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Hungary v France Live Commentary, 19/06/2021

1 - 1
A. Fiola (45+2)
A. Griezmann (66)
Puskás Aréna


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France move to the top of Group F on four points as they edge closer to qualifying for the knockout rounds. That could be confirmed before they face Portugal in their last game though if Germany lose their game later. Hungary move into third place and give themselves a boost towards qualifying for the last 16. They face Germany next time out.
France come from behind to earn a 1-1 draw with Hungary. France dominated the first half, but Benzema and Mbappe both missed some great chances. A mistake at the back allowed Hungary to counter and Fiola gave them a shock 1-0 lead at the break. France struggled in the second half, but they did manage to find an equaliser after Griezmann fired in Orban's poor clearance. Varane had a late chance to win it but glanced his header wide of the post in the final seconds.
90' + 5' CLOSE! One last chance for France as Digne swings another cross into the box from the left and Varane rises highest in the middle to meet it. He glances his header on, but he sends it wide of the far post as the final whistle goes.
90' + 3' A heavy first touch from Kante makes Fiola think he can win the ball, but he slides in late on the midfielder and France have a free-kick just near the byline on the right. Griezmann swings it in, but Gulacsi punches it away.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes at the end of the game, and Hungary just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment. They're trying to get out of their half to get the pressure off themselves, but they keep giving possession away sloppily.
89' Lemar spots Griezmann pulling away from Botka on the left and tries to switch play out to him. He cuts inside too early though which gives Lovrencsics time to get back and clear the danger.
T. Lemar
O. Dembélé
87' It looks like Dembele, who was brought on in France's first change, is struggling with a muscle injury so he goes off, with Lemar on in his place.
86' France stay patient as they knock the ball around inside Hungary's half, but the hosts still aren't giving them any space in behind. They work it out to Dembele on the right again, but he can't find a way past Fiola this time.
G. Lovrencsics
L. Kleinheisler
84' Kleinheisler limps off after receiving some treatment and Lovrencsics is on to replace him.
82' GOOD SAVE! Griezmann slots a great throughball forward for Giroud and he tees up Mbappe with his first touch. The forward takes it past Orban before firing his shot on goal, but Gulacsi parries it away with strong hands.
80' Griezmann can't find any space down the left so he switches play out to Dembele on the opposite flank. Two Hungary defenders are quickly out to him and they manage to block his cross.
78' France are still patiently trying to open Hungary up as they've got all their players sitting deep again and it's worked out to Dembele on the right. He loops a deep cross into the far post this time, but it's headed away by Orban.
O. Giroud
K. Benzema
76' And Benzema is the other player to make way, with Giroud on to replace him.
C. Tolisso
P. Pogba
76' And France are making a double change as well, with Pogba the first to make way for Tolisso.
T. Cseri
A. Schäfer
75' Second change for Hungary now and it's Schafer that's making way for Cseri.
74' Nego does well to keep hold of the ball after Digne slides in and he pulls it back to Sallai on the edge of the box. He has Nikolic to his left but chooses to go it alone and sends his low effort straight into Lloris' gloves.
73' Dembele pulls away from Fiola down the right again and drills a dangerous cross into the near post which Szalai pokes away. He gets it to Griezmann, who knocks it to Kante just before he's fouled, and the midfielder fires his shot just wide.
71' Griezmann's goal was his seventh at the Euros. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (11) and Michel Platini (nine) have scored more.
69' GREAT CHANCE! Griezmann is standing over the free-kick on the right and he curls a great cross over the top to Mbappe at the near post. He sticks out a leg to hit the shot first time, but can only pick out the side netting.
68' France's confidence has returned after the goal and Dembele is pushing forward down the right again here. He skips away from Schafer's challenge before being brought down by Szalai.
A. Griezmann
66' GRIEZMANN EQUALISES! Lloris goes long and Mbappe's pressure on Nego pays off as he opens up space to square it into the middle of the box. Orban can't get the contact he wants on the clearance and Griezmann is there to smash it into the back of the net. 1-1!
65' Sallai is causing France all sorts of problems with his runs in behind and he's driving down the left again. Pavard gets across to cut him off and gives away a free-kick, but it comes to nothing.
63' France's frustration is still on show here and they're trying to force things when they do get into the final third. Griezmann swings a hopeful, deep cross into the box, but it's over everyone's heads and out for a goal-kick.
61' Hungary are enjoying a good spell at the moment as they try to add to their lead. Szalai spots Sallai making another good run through the middle, so goes long trying to find him, but Varane nods it away just ahead of him.
59' OFF THE POST! Dembele drives forward down the right and cuts inside before wrongfooting two Hungary defenders to open up the space. He drills a shot at the near post and Gulacsi is beaten as it bounces back off the woodwork.
58' Sallai spins away from Pavard on the left before Fiola comes in to join the attack. He pulls it back to the forward again from the byline, but it's a poor shot from him as he slices it well wide of the far post.
O. Dembélé
A. Rabiot
57' France are making their first change of the game and it's an attacking one as Dembele comes on to replace Rabiot.
56' Hungary have everyone sitting deep in their own half at the moment as France try to patiently open up some space to get into the box. Pogba tries to slot it through for Benzema on the penalty spot, but Orban makes another important interception.
54' Fiola's opener for Hungary was the first time that France had conceded in six matches in all competitions, ending a run of 527 minutes without shipping a goal.
E. Botka
Yellow Card
52' Botka slides in late on Mbappe from behind and is shown a yellow card.
51' Pogba cuts inside from the left and he manages to get a yard of space away from Schafer. He slips just as he hits the shot though which sends his shot wide of the far post, much to his frustration.
49' France have made a bright start to the second half as Orban's block actually falls kindly for Pogba on the right. He whips a cross into the six-yard box which is pushed away from Benzema by Gulacsi and Pavard drills his shot against Szalai.
48' Digne gets away from Nego down the left again and swings another good cross into the box. Mbappe tries to cushion it down for Benzema, but they're not on the same wavelength and Gulacsi comes to collect it.
46' France get us back underway for the second half!
France looked rattled in the last couple of minutes of stoppage time after Hungary's goal and Deschamps won't be happy, especially after their dominance. They created some good chances, but they haven't been clinical in front of goal. Rossi, on the other hand, will be delighted. Hungary have dealt with France's attacks fairly well and now they have a lead to protect after the break.
Hungary take a shock 1-0 lead over France into half-time. The visitors dominated the first half and created some great chances. Gulacsi made a good double save to deny Benzema and Griezmann early in the game before Mbappe sent an unmarked header wide of the far post. France were made to rue those missed chances in stoppage time though as Pavard's mistake gifted possession back to Hungary which led to Fiola slotting the ball past Lloris.
45' + 4' France are keeping the ball well after the restart, but Hungary are not giving them any space behind to run into. The hosts are dropping so deep into their shape and making it a frustrating end to the first half for France.
R. Sallai
45' + 2' Sallai's pressure down the left paid off for the hosts as he closed down Pavard and started the move that set Hungary on the counter-attack.
A. Fiola
45' + 2' HUNGARY LEAD! It's completely against the run of play, but Fiola's goal means France are behind! It's a poor clearance by Pavard which gifts the ball back to Hungary and Sallai knocks it through to Fiola. He gets goalside of Varane before slotting it in at the near post. 1-0 Hungary!
45' Kimpembe's clearance loops up into the air and Sallai doesn't give him any space to bring it back down. Digne tries to tidy up by knocking it back to Lloris, and he just manages to clear it before Kleinheisler can close him down.
43' Kleinhesiler nicks it off Mbappe and he drives through midfield before switching it out to Sallai on the left. He tries to curl a cross into the box to return it to Kleinheisler, but Fiola gets in the way and knocks the ball out for a goal-kick.
41' It's a loose pass out from Kimpembe this time and the home fans are urging their team upfield as quick as they can. Nagy tries to slide it through for Nikolic, but it's cut out by Kante.
39' Botka steps in to intercept Griezmann's pass out to Mbappe and he plays a one-two with Kleinheisler to try and set Hungary on the counter. France don't give them any time on the ball though and Digne ends up winning a free-kick on the halfway line.
37' Another sloppy pass out from the back means that Hungary are on the back foot again as Pogba cuts inside from the right and cuts away from Szalai. He goes for the shot despite the tight angle and ends up firing his effort into the side netting.
35' A sloppy pass from Nego gifts the ball back to Mbappe and he sets off on the counter. He squares it to Benzema on the edge of the box, but Hungary are quickly back into their shape to block his pass into Griezmann.
33' Griezmann pulls it back for Mbappe on the edge of the box and he dances away from three Hungary defenders to open up the space for a shot. He's aiming for the far bottom corner but ends up dragging it wide of the post.
31' CLOSE! It's a brilliant throughball from Pogba which Mbappe brings down before flicking it around Orban to pick out Benzema in the middle. He tries to hit it first time on the volley, but it comes off his ankle and flashes wide of the near post.
30' It's another good throughball from Nagy, this time into the box as Fiola cuts inside from the left. Lloris commits himself early as he rushes off his line and collects it ahead of the wing-back.
28' Hungary are trying to push upfield quickly when they win the ball back with Nagy playing a throughball down the left for Sallai to chase. Kimpembe goes across to stand his ground and ends up winning a free-kick.
N. Nikolić
Á. Szalai
26' It looks like Adam Szalai has got a concussion and he's taken straight down the tunnel by the medical team after going off the pitch. Nikolic is on to replace him.
25' Adam Szalai has gone down here and the medical team are on to give him some treatment. He gingerly gets back to his feet, but it's not looking good for the captain here and he might not be able to carry on.
23' France are patiently knocking the ball around in midfield, but Pogba takes a heavy touch. Schafer gambles and tries to nick it back, but catches the midfielder in the process and gives away a free-kick.
21' It's Benzema that lifts a cross into Mbappe in the middle from the left this time, but he gets caught under the ball. He tries to flick his header across goal, but this one is sent wide of the target as well.
19' France are just starting to open Hungary up now and Digne finds himself in space down the left again. He pulls a low cross back to Pogba on the edge of the box, but he can't lay it off to Griezmann as Orban intercepts.
17' WIDE! Benzema slides it through for Digne and the left-back just lets it rolls across him before swinging a great cross into the middle of the box. Mbappe is unmarked and heads it on towards the far post, but it bounces just wide of the target.
16' It's a great run through the middle from Kante as he just drops his shoulder to get between two Hungary defenders before poking it through for Benzema. The forward set off too early though and the offside flag goes up against him.
14' DOUBLE SAVE! Mbappe lays it off to Benzema on the edge of the box and he takes a touch before drilling a low shot towards the far post. Gulacsi manages to push it away on the stretch, but it goes straight to Griezmann. He hits his shot straight back at the keeper though before Orban hooks it clear.
12' France are still struggling to find a way in behind Hungary here and Mbappe has dropped back to the halfway line to try and get on the ball. Botka is quickly across to him though and ends up bringing him down.
B. Pavard
Yellow Card
10' Pavard has caught Sallai with a couple of late challenges in the last few minutes and this time, it earns him the first yellow card of the game.
8' Griezmann is dropping deep to help out defensively and he wins the ball back off Fiola before trying to set Benzema on the attack. He curls a long pass into the box, but there's too much on it and Gulacsi comes out to collect it.
6' Botka has stayed down after being caught accidentally by Varane during the free-kick and he's holding the back of his head. The medical team are on to give him some treatment, but he's quickly back to his feet and will be able to carry on.
4' It's a clumsy challenge from Varane on Sallai and Hungary have a free-kick in a good position on the left. Sallai swings the cross into the box, but it's a poor one from him that's cleared by Varane.
2' France are dominating the possession in the opening minutes here, but Hungary aren't giving them any time on the ball. The hosts are quickly closing them down and making it difficult for France to get forward.
1' Sallai gets the game underway for Hungary!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away.
France have only beaten Hungary once in their eight games on Hungarian soil (D1 L6). That was in March 1990 at Budapest's Nepstadion (3-1, including a brace from Eric Cantona).
Just the one change from Didier Deschamps as well from the Germany game. Digne comes into the side for Hernandez, who drops to the bench.
Marco Rossi makes just one change to the side that started against Portugal. Nego is brought in for Lovrencsics, who starts on the bench. Nagy, who starts in midfield, earns his 50th cap for the national side.
FRANCE SUBS: Leo Dubois, Steve Mandanda, Corentin Tolisso, Lucas Hernandez, Jules Kounde, Thomas Lemar, Clement Lenglet, Ousmane Dembele, Marcus Thuram, Olivier Giroud, Moussa Sissoko, Mike Maignan.
FRANCE STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Hugo Lloris; Benjamin Pavard, Raphael Varane, Presnel Kimpembe, Lucas Digne; Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kante, Adrien Rabiot; Antoine Griezmann; Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe.
HUNGARY SUBS: Roland Varga, Nemanja Nikolic, Adam Lang, Tamas Cseri, Gergo Lovrencsics, Denes Dibusz, Akos Kecskes, Filip Holender, Kevin Varga, Szabolcs Schon, David Siger, Adam Bogdan.
HUNGARY STARTING XI (3-5-2): Peter Gulacsi; Endre Botka, Willi Orban, Attila Szalai; Loic Nego, Laszlo Kleinheisler, Adam Nagy, Andras Schafer, Attila Fiola; Roland Sallai, Adam Szalai.
France got off to a winning start with a 1-0 win over Germany in their opening group game and can qualify for the knockout rounds with another victory today. They're unbeaten in their last eight matches in all competitions now (W7 D1), winning the last five on the bounce without conceding a goal. As for Hungary, a late show from Portugal meant they were beaten 3-0 on Tuesday in their first game in the tournament, which ended a run of 11 without defeat in all competitions for the hosts.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 Group F meeting between Hungary and France at the Puskas Arena in Budapest!