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A. Ralston
K. Tierney
C. Adams
S. Armstrong
2 - 0
A. Bah
R. Kristensen
J. Souttar
L. Cooper
1 - 0
K. Schmeichel
Yellow Card

Match Stats

40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 389 575
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Denmark DEN Denmark 10 9 0 1 30 3 +27 27 L W W W W
2 Scotland SCO Scotland 10 7 2 1 17 7 +10 23 W W W W W
3 Israel ISR Israel 10 5 1 4 23 21 +2 16 W L W L L
4 Austria AUT Austria 10 5 1 4 19 17 +2 16 W W L W L
5 Faroe Islands FRO Faroe Islands 10 1 1 8 7 23 -16 4 L L L L W
6 Moldova MDA Moldova 10 0 1 9 5 30 -25 1 L L L L L


Final Tournament


That's all for today, goodbye!
Scotland are in the draw for the play-offs as one of the seeded teams, with a home tie in the semi-final awaiting them in March. They'll find out who they'll face on November 26th. Denmark couldn't see out a perfect qualifying campaign, but it didn't matter, with their place at the World Cup already secure.
Scotland end Denmark's perfect form in World Cup qualifying with a 2-0 win. The hosts were brilliant and took the lead through Souttar's header in the first half. Gordon made a couple of great saves to keep his side in it after the break, keeping both Skov Olsen and Uhre out. Adams finished off a good break late on, curling his effort past Schmeichel. Scotland could've had a third shortly after as well, if not for a great block from Kjaer to deny Armstrong.
90' + 3' Maehle switches it out to Bah on the right, and he has time to pick out a cross into the box. It's crowded in there though and Cooper gets ahead of Uhre to knock it out for another corner, which comes to nothing.
90' + 1' Denmark are still pushing here, but Scotland are determined to protect their clean sheet. The corner is whipped in for the visitors and Christensen meets it in the middle, but he can't get his effort on target.
89' GREAT BLOCK! It looked like Scotland were about to get a third as McGinn whipped a deep cross into Adams. He headed it back across goal to Armstrong to return the favour for his goal, but the substitute's first-time hit is well-blocked by Kjaer.
A. Ralston
K. Tierney
88' Scotland are making a change on the back of that goal, with Ralston on in Tierney's place.
S. Armstrong
86' Armstrong quickly got his head up as the ball was played into him and slotted it between the Danish centrebacks to pick out Adams' run.
C. Adams
86' ADAMS SCORES! And that should do it for Scotland! It's a good throughball from Armstrong to pick out his Southampton team-mate and Adams times his run perfectly. He's one-on-one with Schmeichel and he curls his shot around the keeper and fires it into the back of the net. 2-0 Scotland!
85' Scotland can't get out at the moment as Denmark desperately search for a late equaliser. It pinballs around in the box, with a couple of half-hearted shouts for handball, before it falls for Uhre. He's off-balance when he hits the shot, and it rolls into Gordon's gloves.
83' GREAT SAVE! It looks like Scotland have dealt with the corner, but Armstrong's header drops straight at Skov Olsen's feet. He drills a low shot towards the near bottom corner, and Gordon gets down to push it away.
A. Bah
R. Kristensen
81' And Kristensen is also making way, with Bah replacing him.
A. Dreyer
D. Wass
81' Final changes for Denmark now as Wass comes off, with Dreyer on for him.
S. Armstrong
R. Christie
80' There's another change for Scotland as well that sees Armstrong on to replace Christie.
S. McKenna
A. Robertson
79' Robertson is helped to the side of the pitch after his treatment, and it's McKenna that's coming on for him.
78' Robertson has gone down here, and it's not looking good for him as he takes off the captain's armband. It looks like he has a problem with his knee and the medical team are on to see to him.
76' Sisto is causing Scotland some problems as he cuts inside from the left again and his low shot is blocked by McGregor. It comes back out to Christensen, but he can't pick out Uhre with his pass.
K. McLean
B. Gilmour
74' Gilmour pulled up a few moments ago with what looked like a muscle injury. He initially tried to carry on, but he limps off now and McLean is on in his place.
M. Uhre
A. Cornelius
72' Third change for Denmark now and it's Cornelius that's going off for Uhre.
70' Maehle pulls away from O'Donnell down the left again and curls a great cross into the box. Cornelius flicks it on from the penalty spot, but it's nowhere near the target.
68' Robertson goes long and this time, Adams stays onside as he gets in behind Denmark. He does well to hold off Vestergaard and keep the ball in play, but his cross deflects off Kristensen before being cleared.
66' Cooper almost plays his team into trouble as he gifts a loose pass to Cornelius. He gets to the edge of the box before he's closed down by Tierney, and he can't find a way past the defender.
64' OFF THE LINE! McGinn lifts the ball over the top to Adams and he's unlucky as his first touch forces him wide. He hits a low shot from a tight angle on the right, which beats Schmeichel, but Kjaer is behind him to clear it. It wouldn't have counted though as he'd just strayed offside.
62' CHANCE! O'Donnell picks out Gilmour in space with his throw-in and he lets it bounce in front of him before hitting the volley. He's a long way out, but Schmeichel has to stretch to hold onto the shot.
60' Robertson's low cross to Adams is cut out by Kjaer, who gives away another corner to Scotland. Gilmour goes short towards Adams this time, but he's beaten to it by Vestergaard.
58' Skov Olsen is allowed a lot of time on the ball and he cuts inside from the right before floating a deep cross into the box. He's looking for Wass, but Souttar does just enough ahead of him to put him off.
J. Stage
J. Jønsson
56' And Jonsson is also taken off, with Stage on in his place.
P. Sisto
J. Bruun Larsen
56' Denmark are making a double change here, with Bruun Larsen replaced by Sisto.
54' GREAT SAVE! Kjaer lifts a good long ball over the top and it's cushioned into the middle of the box by Skov Olsen. It's over Gilmour and Jonsson flicks a header on which is pushed away by Gordon as a belated offside flag goes up.
52' Still, Denmark dominate possession, but it's all in front of Scotland. They're trying to carve out chances, with Christensen looking for Bruun Larsen, but he overhits it straight out of play.
50' Gilmour and Kristensen are both going for the ball, and neither of them is willing to give it up. Scotland win a throw-in, but the right-back has his arm around Gilmour and drags him to the ground, so the referee calls them both over to have a word.
48' Denmark are keeping the ball well at the start of the second half and Skov Olsen makes a good run down the right. He curls a cross into the box, but it's blocked by Tierney ahead of Cornelius.
46' Denmark get us back underway for the second half!
If things stay as they are, Scotland will be going into the draw for the play-offs as one of the seeded teams, meaning they will be at home for the semi-final. Denmark won't want to let their perfect record in the group go easily though, and Hjulmand will be asking them to come out with a much better second-half performance.
Souttar's header gives Scotland a 1-0 lead over Denmark at half-time. The hosts have been the better side so far, with Adams seeing a low shot well saved by Schmeichel. But it was Souttar that nodded then ahead from a corner when he thumped his header over the line. At the other end, Wass' blocked shot fizzed just wide, but Gordon hasn't had anything of note to do yet.
44' CLOSE! Tierney only half clears the cross and Skov Olsen pulls it back for Wass on the edge of the box. He drills a low shot across goal and the slightest of deflections takes it just wide.
43' O'Donnell knocks the ball past Jonsson and then does well to keep it in play. The midfielder is staying tight to him though, so he whips in an early cross, but no one's in the box and Schmeichel collects.
41' It's Scotland's turn to keep the ball at the moment, but they're not in as much of a hurry to get it upfield. McGregor tries to slide it through to Adams but gets too much on it and Christensen intercepts.
39' Hjulmand is a frustrated figure on the sidelines as he tries to urge his team upfield, but it's slow from Denmark. They're keeping possession well, but not causing Scotland any problems at the moment.
37' That goal has injected some life into Denmark and they're pushing upfield in search of an equaliser. Jonsson tries to float a cross into Cornelius from the edge of the box, but Souttar is there to block it.
L. Cooper
35' Cooper does really well to rise above his defender at the back of the crowded box to nod it back into Souttar.
J. Souttar
35' SOUTTAR SCORES! In his first appearance for Scotland in three years, he's put them ahead! It's another deep corner from McGinn which is nodded back into the six-yard box by Cooper and Souttar just peels away in the middle to thump a header past Schmeichel. 1-0 Scotland!
34' BLOCK! It's a lovely ball from O'Donnell with the outside of his boot to get it upfield to Robertson, and he watches it all the way before squaring it to Adams. He keeps his shot low, but Kjaer is there to block it again.
32' Still, Scotland keep the ball inside Denmark's half, but they're struggling to find a way through the visitors at the moment as they continue to sit deep.
30' Denmark just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Scotland continue to press. Tierney whips in a good cross from the left this time which hits Christie, and he can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot.
28' BLOCK! Adams does well to hold up the ball before knocking it out to Robertson on the left. He fizzes it in and McGinn controls it well with his first touch before his shot is blocked by Maehle.
27' Vestergaard is allowed to carry it a long way, and he tries to whip the ball into the box. It's not clear if he was trying a cross or a curling shot, but it bounces harmlessly out of play.
25' It's a sloppy touch from Wass in midfield that gifts possession back to Scotland this time and O'Donnell threads it through to McGinn down the right. He turns away from Maehle, only to run into Vestergaard.
23' GOOD SAVE! Gilmour brings the ball down with a brilliant first touch and plays a dangerous, low cross into Christie. His first touch is heavy, but it ends up going to Adams. He hits it first time, and Schmeichel gets down quickly to keep it out with his foot.
K. Schmeichel
Yellow Card
22' Schmeichel is still complaining about the foul that wasn't given against him earlier on, so he's booked for dissent.
21' Adams spins away from Christensen on the edge of the box, but can't get in on goal as he stumbles. He manages to poke it through to Robertson, who tries to chip a cross in, but Kjaer blocks it.
19' McGinn whips a deep corner into the box, but it's too high and Wass heads it out on the opposite side. Schmeichel ended up on the floor in the middle, but he went down easily and it's another corner for Scotland.
17' Another Scotland attack is broken up before they can get into the final third and Kjaer goes long, looking for Maehle down the left with his clearance. It's a poor first touch though, and he can't keep it in play.
15' Maehle wrongfoots O'Donnell as he cuts inside from the left, but Scotland have dropped deep and there's no space in the box. He squares it to Christensen, who has a go from distance, but his shot is always sailing over the bar.
13' Scotland's long spell of possession is cut out by Vestergaard in midfield and he sets Maehle on the counter. He has Wass to his right when he gets to the edge of the box, but sells him short and Tierney hooks it away.
11' Scotland have won six of their eight home matches against Denmark, including the last two - winning 2-1 in August 2011 and 1-0 in March 2016, both in friendlies.
9' CLOSE! Bruun Larsen knocks it out to Kristensen on the right after the corner, and he puts a dangerous cross into the middle. Wass runs onto it, and it hits his knee before bouncing just wide of the far post.
8' Maehle just steps in front of McGinn to break up Scotland's passing and slots a clever ball through for Jonsson to chase. He takes it to the byline but slips when he sets himself for the cross and the chance goes to waste.
6' Scotland are pressing Denmark high when they're out of possession and quickly breaking on the counter when they win it back. Adams goes down on the edge of the D, but there was nothing in it and the referee waves him back to his feet.
4' McGregor clips it out to Robertson on the left and he floats a lovely cross into the box with his first touch. Adams was caught on his heels and it's just too high for O'Donnell to control at the far post.
2' Souttar goes long with his clearance and does well to pick out McGinn down the right. Scotland work it well to the opposite flank, but Robertson can't find a way past Kristensen when it gets out to him.
1' Gilmour gets the game underway for Scotland!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Denmark could become just the third different European nation to win 10/10 World Cup qualifying group games after Spain (2010 qualifying) and Germany (2018).
Kasper Hjulmand makes five changes to his team after their win on Friday, bringing in Vestergaard, Kristensen, Jonsson, Cornelius and Bruun Larsen.
Steve Clarke makes three changes from the win over Moldova last time out, with O'Donnell, Souttar and Christie all coming in. Armstrong starts on the bench, while Nathan Patterson misses out through suspension.
DENMARK SUBS: Pione Sisto, Anders Dreyer, Alexander Bah, Mikael Uhre, Peter Vindahl Jense, Frederik Ronnow, Andreas Maxso, Jens Stage, Emil Riis Jakobsen.
DENMARK STARTING XI (4-3-3): Kasper Schmeichel; Rasmus Kristensen, Simon Kjaer, Jannik Vestergaard, Joakim Maehle; Daniel Wass, Andreas Christensen, Jens Jonsson; Andreas Skov Olsen, Andreas Cornelius, Jacob Bruun Larsen.
SCOTLAND SUBS: Kevin Nisbet, Jon McLaughlin, Kenny McLean, Lewis Ferguson, Scott McKenna, Anthony Ralston, David Turnbull, Ryan Porteus, Stuart Armstrong, Zander Clark, Jacob Brown.
SCOTLAND STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Craig Gordon; John Souttar, Liam Cooper, Kieran Tierney; Stephen O'Donnell, Billy Gilmour, Callum McGregor, Andy Robertson; John McGinn, Ryan Christie; Che Adams.
Denmark have been the runaway leaders of Group F and sealed their place at the 2022 World Cup in the October international break. They've won all nine of their games so far, scoring 30 goals and conceding just once, which came in their last outing - a 3-1 win over the Faroe Islands. As for Scotland, they are second in the group, meaning they have a play-off place secured after their 2-0 win over Moldova on Friday. If they can get a win today, and end Denmark's impressive winning run in the group, they'll go into the play-off draw as a seeded nation which will mean a home tie in the semi-final in March.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Qualifier in Group F between Scotland and Denmark at Hampden Park!