Celtic's Jota on the wing chant: Lyrics and inspiration behind Old Firm song

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Jota Celtic 2022-23
Football fans are known for imagination when it comes to devising chants for the terraces – and the latest effort from Celtic fans is no different.

The song 'Jota on the wing' has been a regular presence at Celtic games lately, serenading the Portuguese winger who has been integral to the performances of Ange Postecoglou's side this season.

Jota did enough while on loan at Celtic from Benfica in the 2021/22 campaign to persuade the Glasgow giants to part with £6.4 million for his services.

And now he's earned his own – very catchy – Celtic chant. GOAL runs through its lyrics and inspiration here...

What are the lyrics to the ‘Jota on the wing’ chant?

The song is an absolute favourite among Bhoys fans right now. This is how it goes:

When you score, you make the Celtic sing

Jota on the wing, Jota Jota on the wing

Every time you're on the ball we know

There's gonna be a goal

Our superstar from Portugal


Der der der der der der der der...

What does the Jota chant sound like?

The chant takes its tune from the early noughties euro-pop sensation Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone.

You can hear how it sounds here:

What has Jota said about the chant?

The player is more than aware of the chant. In fact, he revealed in an interview with Celtic's in-house media that he used to be a big fan of the original O-Zone tune.

Jota said: "Yes, I’ve heard it. Some friends of mine just [sent] me it through WhatsApp.

“When I was younger, I remember I listened to that song a lot of times. Nowadays, the Celtic fans doing that… for me it was really good, it just remind[ed] me of my childhood. Those memories, [that] moment is really good.

“They knew I was listening to this music! It was just on my mind, yeah!”