as he waits for support to join him, and it's Martinelli that gets forward. He squares it into the substitute, but Carrasco does just enough to knock him off the ball and get it back to Cordano.
80' Every Bolivia pass is being greeted by cheers from the home fans. Fernandez bursts forward down the left again, but there's no one in the box and his cross is cleared by Militao.
78' CLOSE! Bolivia are still searching for a goal here, and they come close again! Henry Vaca finds space through the middle this time and drills a shot towards the near post, but he ends up firing just wide again.
Lucas Paquetá
77' And Paqueta is also taken off, with Arthur on in his place.
77' Brazil are making a double change here, starting with Antony being replaced by Rodrygo.
76' GREAT CHANCE! Straight down the other end, Bolivia come close to a goal of their own! It's a lovely pick out from Fernandez, who has found some space down the left. He pulls it back to Ramiro Vaca in the middle and Alisson rushes off his line to close him down. He does enough to put him off and he fires his shot wide.
75' CLOSE! Alves lifts a lovely cross out to Martinelli on the left, and he spins away from Quinteros to get himself some space at the near post. He ends up flashing his shot across the face of goal, and the move deserved a much better finish!
H. Vaca
Yellow Card
73' Bolivia wanted to take a free-kick quickly, but the referee pulled it back. Henry Vaca wasn't happy with that decision and got in the referee's face about it, so he's booked for dissent.
72' GOOD SAVE! Brazil break quickly on the counter again and Guimarares plays a lovely throughball down the left for Martinelli. He has Paqueta in space to his right, but chooses to go it alone, and sees his low shot parried by Cordano.
70' Bolivia are upping the pressure on Brazil again here and they win another corner. It's a poor cross from Henry Vaca this time though, and it's cleared by Militao.
68' Alves spins away from Fernandez and lays it off to Paqueta who curls a wonderful cross to the edge of the six-yard box. Richarlison is unmarked as he darts forward for it, but Cordano gets there first to bundle it away.
Lucas Paquetá
66' It's a lovely set-up from Paqueta as he returns the favour for Guimaraes, who set up his opening goal earlier.
Bruno Guimarães
66' GUIMARAES SCORES! And what a finish it is! Martinelli is fouled on the edge of the D, but the referee allows play to carry on. Paqueta chips a wonderful cross into the far post and Guimaraes volleys his shot out of Cordano's reach into the top corner. 3-0 Brazil!
64' VAR is having a look at a possible penalty for Brazil here. They were claiming that it hit Fernandez's hand when he was laid in front of Paqueta attempting to block it, but after looking at the replays, there's no spot-kick for the visitors.
62' Guimaraes nicks it back again and Richarlison is there to keep it alive for Brazil when he overruns it. He squares it to Paqueta, who runs at goal, but Fernandez throws himself in front of his feet to make a block.
60' Richarlison has scored six goals for Brazil since January 2020, with only Neymar (10) scoring more in that time for the national side.
58' It's Paqueta that loses the ball this time, and Bolivia are on the front foot again. Martinez spots Ramiro Vaca peeling away into space down the left, but plays his pass straight out behind him.
56' Fabinho's throughball is cut out on the halfway line and Bolivia break quickly on the counter. It's worked out to Henry Vaca on the right again and he whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Moreno is in the middle, but Marquinhos steps in with a big block.
Gabriel Martinelli
Philippe Coutinho
54' Brazil are making their first change now and it's Coutinho that's taken off for Martinelli.
53' GREAT SAVE! Henry Vaca tries to tee up Moreno on the edge of the D, but he lets it run for Ramiro Vaca instead. His shot takes a huge deflection off Marquinhos and Alisson, who was already diving to his right, sticks up a strong hand to protect his clean sheet.
51' Antony can't find a way past Fernandez, so he lays it off to Alves, who curls a brilliant cross towards Richarlison at the far post. Cordano comes for it and stretches across the forward to push it away.
49' Marquinhos touches it back to Alisson, who takes his eye off the ball and Brazil have given away a needless corner. It's taken quickly, to Henry Vaca at the far post, but his volleyed cross is straight into the keeper's gloves.
47' GREAT SAVE! It's a good corner from Henry Vaca and he plays it deep to Moreno, who has peeled off the back again. He thumps a header towards the far post, and Alisson scrambles across to tip it away.
46' Brazil get us back underway for the second half!
F. Gonzales
J. Chura
46' And Chura is also making way, with Gonzales on for him.
Y. Martínez
J. Herrera
46' Herrera is also taken off, with Martinez on in his place.
R. Vaca
G. Villamíl
46' There's a triple change for Bolivia at the break. Villamil is the first to go off, with Ramiro Vaca replacing him.
If they see out this win, Brazil will be secure the top spot in this qualifying campaign, even with the game against Argentina still to come. They've looked comfortable for most of the first half, and look likely to add to their tally. Bolivia have played well though and caused a fair few problems when they've got forward. Farias will be hoping for more of the same.
Brazil take a 2-0 lead over Bolivia into half-time. It was a lovely worked goal that opened the scoring for Brazil with Guimaraes sliding in Paqueta, who slotted past Cordano. Richarlison added a second just before the break when he tapped in Antony's deflected shot. Bolivia's best chances came in the build-up to the Brazil goals. Vaca saw his effort smothered by Alisson before Villarroel's low free-kick almost caught out the keeper.
45' RICHARLISON SCORES! Bolivia are all over the place at the back, and Brazil make them pay! Fabinho played it out to Antony on the right, and he goes for goal when it cuts inside. It takes a deflection off Sagredo on its way through his legs and Richarlison is waiting at the far post to tap it in. 2-0 Brazil!
44' SAVE! Villarroel steps up to take the free-kick, and he tries to catch the keeper out with a low shot to the near post. It takes a deflection off the wall and Alisson pushes it straight to Sagredo, but Militao does well to shield the ball, so his keeper can collect it.
42' Bolivia are enjoying another good spell of possession here and it's switched to Vaca out on the right again. He initially dribbles his way past Militao, and the defender ends up fouling him in his attempts to win it back.
40' Two of Paqueta's last three goals have been assisted by Guimaraes: today against Bolivia and in January playing for Lyon against Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1.
38' CHANCE! Vaca is causing all sorts of problems down the right and he skips past Guimaraes before curling a cross in. It deflects off Marquinhos, but only to Villarroel, who volleys his effort just wide of the near post.
36' Bolivia are starting to get sloppy with their passes now and Villamil gifts the ball to Antony this time. It's another long-range shot and this one doesn't trouble Cordano as it flies well wide.
34' It's a wonderful tackle from Moreno to win the ball back and Carrasco plays an early long ball forward for Vaca. He beats Telles to the ball before trying to loop a cross in from the byline but it sails over the bar.
32' Bolivia have a corner and Villarroel curls a deep cross into the box. Moreno has peeled away from his defender and he gets his head to it, but he sends his effort wide.
30' The space is starting to open up for Brazil now and Antony makes a good run down the right. He pulls it back for Alves, who is the latest player to have a go from range, but it's straight at Cordano.
28' Paqueta gets away down the left this time and he has acres of space to run into. He fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, which is just out of Richarlison's reach, but the offside flag goes up anyway.
26' Bolivia are looking for a quick response here and Moreno pushes his way through the middle, holding off Militao as he drives towards the box. The defender ends up winning the tussle though and knocks it back to Alisson.
Bruno Guimarães
24' It was wonderful work from Guimaraes, not just with the run, but to squeeze the ball through to Paqueta before he strayed offside.
Lucas Paquetá
24' PAQUETA SCORES! It's a lovely goal from Brazil! It's knocked back to Guimaraes, and he makes a great run straight through the middle. He holds off Carrasco long enough to slide the ball, through Sagredo's legs, into Paqueta, and he coolly slots his shot under Cordano and into the bottom corner. 1-0 Brazil!
22' Brazil just can't clear their lines at the moment as Vaca races forward down the right. He spins away from Guimaraes but Telles is behind him and times his tackle perfectly to win it back.
20' GOOD SAVE! Fabinho plays it back to Marquinhos and he takes a very casual touch that rolls straight under his foot. Vaca is alert and cuts inside the defender before drilling a shot on goal, but Alisson makes himself big to smother it. That's a let-off for Brazil!
18' Vaca picks Telles' pocket and plays a one-two with Moreno on the edge of the D, though the return pass gets away from him. Paqueta breaks on the counter and tries to pick out Antony's run down the right, but he hits it straight out of play.
16' Coutinho drops deep to pick up the ball again and he makes a bursting run through the middle. He ends up overrunning it before he can lay it off to Antony though, and Sagredo steps in for Bolivia.
14' There's another chance from range here, this time from Fernandez, who is allowed to carry the ball a long way. He hits it low towards the near post, but Alisson gets down to hold it.
12' Brazil break quickly on the counter and it's switched out to Antony on the right by Coutinho. He drags it away from Fernandez before having a go from a tight angle, but his shot is whipped just wide.
10' Fabinho plays a poor backpass to Alves and Villarroel pounces onto the loose ball. He clips a good cross onto the edge of the six-yard box, and three Bolivia players crash into each other in their attempts to get on the end of it.
8' Bolivia are enjoying a good spell of possession and Quinteros knocks it through to Chura. He skips past the challenge from Telles but then loses out to Marquinhos. Herrera quickly wins it back off Coutinho before firing a long-range shot high and wide of the target.
6' There's a slightly nervy moment at the back for Brazil as Alves plays a backpass towards Militao, but Moreno is chasing it down. The defender just gets there first to hook it away.
4' It's worked to Coutinho in midfield and he has two Bolivia players closing him down. He's a long way out but decides to have a go anyway. Cordano scrambles back to his line, but it sails over.
2' Brazil are enjoying possession in the early exchanges and Telles goes long, looking for Richarlison down the left. He reaches it, but it gets caught under his feet as it bobbles on the pitch, and he ends up knocking it out of play.
1' Moreno gets the game underway for Bolivia!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Bolivia have won just five of their 31 meetings with Brazil in all competitions (D4 L22); they're winless in their last five outings against Brazil, including a 5-0 defeat to them in the reverse fixture in October 2020.
Tite makes seven changes to his team after their win over Chile last time out, with only Alisson, Marquinhos, Antony and Paqueta retaining their places. Richarlison comes in to lead the line, with Coutinho starting in behind him. Neymar and Vinicius Junior are both suspended.
Cesar Farias makes six changes from the side that lost to Colombia in their last outing, bringing in Quinteros, Villamil, Chura, Herrera, Vaca and Moreno. Menacho,Gonzales and Garcia are available among the substitutes.
BRAZIL SUBS: Santos, Everson, Danilo, Thiago Silva, Casemiro, Fred, Guilherme Arana, Gabriel Martinelli, Arthur, Rodrygo, Felipe.
BRAZIL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Alisson; Dani Alves, Eder Militao, Marquinhos, Alex Telles; Fabinho, Bruno Guimaraes; Antony, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Paqueta; Richarlison.
BOLIVIA SUBS: Guillermo Viscarra, Jhohan Gutierrez, Fran Supayabe, Luis Demiquel, Yesit Martinez, Ramiro Vaca, Cesar Menacho, Jaume Cuellar, Franz Gonzales, John Garcia, Rai Lima, Sebastian Reyes.
BOLIVIA STARTING XI (5-4-1): Riben Cordano; Jairo Quinteros, Gabriel Villamil, Jose Carrasco, Jose Sagredo, Roberto Fernandez; Jeyon Chura, Moises Villarroel, Henry Vaca, Jose Herrera; Marcelo Moreno.
Brazil's place at this year's World Cup has already been confirmed, and they currently sit top of the table, four points above Argentina. They're unbeaten in their qualifying campaign, winning 13 and drawing three of their 16 games so far. As for Bolivia, this is their final match this campaign. The slim hope they gave themselves after a good run of form in the middle of qualifying came to an end with three consecutive defeats which have left them sitting in ninth.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier between Bolivia and Brazil at the Estadio Hernando Siles!