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Key Events

T. Stepanenko
1 - 1
D. Harmash
R. Malinovskyi
G. Kostadinov
B. Tsonev
R. Kirilov
0 - 1
I. Turitsov
Yellow Card

Match Stats

0% 0%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 1
Total Passes 0 0
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Match ends, Ukraine 1, Bulgaria 1.
90' + 5' Second Half ends, Ukraine 1, Bulgaria 1.
T. Stepanenko
79' Goal! Ukraine 1, Bulgaria 1. Taras Stepanenko (Ukraine) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal.
D. Harmash
R. Malinovskyi
78' Substitution, Ukraine. Denys Harmash replaces Ruslan Malinovskyi.
G. Kostadinov
B. Tsonev
70' Substitution, Bulgaria. Georgi Kostadinov replaces Borislav Tsonev.
D. Yankov
K. Despodov
69' Substitution, Bulgaria. Dominik Yankov replaces Kiril Despodov.
V. Kovalenko
E. Sobol
68' Substitution, Ukraine. Viktor Kovalenko replaces Eduard Sobol.
V. Tsygankov
O. Zubkov
61' Substitution, Ukraine. Viktor Tsygankov replaces Oleksandr Zubkov.
I. Chochev
R. Tsonev
61' Substitution, Bulgaria. Ivaylo Chochev replaces Radoslav Tsonev.
T. Stepanenko
S. Sydorchuk
45' Substitution, Ukraine. Taras Stepanenko replaces Serhii Sydorchuk.
G. Minchev
A. Iliev
45' Substitution, Bulgaria. Georgi Minchev replaces Atanas Iliev.
R. Yaremchuk
A. Dovbyk
45' Substitution, Ukraine. Roman Yaremchuk replaces Artem Dovbyk.
D. Riznyk
H. Bushchan
45' Substitution, Ukraine. Dmytro Riznyk replaces Heorhii Bushchan.
S. Vutsov
N. Mihaylov
45' Substitution, Bulgaria. Svetoslav Vutsov replaces Nikolay Mihaylov.
Second Half begins Ukraine 0, Bulgaria 1.
45' + 2' First Half ends, Ukraine 0, Bulgaria 1.
R. Kirilov
35' Goal! Ukraine 0, Bulgaria 1. Radoslav Kirilov (Bulgaria) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal.
I. Turitsov
Yellow Card
24' Ivan Turitsov (Bulgaria) is shown the yellow card.
I. Turitsov
E. Jordanov
15' Substitution, Bulgaria. Ivan Turitsov replaces Edisson Jordanov.
First Half begins.
Lineups are announced and players are warming up.