'Glad All Over' - Song lyrics, video & meaning of Crystal Palace anthem

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Crystal Palace anthem Glad All Over
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All you need to know about Crystal Palace anthem ‘Glad All Over’, lyrics of the song, video and more

Fans of Premier League club Crystal Palace can be heard singing out loud the song 'Glad All Over' at their home games.

The song is extremely popular among the Palace fanbase and can be heard regularly at Selhurst Park.

Here, GOAL has all you need to know about the song titled Glad All Over, its lyrics and relevance to Crystal Palace football club.

What is the Glad All Over song?

The song 'Glad All Over' holds a significant place in the identity of Crystal Palace football club.

Fans believe it instils intimidation in teams going up against the Eagles and boosts the confidence of their own players. This iconic song has become an integral part of the club's history and is synonymous with the passionate support and unwavering spirit of the Palace faithful.

In February 1968, at the Crystal Palace ground, The Dave Clark Five performed their song 'Glad All Over'. This track was a chart-topper for the band in the UK an year after it was released.

What is the lyrics of Glad All Over song?

The lyrics of the song Glad All Over, sung by the Crystal Palace faithful, are as follows:

You say that you love me,

(Say that you love me),

All of the time,

(All of the time),

You say that you need me,

(Say that you need me),

You'll always be mine,

(Always be mine),

And I'm feeling, glad all over,

Yes I'm, glad all over,

Baby I'm, glad all over,

So glad you're mine.

When was Glad All Over song released?

The Glad All Over song by the band Dave Clark Five was originally released in the year 1963. In the following year, it topped the UK singles' charts.

In 1968, the band played it live at Selhurst Park and Crystal Palace fans have grown accustomed to hearing it at the ground ever since.

Glad All Over song video

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