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Best Premier League away kits of all time: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd & English football's coolest shirts

2:29 PM IST 02/08/22
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If a club’s home colours are set by generations of tradition, then the away kit allows more space for experimentation. Freed from the rigid ties of wearing red, blue or the same type of stripes, clubs are able to try out new patterns, new colours and new designs almost every season.

With the 2022-23 season of the Premier League just around the corner, we rounded up every Premier League club’s best-ever away kit they’ve worn in the division, from iconic ‘90s shirts to the sleek designs of more recent years.

  • AFC Bournemouth 2016-17

    Bournemouth 2016-17

    In Bournemouth’s early Premier League seasons, the club wore kits designed by JD Sports. As well as the cherry and black home kit, those first seasons also included blue away colours, with the 2016-17 design perfecting the formula. As well as the tonal blue horizontal stripes, the other key feature of the shirt was its button up collar fastening. The design was finished by a white trim around the sleeves, and the final appearance of that JD Sports logo.

  • Arsenal 1992/93

    Arsenal 1992-93

    Arsenal’s 'Bruised Banana' made its first appearance in the last year of Division 1, before being retained for the inaugural Premier League season. After that season, the kit became an instant classic – even if Arsenal finished 10th in the league – thanks to its yellow and black colours and triangle pattern. Arsenal and adidas celebrated the iconic kit with a reworked design for the 2019-20 season, swiftly followed by a retro version of the original.

  • Aston Villa 2022-23

    Aston Villa 2022-23

    For the upcoming season, Aston Villa’s away kit reinterprets the club’s signature claret and blue colours. As an inverse of the home shirt, the base of the away jersey is a sky blue, complemented by thin tonal stripes running up the shirt. A touch of claret also features, covering the club’s crest, sponsor and a trim around the sleeves and collar.

  • Brentford 2022/23

    Brentford 2022-23

    While Brentford are set to continue with their home kit for a second consecutive season, the away shirt is an all-new design for their second Premier League season. The shirt is inspired by previous Brentford designs, including the light blue away strips worn in the 1980s and 1990s, sporting a light blue base and dark blue detailing. The away kit will remain for the 2023-24 season, continuing the club’s ethos.

  • Brighton 2019-2020

    Brighton 2019-20

    The upcoming season is Brighton’s sixth consecutive Premier League season, and the team have worn different away colours in each of them. The stand-out of them all was 2019-20’s all-black design, which kept things very simple. As well as slightly lighter sleeves, the only deviation from the all-black shirt was the white detailing of the club crest, Nike Swoosh and American Express sponsor’s logo.

  • Chelsea 1999-00

    Chelsea 1999-00

    At the turn of the millennium, Chelsea returned to white as their second colour. The shirt didn’t feature much adornment against the white base, with blue detailing and a contrasting collar that incorporated hints of yellow around the base. The design was further enhanced by its commitment to centralised features, as the Umbro logo, Chelsea crest and Autoglass branding ran in a column down the middle.

  • Crystal Palace 2020-21

    Crystal Palace 2020-21

    Crystal Palace’s best away shirt formed part of a unified three, as the home, away and third all followed the same template. The original idea for the kits themselves came from a fan, who submitted a concept via Instagram. That concept became a reality, as the three shirts formed the 'These Colours Unite Us All' theme. For the away kit, Palace mixed a white base with a single red stripe down the front, and blue stripes on either side of it. 

  • Everton 1994-95 away kit

    Everton 1994-95

    For their mid-’90s away kit, Everton seemed to dispense with all previous templates. The shirt was mostly white, with two diagonal patterned stripes running down each side, creating a triangle shape on the shirt. During the two seasons that Everton sported the unconventional and cult classic design, they also won their last two major trophies. While it wasn’t worn during 1995’s FA Cup final win over Manchester United, Everton did bring home the Charity Shield later that year in their away shirt, courtesy of a goal from Vinny Samways.

  • Fulham 2008-09

    Fulham 2008-09

    Fulham have often used the black and red from their badge for their away colours – including a checkerboard design in the mid ‘90s and frequent striped jerseys – but the 2008-09 kit was one of the best. Replacing the more traditional stripes, Fulham introduced a half-and-half design complete with black collar and contrasting sleeves. 

  • Leeds United 2020-21 away kit

    Leeds United 2020-21

    For the 2020-21 season, adidas and Leeds took inspiration from the away colours worn from 1994 to 1996, as Tony Yeboah powered them to a fifth-place finish and the UEFA Cup second round in consecutive seasons. The dark blue and green design was updated from its predecessor, with gold detailing and a high collar. The away kit was a fitting celebration for Leeds, marking their first season back in the top flight after a 16-year exile.

  • Leicester city 1996-97

    Leicester 1996-97

    After briefly flirting with yellow earlier in the decade, Leicester returned to their classic white and blue away colours in 1996. The design was simple and effective, with an all-white base offset by two blue stripes around the V-neck collar and two blue stripes around each sleeve. As if that clean design wasn’t enough, an old-school Walkers Crisps logo helped to elevate the kit as Emile Heskey hit double figures for both seasons it was in action.

  • Liverpool 2021-22 away kit

    Liverpool 2021-22

    While yellow might be most often associated with Liverpool’s away colours, the 2021-22 design celebrated a different design from the archives. Inspired by the 1996-97 design, the shirt featured a 'Stone' base – partly as a nod to the city’s Three Graces – and a range of teal detailing. Arriving 25 years later, the kit was updated from the original with a collar and contrasting touches of bright crimson.

  • Manchester City 2011-12

    Manchester City 2011-12

    Although the defining moment of City’s 2011-12 season came in sky blue, the red and black away shirt was equally prominent as the club won its first league trophy for 44 years and kickstarted a new era of dominance. The black and red stripes had featured regularly throughout City’s history – including the 1969 FA Cup victory – and have been reworked for the upcoming season. No matter what City do with those stripes, the Premier League winning 2011-12 kit will take some beating.

  • Manchester United 2022-23

    Manchester United 2022-23

    Manchester United looked back for both its home and away shirts for the upcoming season. The away kit recalls some of the club’s best loved kits of the 1990s, with its white base and contrasting collar drawing comparisons to the second kit worn during the treble winning 1998-99 season. The 2022-23 shirt is finished off with a retro-inspired crest and 'Cherry Red' three stripes along the shoulders.

  • Newcastle United 1995-96

    Newcastle United 1995-96

    Newcastle’s 1995-96 away kit is one of the most recognisable in Premier League history. Contrasting against the horizontal black and white stripes of the home kit, the shirt was designed with maroon and blue hoops. The detailing – including a grandad collar and the famous Newcastle Brown Ale sponsor – further established the kit as a classic, with Newcastle redesigning and relaunching it for the 2018-19 season.

  • Nottingham Forest 1998-99

    Nottingham Forest 1998-99

    For Nottingham Forest’s final season in the Premier League – until their promotion last season – the club wore one of its best away kits. The shirt was mostly white, with Forest’s red tree logo right in the middle and two different black and red stripes. The most prominent ran just off centre down the front of the shirt, while a second, smaller stripe ran along one stripe. Both stripes referenced the shirt’s black, white and red collar.

  • Southampton 2012-13

    Southampton 2012-13

    For the 2012-13 season – their first in the Premier League since 2004-05 – Southampton inverted their red and white home shirt for a white and red away shirt. The design was a stand out for its subtle red pinstripes, running down the white base. The design was finished with a red V neck collar to give a smart second strip for the recently-promoted club.

  • Tottenham 2019-20 away kit

    Tottenham 2019-20

    Tottenham’s 2019-20 away kit – launched to mark their first full season in their new stadium – reinterpreted the club’s name for its graphic design. While arriving mostly in navy blue, a purple pattern covered the top portion of the shirt, with a repeated print derived from the word 'SPURS' that ran across that section. In a nod to the home kit, the away shirt was finished with a trio of white logos.

  • West Ham 2002-03 away kit

    West Ham 2002-03

    One of the all-time best Premier League sponsorships was Dr. Martens’ partnership with West Ham in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. Arguably the best kit from this era was also one of the last, with the 2002-03 away kit being worn in the last season of the sponsorship deal. The shirt itself was mostly white, with West Ham’s classic claret colour transformed into a pinstripe pattern and contrasting collar, as well as appearing on the Dr. Martens logo.

  • wolves 2019/20 away kit

    Wolves 2019-20

    For the 2019-20 season, adidas and Wolves followed a time-honoured tradition by inverting the home colours. The club’s signature gold was used for the detailing, as black became the dominant colour of the shirt. A slightly lighter gold was also used for diagonal stripes across the shirt, helping to establish the kit as one of the Premier League’s best in recent years.