Taylor Swift and Beyonce at the Racecourse Ground?! Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney outline ambitious future plans for Wrexham’s stadium

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Wrexham's Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have discussed plans to host more gigs at the club's Racecourse Ground in the future.
  • Wrexham to host Kings of Leon
  • Owners talk up Racecourse Ground
  • May host more events in stadium

WHAT HAPPENED? While Wrexham players are still basking in their promotion success, fans will once again be flocking to the Racecourse Ground at the end of the month to watch two gigs by the Kings of Leon. There could be more top acts to follow too, with owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney telling the Fearless In Devotion podcast they would love to see Beyonce or Taylor Swift take to the stage in Wrexham.

WHAT THEY SAID: "We're going to need some more seats Rob," said Reynolds. "They play the biggest of the big stadiums. I would love to see any band, either ones I grew up listening to or ones I've found as an adult. What a venue the Racecourse is, I love that that's happening now. I love that The Kings of Leon are playing. That's a huge act and here they are and we are so excited to host them for not one but two dates."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Wrexham's value has already increased by 300% since the Hollywood duo took over the club in 2020. The club are now planning a summer overhaul of the playing squad after winning the National League and being promoted to League Two.

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WHAT NEXT? Wrexham will enjoy some time off before starting pre-season and heading to the United States for friendlies against Chelsea and Manchester United.