What is the FPL Second Chance League? When it starts, prizes, & unlimited transfers explained

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Fantasy Premier League Second Chance League Erling Haaland 2022-23
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FPL have announced that managers who got off to a slow start might have a second chance at glory this season.

Fantasy Premier League fans all over the globe will already be licking their lips at the prospect of a Boxing Day FPL restart, especially after an unprecedented break in the Premier League season to accommodate for what was an exhilarating winter World Cup.

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As we cruise through the festive period, the Premier League have announced that struggling FPL managers will be given a second chance at potential glory, starting next week.

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GOAL has all the details you need to know about the new FPL Second Chance League and more.

What is the FPL Second Chance League?

The FPL Second Chance League is a fresh competition, that will start on matchweek 17 and run until the end of the 2022-23 Premier League season.

All FPL managers, whether they are beginners or have previously racked up points this season, will be added to a brand new league, starting again from zero points.

This may be just the break you need if you've got off to a slow start this season. You can manage your FPL team here.

Are the rules the same as FPL?

The rules are exactly the same as the standard edition of FPL. The only difference is that you won't be affected by events that may have hampered you in the first half of the season-long edition.

Which prizes are on offer?

Like the overall global league, second chance FPL will reward the top five managers at the end of the season with prizes, including hospitality tickets to a 2023-24 Premier League match along with travel and accommodation, a Bluetooth speaker, an FPL goody bag, and more.

There is also a prize for the manager who achieves the single highest gameweek score without using a chip between now and the season's end.

The winner of this prize will have the choice of a games console or a tablet computer.

Will there be unlimited transfers in Second Chance FPL?

Yes, there will be unlimited transfers. Every manager has the ability to make as many changes as they desire before the gameweek 17 deadline at 11am GMT (6am ET) on Monday 26 December.

Can I start a new mini-league?

Many fans of FPL enjoy creating mini-leagues to play with friends and family.

The Premier League have announced that you will also be able to make brand new private leagues that run parallel to the main second chance FPL.

These will similarly commence from matchweek 17.