'I don't understand it' - Jorge Vilda vents frustration over 'unfair' dismissal from Spain women's nation team post & defends his reaction to Luis Rubiales speech

Jorge Vilda Getty

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have confirmed the appointment of Montse Tome as the new head coach following Vilda's exit.

Vilda was sacked despite leading Spain to victory at the 2023 World Cup. His departure comes as part of some major changes planned by the RFEF in the wake of the Luis Rubiales kissing scandal.

The former Spain coach was also embroiled in controversy during his time in charge. A host of players threatened to quit the squad before the World Cup if Vilda was not removed from his position.

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Vilda says he is willing to accept some criticism but feels that his dismissal was "unfair" given the success he achieved with the team on the pitch.

"In sporting terms, I am going to accept all the criticisms, but on a personal level I think it has been unfair," he told Cadena SER.

"It has been a special year. Nothing has ever been said directly, but indirectly things have been said that do not suit me. Things have been said that are not true.

"The explanation is that there have been ‘structural changes’. After everything I have achieved, of working hard as just another worker, I have a clear conscience.

"I have given 100 per cent and I don’t understand it – I didn’t see my dismissal as deserved."

Vilda also came in for criticism after being spotted applauding Rubiales in a defiant speech where he refused to resign as president of the RFEF after kissing Jenni Hermoso after Spain's World Cup triumph.

Rubiales also announced he wanted to renew Vilda's contract and hand the coach a bumper pay rise at the explosive press conference - which was one of the reasons the coach says he decided to join in with the applause.

“I will never applaud anything sexist. I didn’t know very well why I was going to that assembly, I thought there was going to be a resignation," he added.

“The president is valuing your work and announcing your renewal, I applauded that. I also applaud Rubiales’ management of the women’s football, with a budget that has multiplied by four.

“The rest – when 150 people around you applaud, it is very difficult to be the only one who doesn’t."