'The ever-present hunger to kick ass!' - How to win the Women's World Cup, by the USWNT legends who have lifted the trophy

Morgan USWNT World Cups winners splitGetty/GOAL

Winning the World Cup is anything but easy, despite how the United States women's national team has made it seem at times. No team has been more successful at this level, and no team has dominated this tournament quite like the USWNT. The U.S. has won four of the eight World Cups, including each of the last two as they head into this summer's tournament searching for a threepeat.

A total of 68 American players have lifted that trophy at the end of four different tournaments, and each of them has their own story. Some have gone down as legends, some as unheralded contributors to teams that went down in history. Many of the USWNT's biggest stars saw their careers defined by those World Cup moments, from the famous 1999 team all the way to the 2019 champions that outdueled several of the world's best teams on their way to victory.

Each of those 68 players, though, has made her mark on the game while living through an experience that few on the outside can even imagine. This summer's USWNT group has 14 players going to their first World Cup, and each of those players will learn that these tournaments are rollercoasters as they look to turn 68 into 82.

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"These tournaments, they are insane," USWNT captain Lindsey Horan told GOAL ahead of the upcoming tournament. "It's the most wild ride that you can possibly be on. It's so stressful, so chaotic, and there's so much that goes into it."

With the 2023 World Cup looming, GOAL caught up with USWNT stars past and present to ask them one big question: how do you win the Women's World Cup?